Internet Browser and why?

So there’s a billion different internetbrowsers nowadays, and I was just caught in a discussion at work on which browser people use an why.
For example, DuckDuckGo claims to protect your privacy more than any other browser, while other people will go far to convince you to use Firefox, or OPERA.
Maybe people are still using Internet Explorer? Or maybe Edge?

Personally, I’m using Chrome because it just works so great, but on the other the idea that Google is indeed collecting shitloads of data on me is not very comforting…
I guess I’ll trade out that privacy for the great functionality.

Which browser are you using, and why?

I like Firefox for its functionality, plugins and ability to browse privately. However, stuff sometimes breaks so I keep Opera handy. On mobile devices, I like DDG’s browser, but again, sometimes stuff doesn’t work, so for that I keep Puffin handy. Puffin is great because it’s fast. It makes some claims as to privacy, but it’s not its main selling point.

Using an android phone?

Puffin is an Apple browser.

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I use Google Chrome, because it links so well with what I do, at home and at work. I know a lot of people who still use internet explorer because it didn’t kill flash “shutters” yet. Most all of the other browsers did kill it already.
At work we push out Chrome also, so everyone gets to use that, for the most part.

I also have Google beta, and cannery installed, so I can see the newest of what’s happening before it’s pushed out… However I also work with this stuff for a living, so knowing before the end user what to expect is a grave advantage for me.

Well that’s new :joy::joy::joy: I’ve only ever used Puffin on iPads, and didn’t realize it was available for anything else.
Learn something new every day!

@Hala, Yes. Believe it or not I’m only just now replacing my Galaxy S3 that I’ve had for years, and only because I can’t get the Slim ROM I flashed to reliably use cellular data. (Android 4.0 is “too old,” apparently.) I’ll be donating it somewhere.

So what’s the advantage of using those?

lol nice :smiley: What’s coming in it’s place?

New updates, new layouts, minor things to most people, but make my end users crazy (They are special)
Example, the new Chrome update, changed the layout, where things are located, and what the top bar looks like… It’s nothing I’ve spent more then a few min looking at, but some people can’t handle change, so just knowing before it happens is nice. I don’t normally update my Chrome right away, but the end users do, so knowing what they are talking about, before I need to do it myself it great.

@Hala Moto G6 Play. It gets good reviews for a budget phone. My first choice was LG’s new flagship phone, but I don’t have $600 for a phone.

@Hala I thought for a sec you were referring to a duckduckgo desktop browser, and got all excited. It seems those are just for mobile though. :frowning:

I typically prefer chrome for speed and relatively simple ui, though I haven’t compared to Safari or FF in years.

One thing that really bugs me about chrome though is that it pulls my data down from google when I log into gmail, shows my profile icon and other info on the browser ui itself without me saying i want it to, and is pushing the “Turn on sync…” feature.

I actively don’t want to sync my data between devices because I don’t trust companies with my data, and this button makes it too easy to accidentally do that imo. Not quite a dark pattern, but it kind of feels like one.

Maybe it’s time for me to try an alternative again. I did really enjoy Firefox for a long time. :thinking:

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That is truly a lot of Browsers…I personally am a firefox junkie. I love its functionality, i love the ad tracking blockers that it has, and all the other blockers, especially when i am using Firefox Focus. Although it is so good, stuff really don’t work sometimes. That is when i go to Chrome because of its speed…and also because i used to have an android phone, lol. If Chrome do not work then i quit and wait.I never go to that point though. I never really trusted all those other apps…but i think i will give them a try now.

Yes, I forgot: the number-one thing I like about Firefox is the Noscript addon.

I’m with Pie on the data-trusting. I’ve kept sync off on my Galaxy S3 from the beginning, and when my new phone arrives tomorrow, you can be sure I will be looking for the sync feature and turning it off. It’s Google. Great search engine, but they aren’t into privacy. Actually, DDG is a better search engine than Google, in my opinion. Whenever I have trouble finding something, I find even less relevant results on Google than at DDG, so I’ve stopped bothering with Google as an alternative search engine.

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I use both Google Chrome and Firefox. But I never liked using Internet Explorer. Long time ago, I really love NeoPlanet until it got discontinued.

I agree that it is crazy that they collect data on us and I think some people avoid this by using TOR or something. Also, they use VPN for it.

Yet, I still use Chrome and Firefox. (shrugged)

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I think people forget about Bing and Yahoo! Those aren’t that bad either.


Every time I see the name Bing, I think of Chandler from Friends.


Please meet my parents… Miss and Miss Bing!

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The 32Bit has always been a challenge, but I have soldiered on.