Infinitum pairing requests

I accidentally put 2 people in the same fam, no use splitting em up now. :ic_tongue:

If anybody else wants to be paired up please let me know here send me a PM.

My family was the rarity! Keep us special and let us dominate with twice the firepower. :slight_smile:

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Now now, how fair would that be?

Life isn’t fair.

team @kingray12 & @Ordos234 is up!

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Awesome, thanks!

team @audiodef & @Vegnarok ready to rock:

Oh? Competition?

Yes, I have been deserted. Good luck to the new team.


No one should be alone in such a big, gigantic, galaxy.

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U can pair someone with me lol…I’m not picky


Well, it could have been me and you but…you never confirmed…blame ordos for Vulturing. :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue: He just swooped in and stole your partner…:joy:

Oh? Trying to rival the KingOrdos empire??? Infinitum fun!!! :smile:

team @Terror_of_the_Night and @SEXTANS up in this mutha:

team @Hala and @Picklearmy stepping up:

Alone no more! Although now you’ve announced my secret identity to all the cosmos. :woman_astronaut:

Good thing it’s a test round! :smiley:

Yep. Good thing.

Well… Now I feel all lonely.

I think terror of the night is broken…he dont talk lol throw another person in with me lol