IC-Radio Music

Hi all,

We have a music bot on the server, and will be playing sets between doing the podcast.

All @patrons are acting DJs. :slight_smile: They can add to the queue, skip songs, add playlists, and more. If that sounds fun to you, you can join the private DJ-Booth by becoming a Patreon subscriber.

Listening, of course, is free. :smiley:

Random chatter

I’ll be giving casual updates randomly between songs here and there as I work on things throughout the day.

I’ll also be taking questions if you happen to be on and curious about anything in particular. Don’t be shy. :slight_smile:

Feel free to make song requests here or in the #ic-radio-chat. :+1:

Tune in!

Music will be playing 24/7, except for when we do the live podcast.

See ya there!


I wanna be a deejay

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And how do we get the music to play? Nothing but silence on my end.

Should be fixed, will be there 24/7 now even if nobody else is.

Gonna switch it up and play through individual albums. We’ve got a playlist feature that we can use to save/load individual sets.

Starting with:

Any requests to follow up with?

my favourite album is Trilogy by The Weeknd. #istandbymymusicaltaste :see_no_evil:

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