Infinitum improvments

  1. Map expansion
    With all planets now being explored it is impossible for new players to actually grow or even learn about the game, Pie probably do have idea on how to expand the map but my suggestion is to open up another map (could be connected with the current one or a separate one and all empires gain a new home system in that new map. This method if implement can allow space in infinitum to grow infinitely.

  2. Inactive empire management
    Currently no empires are ever deleted which is great for people who want to leave the game for a long time and can still come back to an empire and continue to play the game but a better way is still having a time limit before your empire is deleted (eg 4 weeks) however before deletion you will be sent an email reminding you that if you want to keep your empire to log into the game. This create space in the galaxy once a large inactive empire is deleted and also double as a marketing email to potentially rope player back into the game.

  3. NW protection for small empires
    This need to be added.

I don’t want to shit on infinitum because I think its a good concept but it just feels like any other solo galaxy. I was under the impression this is something you could play passively and play for years but to be honest it just seems like SN with no end date.

I think the tics need to be longer or it needs to take more time to travel through the galaxy… or the map needs several sectors that are as big as the current map is.

maybe a way to allow for other empires a chance to grow would be to not allow an empire to explore after they reach say, 500 planets? can only be gained through attacks after that?

that and when he adjusts morale etc etc…it could make things more balanced and give new empires the opportunity to gain planets and grow.

but yes, more sectors, more systems, more planets

I was leading the galaxy, decided to take a couple weeks off while I was selling my house and getting everything organized … I came back and I now have 14 planets with no options to explore :smiley: This galaxy cannot last forever.

people said ic would die years ago. Look at us now.

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@Parrot, can you put each of these as their own individual idea thread? It will make it easier to track and get them decided on more quickly.


As for expansion, new sectors are planned, and the long term plan has always been to expand infinitely. However, as always it’s a fight against available dev time.

NW protection is most urgent imo, planets are blowing up left and right.

As the time goes on it seems more and more strange to make infinium the n00b galaxy.
Even with a new feature that will alow for explorable planets this seem extremly demotivating for the rest of us playing there already.

I dont see the positive side of having the n00bs into infinium at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Imo Virgo worked since it gave new players a task to complete to get into the game, if u didnt have the motivation to learn it kinda stopped there, now we gone spam infinium with new accounts instead and they wont even be killed off since there is special rules for infinum and inactivity?? + a new feature that will make new explorable planets avalible which is at first glanse super demotivationg for us who actualy play infinium .

2: We have not had 1 market strike yet and we are on tick 1300+.

This all seems not very well thought through, no disrespect pie :stuck_out_tongue:

No disrespect taken. :slight_smile: It’s a reasonable perspective given the current state of things.

Virgo however isn’t an option right now because the automated graduation feature doesn’t work anymore. Given that, and that MW is now reserved for non-newbs, Infinitum for all its flaws is better than nothing.

I don’t blame anybody for thinking it wasn’t thought through, because you guys can’t read my mind. :slight_smile: However, it would be more productive to ask questions than to assume that I’m not giving thought to these matters. :wink:

A few things worth noting:

This new feature, Galactic Event: Planet Death, is going to be a game-wide feature. For years, top players who enjoy being on top haven’t had to do a whole lot of work to stay there, and that is a problem.

It may be demotivating for the top players, but for everybody else it already is demotivating that top players are largely untouchable. I’m perfectly fine making top players have to work to maintain their rank, even if it makes them uncomfortable.

If they’re skilled enough, they will maintain their rank despite the challenge. If they’re not, then whoever takes their place deserves it more.

The decision to not delete inactives was announced 2 years ago when we first started discussing Infinitum. This isn’t a new feature. The entire point of Infinitum is that once you join, your empire will always be there.

Infinitum obviously isn’t perfect, but there’s a long term vision that we should keep in mind when we consider the short term problems.

It’s easy to say that Virgo was better, and all of us can dream up ideas all day long about what the perfect newbie galaxy would look like.

We don’t have a lack of solutions, we have a lack of dev resources. In the short term, we’ll work with what we have. :slight_smile:

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