Imperial Conflict on Google Play Store

Howdy y’all, got a treat for all of you. We now have a Android app, an we’re on the play store.

Install it and tell us what you think, or if there’s any problems.



ok update :

Fixed the color issue with Exit dialog, should be available to update in 48 hours.

Pie added a refresh button to Tick refresh page.

Got some more stuff Brewing.

Is there a way to have the app store username and password so you only have to log in the first time, and then after that it auto logs you in? I think that would entice players to check in more frequently. Then just have a log out button in case someone else wanted to use the same device to play.

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Yea would be nice if you were auto logged in based on your google account. I would use it more if I just had to click the app and I was in.

That would be nice, but as its just the browser version of the game its not going to happen, probably some security issues to consider aswell with that.

Definitely worth downloading just to get the word out if nothing else :slight_smile: