LOTR eagles question

It came up in chat: why didn’t they use the eagles to fly to Mount Doom?

I never thought about this to be honest. Some call it a plot hole, others say there are explanations.

What do you think? :thinking:

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2 Mins - enjoy.

Because Mount Doom was guarded at the time. If they would have marched their armevy against Sauron to distract and empty Gorgoroth from enemies, Nazguls would have still been there to fight eagles.

They also knew Sauron had Palantir or Palantiri, so stealth and cunning would serve Free People more.

On top of all they did not know if Sauron would even leave Mount Doom unguarded if they march to face him. It was a gamble to help Frodo, or minimal chance to even win the war. Maybe not enough to make way for eagles to openly fly to Mount Doom. That would have been noticed.

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Beg to differ…

6 or 7 of the Naz were holed up in Minas Morgul.
The other 2-3 were in Dol Guldur.

That is where they left from a few days (possibly 2 weeks) before Bilbo gave the Ring to Frodo.

The 9 didn’t have their flying mounts yet.
They were on horseback and chasing the hobs to Bree then Hilltop.

The could have likely flown directly from the fellowship council right into the mountain - or idk… waited for an overcast day and done it.

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Omg a Fiiiiiillllmmm Theeeeeory.

Love thoes doods!

Will totes watch that in the morning.

The eagles are a proud race, you do not easily tell them what to do. It takes a long time to persuade them to acknowledge your view, let alone act upon your behalf. Plus would you remember a story if it would have ended within 3 chapters, instead of needing three books to tell the (main) story :wink:

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Basically you just ignored the quire complete, thorough and comprehensive research explanantion of the video @Ordos234 posted above, and went ahead with much less of an explanation lol.

Seriously, watch that video, it’s a really good explanation, and also fun :smiley:

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