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Not sure if this is of relevance but since the dreaded “Tic Bug” thing I have noticed the link to the IC Wiki page has stopped working.

Just thought I’d give it a mention as the old guide and other things are in there.

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For now until this is fixed you can use these links for a guide still.
I use the faq rather then the guide. I know the guide is from around 2003 and both are probably outdated but the faq comes in handy.


Luckily there are actually two IC Wikis in existence. Not certain anymore which one is the older of the pair, but you can still visit IC-Wiki. The content has not been updated in ages and it appears someone spam-posting has occurred. Apparently, I once had a user account on the wiki, but that seems to have been deactivated and I have no clue what my login info was anyway, otherwise, I’d try to clean it up a bit.

So what happened to the other IC Wiki page?