Improve UI to avoid accidental fleet recalls

Instead of a drop down, do a split. Have attack go up, and recall go down.

I think the idea that a lot of us have been tossing was left and right. Not sure what you mean by split up and down so I am more partial to the idea that was already in my head

Mace, I think he means something like attack showing above the flee coords t and recall under the fleet coords.

To be fair a little more paddind around the ‘tr’ cells and a ‘hr’ to separate fleets might help and would probably be an easy fix here.

Ok, in that case I do not like the idea - split up and down would make mass sending look like shit.

I am not so sure that you mean table row cells because both ‘buttons’ are in the same table data (td) (if it is even in a table (I am not a big fan of tables due to how they work with accessibility features (I have the basics of accessibility drilled into the way I code)))

No, it’s a toggle, not a permanent button.

Works same as right now on mobile. You hit the fleet icon and its a drop down menu. Instead of a drop down, you have it split above and below the fleet icon.

The issue isn’t on desktop. It’s a mobile issue. it’s 20 fucking 17. How hard is this? I don’t want to zoom every time I click a fleet to make sure I hit the “attack” button instead of the “recall”. At least 50% of gameplay today is done on mobile. Making it difficult to play on mobile isn’t going to grow the game and is a deterrent.

Surprisingly difficult, actually. There’s too much data going on for the available space. Our choices are either:

  • remove one of the columns (lose useful info)
  • make the fonts smaller to free up space (lose readability)
  • split the buttons into different sides of the screen (lose the cohesion of actions being in a single area)

To be fair, it turns out I misunderstood the issue to begin with. I took it to be an issue with scrolling; I thought when people scrolled with their right hand on the phone that they were accidentally hitting the recall button. Hence, a dropdown was added to prevent accidental scroll taps.

It turns out, the issue isn’t that at all. So we have a solution for a problem that didn’t actually exist. Woops.

I’ll go back to the drawing board to figure out something better. Yes, it’s 20 fucking 17 but shit takes time and mistakes happen. My bad.

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To be fair… At least you tried.

That’s better than what would have happened a year and a half ago…

Honestly, the issue isn’t a technical one. You can do whatever you want, but the issue is with fat-fingered, impatient players.
I have literally never clicked the wrong one, and I have reasonably fat fingers. Just be a little patient, and be precise.

I personally am having a random action script issue where I can click my picture to go to HQ and it will bring up family 00 page, I can click the bell to view universal news and it cancels all of my portal builds - I guess what I am saying is that I have code fingers :open_mouth:


My phone size vs my hand size… Takes 2-3 lines from this chat coverage.

That makes it a 50/50 shot at hitting the right button.

So how do you propose to solve this problem? I’m quite satisfied with the current way it is. I’d hate it to get a confirmation question, because for me that would just be unnecessary extra clicks.

Maybe a bit more distance between the two options could work?
Instead of ‘attack.,recall’ make it ‘attack.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.recall’

This was the tradeoff I was worried about. Even with the current dropdown, it slows down attacking.

My current plan is to just rework that section entirely. If tabular data reduces the available space for buttons then the problem might just be with having the data listed how it is.

I appreciate that. To be honest though, I can’t/shouldn’t rely on that. Despite my annoyances with impatient players, they’re ultimately right; if it’s a problem it needs to be fixed.

Alright here’s the latest to solve the actual issue:

It’s still a little crowded in that space, but it’s better than the original fix so it’ll do for now.


What if I scroll hit now :open_mouth: better put it back :wink:

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LOVE IT! Thanks :slight_smile:

Change Maker

An idea you posted in #roadmap:ideaswas implemented!

Wasn’t this technically qualified @I_like_pie :stuck_out_tongue::speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Good catch! :+1:

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I just wanted my light bulb :joy:

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