Last Login visibility

We can make last login visible to leaders and/or fellow fam members.

This would help solve the issue where you can’t tell if somebody is inactive or just not responding.


i think that’s good idea :slight_smile:

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Do I get any kudo’s for this idea?:crazy_face:


Yes, this was inspired by @Hala asking about a bug. :slight_smile: You should still post that bug in #support:bugs to get your badge. :wink:


So, i just to know… how long will it take for this to be a thing?

No ETA for the moment.

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Am I imagining things, or didn’t this used to be a thing?!

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I think so

Kind of. That was the bug @Hala was describing, that this isn’t available anymore.

The idea here is slightly different though:

  1. Always show last login time, instead of only after inactivity.
  2. Potentially show to all family members, instead of just Leaders and VLs.
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