IC Radio Episode 6

Here is IC Radio Episode 6, ready for your consumption in case you missed the live broadcast or would like to listen to it again in podcast form.


Boom!! Thanks!

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Sure thing. :slight_smile:

Good ICR!

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I’d like to introduce the idea of getting these episodes transcribed somehow. The most accurate way to do it is still manually, but that is asking a lot. We could try some automated tools.

The reason I’d like to do this is to give our deaf players access. There are at least two who don’t use cochlear implants. I’m sure a text component might also be helpful to other players who might have various levels of hearing loss - now or in the future.

Another advantage of a transcript is the ability to run searches on podcasts in case someone wants to find a specific podcast in which someone said something specific they’re looking for.

So I’m very interesting in gathering thoughts from the IC community on how to do this.

@Vegnarok, do you have any thoughts on this?

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We have tried before, maybe can again. If you load it on YouTube I think it might add if you click the right buttons?

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Poor Veggieman, always getting jibbed on radio :persevere:
How have we not figured something out yet…
You would think YouTube has the option to add captions :thinking:

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Funny timing, I’m in the process of getting em on Youtube now, so we might find out soon enough! It just takes foreeever. :weary: :ic_angry:

As an alternative to that, we could get em group-transcribed via wiki. For an hour episode, 12 people splitting up 5 minute chunks wouldn’t be too horrible.


I think transcriptions via wiki is an excellent idea. YouTube auto-captions have gotten better, but they can still be very LOLish.

Just for fun, I’ll mention that I was watching some videos a few years ago about ocean life. One creature in a video was called a sea pig. According to the auto-captions, a sea pig tastes like a fish farted on a dirty beach cracker.

I mean, come on, man, at least use a CLEAN beach cracker.

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i have a comment to your income ranking opinion and wanting that back.

The income raking made ppl think less and it was a pure guide what build when they fell of or dropped on the ranking making it a pure infra race. Dont we want to create players who think for them self? why would you want to autopilot that ? imo we need to be pushing them to find out what to build and when with their fam… this will grow skill and dedication to do better and evolve. Instead ur campaining for a feature that so clearly takes away part of the strategic element aswell as the need for players to think for themself.

the skill is to find the ratios and good ways to get there and when to do. if u have the income raking u only need 1 skilled player :stuck_out_tongue: and the rest of the fams can follow the fam that leads the pack… seems odd to me…