Just lost 8 expos in supernova

I sent out some expos had 8 expos finishing in 1 ticks fell asleep woke up with the one expo I had sitting the 8 had vanished . What happened bug?
Also wondering why I do not have permission to type in IC chat as I was gonna ask there but can’t type a message?


When you send your exploration ships out they disappear from your military page. Is this what happened? Did you click on the accept on the welcome channel on discord?

No I sent out my expos ran out of cash had one in fleet and 8 building finished in 1 ticks I fell asleep they gone nothing to send when I wake up

Pretty dang sure I didn’t switch empires and delete in my sleep

@I_like_pie might need to check into the logs, very odd

Please do cause like I woke up excited to explore and gone .I would have been #1 for a little bit at 64 planets