Unless I’m mistaken a person has to be off line for 48 hours before you can make them inactive and kick them?

However under the current circumstances / player numbers do you think that is too long?

I say this because:

A: I think maybe at times a player really wants to land in a certain family they random in and if they don’t land in the right family they just try again with a different account or whatever. That it seems some people join a family and then never log in again, like somehow its the wrong family so they bugger off somewhere else or whatever.

B: Because you can tell within 24 hours if this player is going to be active or not, for example if they haven’t actually built anything or expoed within 24 hours then with the current highly active player base that is enough to know this person isn’t going to be active. If they haven’t built anything in 24 hours, haven’t been online in 24 hours, haven’t answered messages or joined the chat then maybe that is enough to put them on inactive.

I think the current thing is they have to be off line for 48 hours, which can really slow a family down at SOR if they get can inactive or two.

Maybe 24 hours would be better?

Maybe even 36 hours rather than 48?

This is also related to been able to join a galaxy.

If the galaxy is currently full no one can join, but kicking inactive players faster frees up a spot for the active player wanting to join but can’t.


Good points. This should be a galaxy setting, so newbie friendly galaxies can have a more relaxed window but regular galaxies can allow a faster check.

I have some other changes planned for next round, I’ll see if I can include this one too.

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If it’s shortened maybe bring back vacation mode for 3 days that can be used 25% of the way through the round.