Mafia 2.0!

It’s been dead for a while, but we are bringing a game back!

Little change this time, we are running 24 hr phases and not 12 to accommodate all timezones!

Here’s the starting story, and make sure to join the server and come play, signups won’t be open long.

It’s December 31st, and all is busy and bustling. A lot of people from out of town have come to watch the ball drop in the middle of Times Square.
Everyone is currently waiting in line, it’s early morning and the lines go on and on forever. A group in line together start talking and getting to know each other, and decide they will spend the entire day together hanging out and waiting for the ball to drop.
The locals have been looking out of their windows at Time Square and laughing at all of the visitors who show up in diapers every year. They hate this time of year, and all the people who are raising prices at all of the local businesses. They vow to get their revenge this year on anyone who’s been in their way.
Unbeknownst to everyone else, a sniper is sitting inside of the ball. They have had enough of people, and just lost their job. They are ready to go on a rampage, and decided this was the best spot to stay in the limelight on their way!


Sign up closes in about 20 hours if you still want in. You’ve got a little time if you hurry. :kissing_heart:

Good work TBO!!!

It was the morning of New Years Eve and all of the friends were gathering around trying to decide what they wanted to do to cause chaos for the day. The group wanted to get a plan going before they headed out on the town. Gary had other ideas, and didn’t want to wait around for a plan. He decided he was going to sneak out and try to cause some chaos himself. As soon as he left the apartment he noticed something weird sticking out of the dumpster, and thought one of his fellow cronies left stuff hiding for later. When he walked over to the dumpster, he found it was Bongo’s leg sticking out, the rest of his lifeless body was already picked away by rats. Gary was interested in this body and thought to himself, he could use this to practice for later. He started to poke and it and jumped in the dumpster trying to testing his strength on strangulation, so he jumped on top of the body and started putting his hands around the neck and squeezing tight.
Unfortunately for him, he didn’t realize how much the rats had chewed away at the body, and when he started strangling a bone fragment shot out and stabbed Gary in the eye.
Gary started freaking out and ended up falling backwards out of the dumpster. When he was able to stand up after pawing at the dumpster he couldn’t see the pool of blood that had developed under him. He slipped on the blood and smashed his head on the side of the dumpster, knocking him out and knocking items out of the dumpster. As he was falling backwards, a sharp metal rod was bouncing that also just fell out of the dumpster, on his way down the metal rod impaled him in the anus, and went right out his belly button killing him instantly.
Arby (Gary the plain mob) is dead

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Jim had already managed to sneak into the ball. He had to be very careful, because he noticed it had a lot of holes and fireworks inside. He found a little hole big enough for his gun and scope so he could find the perfect target. He was looking around, and couldn’t decide on who he wanted to kill first. Then something weird and shiny hit him in the eye, and it pissed him off even more. He was determined whatever that was from, he was going to kill. He looked down and saw what was shining at home, it was a stethoscope around somebody’s neck. He took aim, took a deep breath in, and bang fired the gun, instantly killing his target.
Meanwhile, Nancy was sent out to find their fellow cronie that left them earlier, she went out and found they had a medal rod impaled in their asshole, and figured it was one of those damn tourists already! She went out to the crowd, just as Jim had taken his shot, so everyone was in panic trying to figure out what happened. She took this to her advantage and pulled out the only thing she had in her pocket at the time, a nutcracker. She walked up to Tish as she was looking around trying to see what the loud noise was and impaled her multiple times in the back of the head with her nutcracker, killing her instantly. Nancy then snuck back out of the crowd and headed back to the apartment to tell her friends everything that had happened!

Sten (Town doc) is dead
Tish (plain town) is dead

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