Imperial Conflict Dev Stream

For anybody who missed it:

Hello everyone,

I’ve settled on a schedule for the dev/community streams. If you’ve missed them, it’s a 2 hour session where I discuss recent and planned Imperial Conflict work, player feedback, and have an open chat with all of you.

Going forward, these will happen on Saturdays at 7:30 AM Pacific time. A discord event is below if you’d like to get notified.

Imperial Conflict Dev Stream


See ya there! :ic_angry_party: :ic_happy:

Feel free to drop questions below if you have em. Current agenda/topics are:

  1. recent work summary

    • updated roadmap
  2. in-progress work

    • fixing site crash for some returning players

    • improving dev workflow

    • auto-adding new spots

  3. upcoming work

    • discuss problems with anonymous play, and brainstorm improvements

    • improved site monitoring and error reporting to catch critical bugs sooner

    • shutting down certain parts of the site (wiki, old servers) to reduce operating costs

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