Looking for a banker or ressie

As the title says. Will draft you in. Message me in here or on discord.

Experience doesn’t matter much. I will train you if needed. Just looking for someone who can be active.

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Just looking for a player who is willing to be active and is team-oriented. Don’t care about your experience level.

Msg me here or in Discord as well!

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Get with fam 6608 if you want to win

Must be active don’t care about experience.

Banker, resourcer or Attacker.

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Talk about hijacking a mans thread guys haha. :heart:

Guess it makes more sense then cluttering the uni forums.

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Consider it bonus cross promotion!

Lionel Richie brings in the playas bro (I think… this is a test run) .

Still looking for someone hit me up all you Infinitum players join us in Milky Way :kissing_heart:

Still looking for active banker or resource in 6608. Message me.

@WhiteShadow. As soon as i get killed off i can join you