Issue with verification e-mail

I’m rejoining after some time and experiencing issues with the verification e-mail.
as I haven’t received it in my mailbox, I click resend e-mail, but than get the message that it can’t be send…
Thanks for helping out!

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Hi @Iceman, sorry about that!

We’re having an issue with our mail system. If you send us an email to we can manually activate your account.

Thanks. :+1:

Done! Thanks for the help!

No problem! Should be all set now. :slight_smile:

this pops up for me also on the main page all the time - resend email does not work etc

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TYMO, we were just talkin about ya in chat!

Same deal here, if you send an email to I’ll be able to manually activate it for ya. :+1:

Also, welcome back!

have done. thank you

Should be all set now. :+1:

Our email verification process been properly fixed, there is no longer any need to contact support for manual activations.

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