Infinitum alliances, I just wanna grow!

Sooooooo, I am proposing a few things here…

I would like to grow in Infinitum and I don’t wanna be too aggressive becuase everyone next to me is much, much larger than I am…hence if I attack them they will annihilate me; I would like to avoid that.

So few things I’m proposing:

  1. someone joins an alliance with me and give me room to grow

  2. someone just be nice and give me a few planets

  3. someone allows me to pay them for planets

  4. I just go on a random attacking spree of whoever I feel I can destroy. Ever see a banker attack?

I would like to Avoid 4 as the King is peaceful and believe in having peace, I also don’t wanna join moo and pip cause they are ridiculous.

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I agree with you in principle. Infinitum was not meant to ever be 100% explored. But it is, which is a disappointment. Going to be impossible to use it as a training galaxy for newbies in its current state.

I have thoughts on how the players themselves can fix that problem. I’ll try to evolve it into a coherent plan over the weekend, discuss with some friends, and see if we can work together to make the galaxy more hospitable to the newbs and late starters.

If not, then maybe I’ll just institute it on a smaller scale within my own domain.


Definitely calling on the powers that be (@I_like_pie ) to do something to make it more viable for late starters and new players… I mean like I said I don’t mind attacking.the only problem is that everyone around me is just too big.

What is your fam number? I don’t promise to not leave you alone. :stuck_out_tongue:

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^^ double negative alert!


Just look for me, no one else is named Royal :stuck_out_tongue: