Increase MW start resourses to 10X

  • YES
  • NO

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Thank you @Airwing for making use of the polls and forum. =)

To clarify, if we do want to change this it will also mean the galaxy needs to be reset, which means everybody who’s joined already will be booted.

This will mean +2 more days for reserved players to join, and +3 more days for another public registration.

We can do that if you guys want to, but I want to set expectations now so there’s no surprise if that happens.

that kinda changes it i guess??

That’s up to you guys.


Increase MW start resources to 10X

This means 100k gc setup.

If anyone was confused… because I was lol

you just confused me.

Fixed :smiley:

thank you kind sir

with the 5 days delay, its not gone be worth wating for 10x starting ressies, i changed cote to no

come on, we cant vote until someone is happy with the outcome, brexit cant be undone too
plus i will only accept this vote if there are more voters then in the initial vote

I agree and would even go a bit further. I think its complete nonsense to do a revote because you don’t like the outcome of the galaxy setup vote. Just remove this nonsense.

Brexit was almost called off because may didn’t want to make a reasonable deal. She tried to sabotage brexit just to get her own way. Maybe @Airwing is Theresa May? :arrow_up_small:

pie u should be able to reset and also have everyone stay in fam option… i dont know why it was set up like this is first place … exp for only a 6 week round… not to mention i could of sworn i saw everyone for for more starting res

Who cares you’ve got a week no attacks