Let's talk about History

…and why it does not work anymore. It used to be as soon as a round ended your ranking would be posted to your history along with what Galaxy you played.

I’ve been gone for a few years and it is my first year back, so I’m not sure if this was already discussed or not. If there is a thread with a discussion or announcement about this, could you please link it?



and if you need to do takeovers or easy retakes, use this:

Saves a bunch of time and it is allowed. YW!

Log them! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha ha thanks Sol, “No!” Isn’t exactly an informative answer, but that retake link is!

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Hi @kingray12, great question! :slight_smile: Here’s a longer answer than is necessary. :wink:


The profile page no longer shows rankings because it is not compatible with the new round setups.

Long Version

Originally, galaxies were literally reset and all the galaxy data would be repeatedly wiped. The profile page was built around this behavior.

Unfortunately, for years it was not considered that doing rounds this was was actively deleting game history. Last year, I changed the setup so galaxies are preserved, and instead of resetting them we create new ones. We can now see entire galaxies in their final tick instead of just the final rankings. For example, here’s MW55’s Size Winner in the map, with all game data preserved. I wish this had been done sooner!

The downside, as you noticed, is that the profile page no longer understand that any of the rounds have ended. The final ranking data does still exist and it is there on the rankings page, which we post in the forums after each round ends, but the player profiles haven’t yet been updated to account for the new setup.

There is a redesign planned for the entire profile page that will fix this issue amongst other things, but there is no ETA currently for when that will happen.

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Thanks @I_like_pie that was more helpful! I can understand now, still would be cool if that ETA could be given sometime soon.