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Does anyone know who originally built Family News Analyser (silenz.org/news.php) and IC Fleet Elite (http://icfleet.gear.host/fleetElite.html#pgFleet)?

There a loads of tweaks I’d like to make to them, but would prefer not to start from scratch. Consolidating them would also be a nice step!

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Wasnt the original from Thunderen or something like that before he died of cancer?

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Thunderlen was definitely in on it.

Legend says spooky3do or Malorean still host it.

If anyone could ask Malo that would be @I_like_pie. There are things in the game that make me think ilpy can get in touch with Malo if he needs to. They were kinda Electroverse lovers.

I can ask 'ole spooks when he pops into chat once in a while for ya @Belg
Don’t hold your breath though - which/whoever it is, they are ancient, and not keen on taking taking credit for it.

@Orion might know straight away.

R.i.p Thundy! :champagne: tip out for meh boy!
We had him for his last two rounds paired with Dookie (his real life friend) he was an amazing fucking player, nicest dood ever. :pleading_face:

I’m not bothered about credit - just want to get some useful community tools brought up-to-date. Failing that… I might need to re-write them myself (gulp).

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oh - and thanks! Any help would be appreciated.

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Whoever is hosting it, has never (to my knowledge) ever publicly stated they do.

I do love a good conspiracy :slight_smile:

fleet is easy enough to sort, as it’s just JavaScript. Family news analyser is more difficult to replicate as it’s all server-side php. I can’t quite find the vomit emoji right now, but I’m sure @I_like_pie has one specifically for php.


Alrighty @Belg.

I gave scoobz a shout for ya, he will get back to me within the year or so.

There is one other possible twist - it was a big deal for Thunder and Dookie to play with us at the end.

They got to be featured parts of dominate clan. That little trademark thingy is part of an identifier for people that played with us over the years.
One of the names, in one of the tabs for silenz.org has one of those “™” thingys in it.

It could be Dookie keeping it working for all these years in memory of his high school bud.

That is deffy something he would do, and a rather romantic notion that sure brings on some warm and fuzzys.

I will let you know if I find anything out.

silenz.org is hosted on 1&1 Internet AG

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not sure if anyone has further info than above. Would love to know so that they can just update the code if we do finally get standardised formatting.

Oh and here is the answer on when we may lose it:

Registry Expiry Date: 2020-03-29T20:15:18Z

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As far as I know @Rivan has made some serious headway on replacing silenz.

Ask him about it it, he will tell ya!

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rebumping this…

seems they renewed for another year.

auto renew turned on then, right?

went checking into it more, seems he went with a hosting site, an my German is crap but it looks like they got lifetime renewal of the domain name.

not to beat a deadhorse with silenz.org but did anyone notice the imprint.php file at the end of the source on the silenz site ?


Answering this one for all the people you’re addressing with ‘anyone’ in your question: No.

Thank you for your input.

Np Soul!