Login bug

When I log I get the first screen, but when I want to acces my empire I always get the notice you are not logged in. I sometimes need to log in 5-6 times before I can acces my empire…

Clear cache&cookies of your browser on your phone/pc/tablet?

I get this a LOT on my iphone.

@Drooms - What browser you using?

I get this an awful lot as well when using my mobile phone! Are you also referring to moments when you are using your mobile phone?

I’m also on iPhone (using Safari)

Same here Hala.

Seems this may be a Safari/IC issue as I NEVER get this on Chrome on my PC or Mac.

@I_like_pie - any debug info we can provide for this?

Either a Safari issue, or a mobile issue.
Dunno about IC users on phone using Chrome

Never had an issue using chrome. I play on phone a lot.

Clear, must be a Safari mobile thing then…

safari both mobile and non mobile problem, not really bothered to install chrome lol

Been having this happen a lot on my iMac using Safari. Sometimes, going into the forums first and then into my empire afterward bypasses the problem.


any other things that could help you narrow down your angle on this issue?

For those experiencing this, what’s a rough guess of the % of logins that fail?

Will try to keep a tally of that when it happens to me.

Perhaps it is as simple as having an actual Log Out button to rectify the problem.

well i use chrome on phone and never had any problems

Correcting myself. I see there is a Log Out button. You just have to click on Switch Empire first to get to it. I’ll start using that to see if it fixes the problem.

Happened to me again. Logging out and back in on the same browser tab did not work. Logged out, closed the tab and opened a new one. it worked that time. Now to see if the fix is repeatable.

man this is an annoying bug. can this please get fixed :slight_smile:

Mhm. When I wait longer on the empire portals page before logging in it works most of the times. Perhaps cookie creation earlier ?

Here it happens lately in about 80-90% of the time at least once, sometimes 2-3 times before I get in. Will try the waiting game once as I have moments that it happens less often.

nope no succes