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I’m not sure if this has been discussed before but I find it difficult that if a player returns to IC and the current galaxy is full then they are kind of screwed.

I think many of the current players have had breaks away from IC before and they will know that returning to the game is often a spur of the moment choice. Basically an old player gets IC in his head and decides to return for a few more rounds, however as it stands that player would return to the game and hit a brick wall as the galaxy is full.

The only choice that player then really has is to come back in 2 or 3 weeks or whenever the round ends, which kind of sucks because by that time the spur of the moment thought or IC memory they had is gone / forgotten.

Like in an ideal world a returning player should always be able to join the round. That rather than getting knocked back and told to come back in a few weeks a player should be able to join at any point, which would help secure more returning players.

I’m not exactly sure how that would work?

For an example if people voted for 4 man families but then a returning player hit join then maybe that player could be added to a random family and then the family numbers become 5. Then if even more people joined it become 6, then 7 and so on.

Like voting for a family size is great but what happens if more players want to join?

I potentially think IC loses a lot of potential players simply because they click on the site and the round is full and they can’t join, then 2 weeks later by the time they can join they have forgot and that impulse memory or thought has gone.

Like if you come to a game you kind of expect to be able to click join no matter what.

Not sure if there is a fix for that but I honestly bet a lot of returning players get frustrated at the round being full and not been able to join so they just don’t bother.

Shame they can’t join at any point then we would retain more returning players.

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This came up recently in chat and I’m working on a fix.

The trade-off of course is that if we keep spots open, then fams don’t fill evenly. Then we have players upset, saying it’s unfair, pointless to play, etc etc.

No matter what we do, some players will think it is the wrong way to do it. You can’t please everybody and all that.

Which is worse, turning people away to keep a round balanced or letting people join but compromising the current competition?

I think the right solution is somewhere in the middle, and will take some creative thinking.

In the meantime, I am planning to open another galaxy alongside the next round. That should help while we figure out a more proper fix in general.

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