Inactives in manthano

is it possible to clear inactives to make room for new players in manthano?

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Will take a look this week.

I used to do that in the past :rofl:

Current settings as they are, can’t even delete inactives In your own family lol

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I have several players who have been inactive for over 7 months, but others range from a month to 7… would be good to allow us to remove them after a couple months… it certainly helps players work on starting strats…

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I added some spots but they didn’t take, which is a different bug. :weary:

I have a change in mind that should be easy enough though: we can make the inactive timer a galaxy setting, defaulting to 2 days but for Manthano set it to 7 days, or even 14.

Manthano was supposed to originally be an “always there” galaxy in the vein of Infinitum, but it’s clear atm that there is more value in opening up the existing spots.

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It turns out there was an entirely different bug that was preventing inactive clearings here.

You should be able to clear inactives from Manthano now.

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I’m still not able to

Is the target declared inactive and “seen” time is over 48 hrs? Also in same fam?

yep they are inactive for 7 months and in the same fam

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When i try to OP, it gives this message: Attacking, market, and special operations have not started yet in Manthano 3. They will begin on 3000-01-01 17:00:00.

I don’t know if that helps you at all.

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It definitely does, thank you.

It still seems we can not clear out long term inactives…

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@DownLoad @Rev it should be fixed now, a Same-Family Deployment Fix just went out that should address those errors.

This won’t fix the SpecOp situation, I’ll need to look into that separately.

thanks for the fix!

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