Live PvC and Discussion with Kingray

Tonight at 11pm est, i will be joined by @kingray for a live PvC.

Topics we will diacuss:

  1. Intro to both myself and kingray for new folks
  2. How we are both handling the pandemic
  3. Thoughts on current state of the game, including player base, game changes, galaxy settings
  4. Thoughts on the current round setup
  5. PvC
  6. Closing thoughts.

Join us in the Leveling Up Newbies discord:


And here is the finshed product for those that did not get to listen.

I did not have time to do any editing, as i wanted to get it posted as fast as possible for people to listen to.

Please let me know what you think, what you would like to see or hear differently, and just any general feedback you may have,

As always thank you for listening.


Thanks for having me!!!

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That was a fantastic listen, it’s really useful insight and touched on a lot of important points.

Great work to both of you. :+1: