Industrial Amazement

This idea came from when I was asking for an earlier round start time; but another solution I thought of instead of changing the round start time - have a period of “Industrial Amazement” which works in the same way that Space Amazement does; but instead of reducing explo costs, it reduces build times by 40% across the board.

This could either work as a uniformed amazement period - the empire is new and shiny and the citizens are going through an industrial revolution. So, for the first 72h build times are reduced by 40%.

Or, there’s an op that can only be used maybe once per week and requires a high % of your overall networth as Wizards to be successful (to reduce abuse); that gives the same affect - 40% build time reduced but for 8 ticks.

My feeling would be that the latter option; a period of uniformed reduction would be most impactful and fair. Then, this would vastly improve and speed up the explo/build phase of the round and get people into the action part much quicker (Industrial Amazement combined with Space Amazement).

Realistic impacts at the start of the round:

CFs will now only take 3 ticks
Explos will build in 4 ticks
Trans will build in 7 ticks

What do we think? This could also be then introduced in smaller increments as a galactic event. “Citizens are going through a technological revolution and as a result build times have reduced by 20% across the galaxy” etc.


I’ll go fuck myself then

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