Im a leader in MW but can't post in Congress

Any help here pie?

Which Galaxy? Family forums and Galactic Congress are disabled within Infinitum.

Milky Way

Ok, sounds like an issue for @I_like_pie to fix.

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There was a bug early in the round that may have caused this.

How long ago were you made a leader?


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Thanks for helping me troubleshoot

Since before the round started

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It’s been fixed for you, though there may be a larger bug with keeping the access group in sync.

@milky-way-69-leaders, some of you may have also been impacted by this. You should all be able to use #universal-news:milky-way-69-congress now.

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@I_like_pie sooooo do I get a bug badge or what…

Once the larger bug is resolved, yes. :slight_smile:

This isn’t actually properly fixed yet.

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