Is swearing allowed?

From another post:

Swearing itself is allowed, yeah. It’s the context that matters.

@Leeeeee is correct though that abuse and harassment is not acceptable. I will be stepping up moderation efforts as a result of what we’ve seen in #milky-way-68.

Players who receive sufficient repeat flags will, in this order:

  1. Lose eligibility for the private Think Tank
  2. Lose certain rights in the forum (posting frequency, for example)
  3. Eventually be banned entirely

All of this will happen automatically once players get flagged enough. Players will either learn to be more respectful to each other, or find themselves unable to post. Either way, our forums will improve as a result.

As a friendly reminder, everybody can do their part to help by flagging problems as they see them.

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Yeah I mean to be honest when I logged in I nearly logged straight back out as a result of reading all the stuff I read. It’s not good. It does not set a good example for others. People do not want to read or see that kind of behaviour.

If I was a new player. I definitely would have been right Put off.

It’s all well and good in war to have the bantz but deep down don’t cross the line. Walk the line? Fine. But have some respect. For yourself and others around you.

It’s not just the swearing just the general attitude and demeanour of people towards other people it’s kind of embarrassing.


I think this needs to be stressed!