Infinitum PvC

80 #7039: [BDRPZ] I am rusty. [235,43] 2,855 2

Let’s just say this: it’s a good thing it never ends because I’d have already won. Those 2 planets I currently have are all part of my master plan.

Not only that, but I’ve brought in and allied 3 other players that I know in RL who have never played before, and I’m logging in when I can get a moment away from coding to build too many CFs because I don’t remember how to do econ properly.

In other words: a recipe for success and domination!

What about you? Whatcha got? Flex them muscles! :muscle:


2 planets

master plan

laser trap bait

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Absolutely an unknowable unknown. With the modular backend establishing the pathway for so many partially announced (and unannounced) changes to be implemented, it would be a fool’s errand to declare oneself anything at this point.

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Noob whose winging it here. I’m gonna be just as surprised as everyone else at how things go for me. :rofl:

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Let’s get high and shoot droids

Pretender for 10 contender for bottom 50

Unless Michael doesn’t get cained

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2 #6863: Moooo [134,25] 11,045 7

I’ve been playing it pretty lazy so far. Few allies that I’ve made that will show up soon.

This round is going to take…forever :joy:

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I’m totally noobin’ it up but that’s okay because I’m winning in my mind :rofl:


88 #6950: [UIA] Climbing Up Slowly [63,268] 2,750 1

Sneaking up on Pie in ranking and it’s not so bad. PIe is a dictator and he must be destroyed! Oh look, a pie!

(left empire to get some pie and forgot about his empire having no defense at all)



54 #6899: [79,138] 9,164 7

threatening to break into the top 50, won’t last long as pretty muich noobing it up also, and not the most active

already got 3 def stations in each galaxy, 10,000 droids on each planet, and each planet has 50% infra as lasers :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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An honest opinion would be:

Winner is whoever can stay active for the next 100 years.

So if put our ic account in our will will be deleted when the next generation takes it over?

48 of 147 empires are one-planet realms. Pretty high ratio of inactives if that remains the case.

so can we advertise/ask for alliances/cooperations anywhere?

Don’t worry about the 1 planet empires they have 99 yrs left to explore.

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You sure can @WillieMIller

You can ask anyone for anything. All legal :slight_smile:

How many of the 1 planet empires somehow spent all their money on the market the second it opened but haven’t done anything else?

At least the top 2 seem to have gotten a bunch of market aid…some people shot ahead as soon as the market opened up


I disagree, I don’t think anyone has such a big lead that it suggests market aid.

I disagree. Something fishy with the top few. By day two they was storming.

I don’t appreciate accusations, but I guess I could take it as a type of compliment.

I can’t speak for any other players around market aid, but myself and TheSteve were highest infra by a decent margin before market opened, just hidden by planet networth.

I haven’t received any market aid myself. (From allies/friends/multies)
But have benefited from the market being opened as resources are being sold very cheaply.
The market leger feature making market trades public would be interesting to see.

I’d be happy for my market activity to be posted publicly by pie. Could be an interesting read for a few ppl.