Ic Mafia 65 signups

Open to 2000 GMT August 10th 2019. The earliest it would close.

Signup here if you want to play next round.

Do you want to feel alive?
Do you like socializing?
Do you think you have what it takes?
Are you scared easily?

Are you scared of the dark?
Step on down. Sign up below. Let’s go.

  2. Xenon
  3. Nai
  4. Tish
  5. Daylight
  6. Zoz
  7. Tortoise
  8. Mrblonde
  9. thirdrock
  10. Oldie
  11. Kratom
  12. Ordos
  13. Thebigone
  14. missy
  15. Zarf
  16. You_fool
  17. Swagga
  18. RandO
  19. Melvin
  20. Goddess
  21. Ephrelia
  22. Genesis

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I’m in

i’m in… dibs on next write btw!

I’m not addicted, I swear.

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65 already?? damn count me in.

I can do this, just…one… more

TortoiseToday at 2:09 PM
Put me in, i don’t want to log into forum

Up me sign.

Yeah OK I’m in

I’m down for another



I’m in like an anus beed near Tish.

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Sure… i’m in again…

i’m in

Well ok then, no need to trick me this time @Jets

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Why not. Sign me up

No idea what this is, but sign me up (just plan for the unfortunately funeral to be expected…) :wink:

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