Implant in Brain?!?!?!?!

I am deaf. I have cochlear implant and the topic of this is VERY CONTROVERSIAL! I haven’t use cochlear implant for many years and I’m still struggling to understand sounds/music. People are still arguing over it today that deaf people are against implanting magnet inside babies’ brain.

Now, check the link below. Will you be willing to do this to yourself? If you said no, explain why. Then think about similar issue that deaf people are fighting against this thing.

Honestly, I think it’s cool to have my brain linked to computer, but drill in skull may freak me out. I have cochlear implant so…i am not sure…lol

I am CURIOUS about your opinions and reactions! Don’t worry no one is right or wrong in this topic. This stuff is new!

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Well, I’ve thought about it. But this would respond to my thinking?
I’d like nothing to be linked to my brain. A badly responding body is bad enough.

And it would end with a computer opening up porn sites all day long.

The minute I can get a computer implanted in my brain, I’m doing it. I’m an early adopted… I used Windows ME on the first day… and never regretted it… no siree. Not even when my computer melted.

But that could never happen nowadays, could it?!