Introduction Of Players

Drill Instructor Swagga — Today at 7:12 PM
Allow me to present my Resume: I’m a Leader/Fam Builder/Attacker/ Ressor with 15+yrs experience. My big win days were before many new players & some returning players were born. I have been in big fams, small fams, Top Fams, & Bottom Fams. I’ve been through mutinies & Civil Wars. I’ve lead Tri-Alliances, and played behind the scenes. My methods are unorthodox yet within the rules of play. I think outside the box. I’m a Free/Critical Thinker. And I Love making New Friends! Won’t you be my neighbor


Hi. I am Cxris. I hold a perfect record with no deletes since my creation over 2 years ago, playing back to back rounds. First played this game over 10 years ago and started up again on a new account. I have experience as a banker both pop and standard versions. I have been involved in a multitide of rounds which include, solo play, small fams, big fams. Have been on both sides if the winning teams. I am active mostly 14 to 16 hours each day so youre in for a treat if you want to stir the pot. Have have experience as attackers and resources and even successfully top ranked SS rounds. Will step up to the plate and squish enemies like bugs, or we can be best friends… its your choice mates.

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After the first line I stopped reading… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hi, I’m Sumeria. I like to pop bank and function as an attacker with -30% attack bonus. I also enjoy getting stormed. (I used to play long ago and back for at least this round - who knows, perhaps more?!).
Nice to meet you all!