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I was looking at the wiki and it appears to have lost of the information that was in it years ago, specifically the old families and war stories. Curious as to how so much of it disappeared, and yet some remains, i.e. Altruist’s page? Any chance of recovering the lost entries?

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The old one is still up at ic-wiki.com, you should be able to find lots of stuff still there.

The new official one at wiki.imperialconflict.com is a fresh (and closed) version as the old one got overrun with bot spam. It has a few articles here and there but for the most part is missing most of the information from the old, unofficial wiki.

Contributions are welcome, of course! @Deadringers has done some good work already. The more the merrier! :slight_smile: Just shoot me a PM if you’re interested.

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Ah. a bit confusing since they look just alike. Would anyone be opposed to brining in the information from the old wiki to the new one? Be happy to help get the process rolling.

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I kinda started that process, copy/pasting things and trying to make the first page a bit more N00b friendly.

Be glad to give you a hand with that.