Let small fams breathe

It’s no surprise that I have been in small fams multiple times, but for some reason the story never changes. I don’t mind a few planets being taken from fams you obviously cannot fight as a small fam due to circumstances.

The question though, is if it really is necessary for you to continue to take those planets even after the small fam has not returned attacks or ops of any kind?

I know people here will say “this is a conflict game” or " you should just attack back"

Let’s be reasonable, if said small fam were to attack back then the larger Fam would say “well you shouldn’t have attacked” and any other rhetoric that can be used to justify essentially taking all the planets of said small fam.

All I am saying is, it would be good to let small fams breathe, especially if they just tryna mind they own business.


I agree as a small player myself this round, I find it frustating beyone belief i can not gain any planets, everytime i add another to my collection someone blows it up since i am so small.




Test test?

Triple test

I agree with this. This always happen every round and it’s tiring. Plus some players may not be motivated to keep playing or not serious at all for competition. Many factors in this.

One of reasons why I stopped playing. (I logged in to check out what’s new.)

Hope you guys have fun playing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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