Improved Round Setup Process

@I_like_pie - maybe not do single topic votes, but going forward, give like 5 sets of options.

Instead of voting seperate for round length, and start ressies etc; vote for combination of length, ressies, eships.

That is smart! Do that instead. The 100x with 6 weeks that is winning right now will be boring for a long time. The round we just played was pretty nice (normal res 6 weeks) only one fam really gave up

It’s something we’ve discussed a bit before here:

I’ve split this into a new topic so we can discuss details on how to improve this process. The biggest factor is how to determine what these preset combinations are. I’m open to suggestions.

Personally a was satiesfied with the answer back than that the vote isn’t definitive in the final setup.

Coming mw had a win for 100x ressies, but it became 50x since there were almost equal votes for normal.

If we are voting for a package deal than the packes should be wildly different. With current mw defaults we are just voting details.

To keep things interesting I would like to see more divers setups btw. The rounds that I enjoyed most ussually were the rounds were something new was put in place: First time 100X ressies, 1 planet galaxy, , concord checker bord, hardcore with daily kick of lowest size player.