Looking for Blog contributors

The IC Blog is a bit stale, and frankly I need to spend more time developing than writing.

I’m looking for contributors to help add content, and in doing so help promote the game. Topics can range from personal experiences, reviews/critiques of the game and updates, role-play, and more.

If you’re interested in getting published on our blog, please send me a message.

Thank you!


I enjoy writing, so I’ll think about contributing as I gain more experience with the game. I don’t quite feel qualified yet.

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Oooooooo I can blog about my everyday life if you wish things are very entertaining :slight_smile:

I can blog about crude humor and assholisms

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Of course you do! All perspectives are super interesting, from people that play for years and years, and newer players just as much! I’d very much like to read how you experience the game!


Well, thanks! I’ll give it some thought and read the existing blog to give myself ideas as to what I could write about.