IC Mafia signups

IC Mafia is back (hopefully). Please sign up here in this thread and show activity in the discord chat here.

Activity is a must and the theme will be announced once sign ups are complete. Sign ups close Monday 29/4/19 at 0800hrs GMT. I want a minimum of 14 ACTIVE players.

  1. TheBigOne
  2. Lee
  3. I_Like_Pie
  4. Genesis
  5. HydroP
  6. Goddess_of_the_dead
  7. Arby
  8. Rizz
  9. Jets
  10. Xenon
  11. You_fool
  12. Ordos234
  13. MTG_Dad
  14. Luker
  15. panniknloozit
  16. Translucent
  17. TU
  18. Nolio
  19. Missy
  20. EvilRunt
  21. Azmadi
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I’m in

Count me in

in like sin

GF signing up.

Whoops, shouldn’t have said that.




Why not! I’ll die fast anyway :rofl:

Count me in im killing tbo off first

in and I am having pie for dessert

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I’m in

All, you need to make sure you’re in the discord chat and that your names there match your forum names so I can tell who is active.

No idea what this even is. I thought IC Mafia was a family in-game many eons ago.

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I am on like donkey Kong…

im in

@Terror_of_the_Night it’s a forum and chat version of this:

Lying, betraying, mob-mentality murders. You know, good times!



Don’t forget to check in on discord also.

I thought it was some bullshit they used for IA / cheating.