IC Mafia 62: Can I see your ticket?

Suburbanville was a large city of about 4 million inhabitants, and a major transportation hub in its’ own right. The city boasted of having the best airport, the finest train system, best bus coverage, and rightfully so. But things are seldom what they seem.

Mr. Wilkins had been the president of the local delegation of the Public Transportation Workers Union for 23 years. He had seen many changes throughout the years: colleagues coming and going, old buses being replaced by newer, less polluting models, even the new electric trains which were the pride of the city. He had even arranged for a lease system for bycicles when traffic downtown became too much to bear, and many citizens had taken up on it, especially the younger generation.

One thing had not changed though, and that was how rude the average passenger was. They rarely said good morning, and thank yous seemed to be outlawed. They were belligerant, foul-mouthed and you’d say they rarely showered judging by the stink they left behind at rush hour. The thing that really got Mr. Wilkins blood boiling, though, was passengers eating on his cherished public transportation: crumbs, stains and all sorts of trash like plastic bags and cans were left behind every day as a token of the disrespect the average passenger showed towards the pride of the city; someone is bound to clean it up, right? Chewing gum was the worst though; you could find it under every single seat on the buses and trains, and even the airplanes were not immune. It was an epidemic that had to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Mr. Wilkins had approached the Mayor several times over the past few months, expressing his dismay with the current state of affairs and demanding action. Mayor Brunsen would listen to him and nod in silent approval, but could only offer his sympathy and little else: what could he do after all? Mr. Wilkins was right, but Suburbanville had never been known to be the cleanest of cities, and residents’ mindfulness of others would consist mostly of trying not to bump into each others on the busy sidewalks or the traffic jams that marred the city. Everyone was always late for something, and you had better get out of the way, or else.

Mr. Wilkins had tried to reason with the Mayor one final time, to no avail. As he stepped out of City Hall, he watched as a crowd of people elbowed each other to try to get onto an already crowded bus; no one respected the queue, and when the poor bus driver tried to restore some order, he was dragged out of the bus and pushed around by some angry passengers who resented him for not letting them in first. As usual the bystanders did absolutely nothing, except for a few who recorded it with the cellphones, but luckily a police officer was nearby and put an end to the situation.

As the disheveled and frightened driver made his way back into his seat, Mr. Wilkins closed his eyes and roared inside. “No more.” - he thought to himself - “This ends today.”

Harry and Barry had been working together ever since they took their first job as part-timers at Blockbuster. The twins came from a broken family and mostly had to make their own way in the World, with mixed results. They had shared the same womb, but little else: Barry was short and slim and smart, while Harry was tall and broad and dumb as a rock. They each played to their own strenghts but Barry was the mastermind, the one who made sure they could pay the bills at the end of the month.

After stints at Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Walmart, they had found a home with the Suburbanville Public Transportation Deprtament, and they were proud of it too. Harry drove a bus, and Barry was an inspector. They were always assigned the same route, and would spend every waking moment together. Some regular passengers had taken to calling them the bachelor twins and egged them on whenever a pretty young lady would enter the bus. They were both quite homely however, and had not had any luck with the ladies; now well into their 30’s, they had grown accostumed to each other so much they could not live apart even if they wanted to.

That was, until that dreaded day when they were summoned to their manager’s office. He had told them there was a desperate need for ticket inspectors on the trains, and Barry had been placed there instead. They did not sleep that night, either of them. It wasn’t until the dawn made its’ appearance that Barry hugged Harry and tried to comfort him. “Don’t worry, little brother. It’s alright. This is all a terrible mistake, that’s all it is, everyone knows we belong together. We’ll make them understand. One way, or another.”

Player list:

  1. Ordos --------------> Mr. Wilkins (Mafia GF) - Lynched - Day 2
  2. The_Unknown —> Lionel Smith (Mafia Roleblocker) - SOLE SURVIVOR
  3. MrBlonde ---------> Harry - Lynched - Day 4
  4. Tishxo -------------> Carlos Lopez (Mafia Special) - killed by Barry (SK) - Night 6
  5. Melvin --------------> Eric O’Grady (Mafia) - Lynched - Day 5
  6. Nai ------------------> Greetje Lijnders (Mafia) - killed by DA Xin Lee - Day 3
  7. thirdrock -----------> Amit Singh (Mafia) - killed by Harry (SK) - Night 1
  8. KT -------------------> Inspector Kelly - killed by Harry (SK) - Night 3
  9. ZoZ -----------------> Detective Smelly - killed by Barry (SK) - Night 5
  10. HydroP -----------> DA Xin Lee - killed by Barry (SK) - Night 4
  11. Melsfreefallin ----> Chief Garcia - Lynched - Day 7
  12. Jets ---------------> Doctor Jane Pain - Lynched - Day 1
  13. Gotd --------------> Chief Kowalsky - killed by Carlos Lopez (Mafia) - Day 1
  14. TBO ---------------> Townie - killed by the Mafia - Night 1
  15. Torqez ------------> Townie - killed by Carlos Lopez (Mafia) - Day 3
  16. Player1 -----------> Barry - Lynched - Day 6
  17. Daylight ---------> Townie - killed by Barry (SK) - Night 2
  18. Kratom ----------> Laquisha (Mafia Cop) - Lynched - Day 3
  19. Nolio -------------> Abu el Banat - killed by Barry (SK) - Night 6
  20. Dukey ------------> Townie - killed by Barry (SK) - Night 5
  21. You_Fool --------> Townie - killed by the Mafia - Night 2
  22. Missy ------------> Townie - killed by the Mafia - Night 5
  23. justdotit ----------> Townie - Modkilled for missing 2 votes - Day 3
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Chief Garcia - the SPD boss is a force of nature, but sometimes even he gets overwhelmed by the relentless grind of looking over a major city. Still, he is the residents’ best hope for making it home alive every night. Every Night Phase, he will choose a player to lock away in jail, thus negating their abilities. Harry and Barry will not be affected by this. Cannot jail the same person two nights in a row.

Inspector Kelly and Detective Smelly - hardnosed grunts of the police force, they will investigate one player every Night Phase, thus making the target’s role known to them.

Doctor Jane Pain - head of surgery at Suburbanville Memorial, she will heal one player every night in an attempt to keep the mortality rate down. Cannot heal same player two nights in a row.

Chief Kowalsky - SFD’s finest man, he may order his department to put out fires or rush ambulances to rescue the wounded. He may do this TWO TIMES over the course of the game, thus preventing any harm from coming to his target.

DA Xin Lee - Mayor Brunsen’s righthand man, he will try to determine the source of the commotion. He is immune for ONE assassination attempt. He can choose to prosecute 1 resident (2 total times) during any DAY phase of his choosing. He will have a 75% chance of winning the legal battle. Should he win, the opponent will die. Should he lose, he dies.

Abu el Banat - PI, he has been secretly tasked by Mayor Brunsen with finding out where the root of the problem is. He will be able to investigate 2 TIMES during the game. His investigations will reveal ANY role. He is immune to being killed at night until and during Night 3. If most voted at the end of Day phase, he will have a 50% chance of killing the last person who voted for him instead, thus surviving the lynch.


Mr. Wilkins - The head of the Transportation Union, he has long hoped for a better relation between Public Transportation employees and passengers. Having realised it to be unlikely, he took it upon himself to teach everyone else City workers are people too. Every night phase, Mr. Wilkins will choose a player to kill. If investigated, he will appear to be a normal citizen. He cannot die during night phase.

Lionel Smith - member of the Transportation Union’s litigation team, he will bury you in paperwork! He will be able to roleblock any player of his choosing during night phase, but he can do so only THREE TIMES for the duration of the game. Cannot block the same player two nights in a row.

Laquisha - longtime acquantaince of Mr. Wilkins at the City Hall, she has long sympathized with his plight and has offered him her help. As such, every OTHER night phase she will put her access to City files to use to investigate a player of her choosing, making their role known to her. Starts Night 1.

Carlos Lopez - disgruntled bus driver, he is fed up with his passengers’ constant verbal abuse and temper tantrums. He can choose to fight 1 passenger (2 total times) during any DAY phase of his choosing. He will have a 75% chance of winning that fight. Should he win, the opponent will die. Should he lose, he dies. If most voted at the end of Day phase, he will have a 50% chance of killing the last person who voted for him instead, thus surviving the lynch.

Eric O’Grady - safety officer for the powered catamaran passenger ferries, he has long prefered the company of the fish to the hideous passengers whose safety he zeals over. Now he will send them to sleep with the fish instead.

Greetje Lijnders - air stewardess with Suburbanville Air, she serves passengers their food and drinks while they oggle her and make lewd remarks. You can guess the rest.

Amit Singh - a dedicated street sweeper for the past 14 years , Amit has had a front row seat to the absolute calamity brought upon the city by its’ oblivious residents. Trash bins overflowing, Subway stairs and tunnels full of plastic and food and anything you can imagine… Enough, this is quite enough already.


Harry and Barry - the twins do everything together, and this will be no different. In their quest to stay together, they will work as a team when killing Suburbanville residents, making their identities known to each other. Every ODD Night Phase, Harry will choose a player to kill. Every EVEN Night Phase, Barry will choose a player to kill. Should one of them die, the survivor will get TWO kills every night from then on. Both Harry and Barry are immune to night kills, investigations AND roleblocks.

1 x Godfather
6 x Mafia members
2 x Cops
1x DA
1 x Roleblocker
1 x Doctor
1 x Doc with 2 heals
1x PI
2 x Serial Killer
7 x Townies


The Rules

- Your objective is to eliminate your opposing faction and rule the Public Transportation System

- Mafia is allowed 1 kill each night; they will win if they kill all other roles

- Town will win if they kill all Mafia and Neutral Roles

- The serial killers are allowed 1 kill each night; they win if they kill everyone else and are the sole survivor

- Each day phase, every town member must vote for whoever they think should be lynched; this person will die and no longer be a part of the game

- In the event of a tie in the number of votes at the end of dayphase, the player that caused the tie to occur (whether by voting onto a tie or voting off someone leaving a tie) will die in their place. THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSIONS

- If we come to the final day phase with only 3 players left alive, they will all have to cast a vote. Failure to do so will result in the offending player’s death

*- The Day Phase special kills results will be determined via random roll of the dice using this website: https://freeonlinedice.com *

- You cannot miss two votings in a row; should this happen, you will be immediately removed from the game, and lynch will still commence based on voting.

- The voting deadline is just that, a deadline. Day phase will finish at 1200 GMT, this means that if you vote at 12:00:01 GMT your vote will be excluded. This is irrelevant of whether the game moderators have posted that voting is closed.

- You are NOT allowed to make public the message sent you by the game moderators to tell you your role, either entirely or in part; should this happen you will be removed from the present game and possibly future editions as well. You can share what your information means, but you cannot share exact text.

- Once you’re dead, you’re dead. Do not talk about the game to still active players, or post in the forum thread. This will be considered an act of influence upon the remaining players, and will get you banned from future games. We all like to have fun, and play by the rules, so please keep that in mind.

Order of events

- Town Roleblock
- Mafia Roleblock
- Heal
- Serial Killer Kill
- Mafia Kill
- Investigation


1200 GMT - 2400 GMT = Night phase
0000 GMT - 1200 GMT = Day phase

These times may be subject to change due to work schedule, however announcements will be made if there are any changes.

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TBO was a typical Suburbanville resident: shallow, rude and self-absorbed, he went about his day totally oblivious to his surroundings. Like most other residents, he was always in a rush: late for work, late to pick up the kids, late for dinner, late late late! It was especially hard on him since he worked acrossd the river in a pig farm, and had to take the catamaran ferry every day.

This day was no different, except for the stormy weather. It was raining quite a lot, and the sea was rough and restless. TBO had not had time to have breakfast at home and so he had stopped at a coffee shop where he got a cup of coffee and a sandwich to go, all without even bothering to look at the employees. He had almost missed the ferry, but was able to run in at the last minute, pushing and shoving everyone in his way.

When he finally found a seat, he placed his backpack on the seat to his right and the cup of coffee to his left, all the while placing his foot on the seat across from him. He was hungry, so he ripped up his sandwich’s plastic container and tossed it on the ground, and started to take big bites out of it, making no effort to close his mouth while eating. The coffee kept spilling on the seat because of the stormy sea, but he seemed to pay no mind to it.

Eric O’Grady had been watching from afar, and was none too pleased. As safety officer, it was his job to watch over the condition of the ferry, and he had tried to be nice to passengers for years, but found himself ignored all the time. He approached TBO and said: “Good morning sir. Littering is not allowed in the ferry. Would you pick that plastic up, please?”. TBO seemed to not listen as continued to munch on his food and taking big sips of coffee. Eric O’Grady’s blood started boiling and he raised his voice “Sir, I’m talking to you! I’m going to have to ask you to pick that up and clean up the coffee from that seat next to you!”

TBO deigned to look at Eric and replied in a bothered voice: “I heard you the first time. There, are you happy now? Did you do your part in saving the world today?”. He got up and brought out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. “Does this mean you can’t smoke inside either?” he mocked - “Get out of my way, I’m going outside.”

As TBO took cover under the ferry’s structure, he could see the stormy weather outside. He was alone outside, everyone else had gone inside to hide from the rain. He lit up his cigarette and cursed the ferry worker. After a couple of puffs he decided it was too cold and wet and leaned over to throw the cigarette into the water, but something lifted him up and he found himself going overboard with his cigarette. He tried to scream but the storm was loud and furious, and no one would have heard or seen him amongst the waves.

“Fucking ginger”, Eric O’Grady said, “I hope you have a good day, sir.”

Amit Singh (thirdrock) had been working as a street sweeper for many years now, and while he loved his part in making sure Suburbanville was a clean city, he felt as if his enthusiasm had been dwindling for a while now. As much trash as he picked up, as many plastic cups and cigarette butts he put away every day, it always looked like twice as many would magically spring up whenever he looked away. He had decided he was going to do something about it, though.

But for now, he had to get to work. He always took the first morning bus, and was often the one and only passenger for the whole ride; it was only 5 stops, after all. Such was the case again today as he got on the bus and greeted the driver: “Good morning Harry! How are you today? You look tired, my friend”. The driver looked at him and tried to put on a happy face “Hi Amit, I’m ok I just didn’t get enough sleep. Let’s get going, shall we?”

Amit noted a certain tone of grief of annoyance in his voice, but he was still sleepy so it took him a while to realise something was missing. “Hey Harry, where’s Barry? Is he sick or something?”. Harry gritted his teeth and mumbled “Yes. Sick. Couldn’t make it today.” “Oh that’s too bad. Happens to everyone!”, Amit replied.

Harry glowered and said nothing else until Amit’s stop. He stopped the bus and opened the rear door, and when the sweeper prepared to step down of the bus, he turned back to Harry: “See you tomorrow Harry! Give Barry my best, hope he’s feeling better tomorrow!” Harry’s rage became visible and he roared “STOP. TALKING. ABOUT. BARRY!!!”

He pressed the door button and it closed on Amit, leaving only the sweeper’s head and torso hanging on the outside. Harry stepped on the gas and drove the bus closer and closer to the sidewalk until he went by a tree. Amit Singh went through the tree though, and Harry had to sit and wait to tell the Police how the unfortunate incident had taken place.

It is now DAY PHASE - you have until 13:00 GMT to cast your vote in IC Mafia Voting Channel!

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Chief Kowalsky (Goddess) had been busy lately. There seemed to be a noticeable spike in accidents involving the Public Transportation systems as of late, and as chief of the Suburbanville Fire Department, it was his job to keep the casualties to a minimum. Today though, he was facing a different kind of emergency.

In 32 years on the job, Chief Kowalsky had never been late, not one day. Today might be the day, though. When he woke up, it was 6:32AM! He had less than half an hour to get there, but luckily he lived close to the fire precinct, and he could still make it if he hustled. The blasted alarm clock had not gone off, even though he could swear he had set it to 5:45AM, just like every other morning.

Chief rushed out of bed and flew to the bathroom, tossing his jammies aside and splashed water on his face. “Fuck! Hot! Hot!”. His wife had forgot to change the water tap to cold, like she always did. Chief rushed out of the bathroom squinting with a burned face and stubbed his little toe on the dresser. “Motherf#$%&r!”, he cursed aloud. Swearing and cursing, he put on his civilian clothes and rushed out of the house. It was only 6:45, he could still make it if he went fast about it.

When he tried to get into his car, he noticed the doors wouldn’t open as usually. After kicking the door a couple of times, he realised he had not only forgot his car keys, but his wallet too. “Goddammit!”, he muttered. He considered going back in for the keys, but time was running short and he might even stand a better chance of making it if he ran to work. It was only a couple of miles away, after all.

Chief Kowalsky sprinted up the block, but he was not the young man he used to be. Stepping off the curb, he landed his right foot awkwardly on the ground and twisted his ankle, causing him to wince in pain. “Son of a b$%#&!!!”, he cursed aloud. Pulling himself back up, he glanced at his watch: “6:53. Dammit. I can still make it. I’ve never been late and I’ll be damned if today is going to be day!”.

Chief dusted himself off and looked straight ahead. The crosswalk was a few hundred feet up the road, but he was already late and limping and he couldn’t waste any more time. He started to cross the road, cursing his luck, and he never saw the bus that hit him and sent him flying all the way to the crosswalk. His ankle was the least of his concerns now.

“He was jaywalking, officer, I never saw him.” Carlos Lopez explained to the police how the victim had jumped on the road out of nowhere. He never had the time to hit the brakes. Turning away with a grin on his face, the bus driver giggled: “Jaywalkers, scum of the Earth.”, he thought to himself.

Rolled a 4 sided dice, 1-2-3 sides were Carlos Lopez, 4 side was Goddess, rolled a 1.

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Jets (7) - justdoit, Tish, Daylight, Torqez, Ordos, ZoZ, Mrblonde

Daylight (6) - HydroP, Nai, Kratom, Nolio, Missy, Jets
Nai (2) – Melsfreefallin, Melvin
TU (1) - KT
Dukey (1) – Player1
Player1 (1) – Dukey
Nolio (1) – TU

Did not vote: You_Fool (voted for goddess previously so won’t count as missed vote)

Doctor Jane Pain (Jets) had been head of surgery at Suburbanville Memorial for quite a while now. She was a reputed doctor, and a fearsome boss. She did not care about her subordinates’ opinion of her, so long as they got the job done. It was all about saving lives after all, and that was the most important thing.

She had spent the morning trying to save poor Chief Kowalsky, who had somehow gotten himself run over by a bus. She had done her very best, but in the end could not save the Fire chief. His last words to her had been but a whisper: “Tell my wife… to turn the f#$%&@g water tap to cold…”, he said with his dying breath.

Still somewhat shaken, Doctor Jane decided to take a few hours off from work. She got in a taxi and asked the driver to just drive around town, as she tried to collect her thoughts. After about 40 minutes, she asked the driver to bring her back to the hospital, and inquired how much she was in for by now. “80 dollars so far, ma’am.”, the cabbie replied. “80 dollars??? We just drove a couple of blocks! do you think I’m stupid??”

The cabbie looked at her through the rearview mirror and pointed at the meter: “It shows right here ma’am. I’ve been driving for a good while now.”. “Well I’m not paying even half that! All you cab drivers are the same, professional thieves is what you are! Do I look like a mark to you?? Stop this and let me out, NOW!”

The cabbie stopped. But he got out and opened the back door and grabbed Doctor Jane by the shoulders “Lady, do you have any idea the shit I go through every day?? I don’t even see 5% of the money I make here, my boss keeps all of it! Now give me my money!”

“No! Let go of me! Help!!!” Doctor Jane screamed, but the cabbie was faster. He grabbed her by the throat and choked her right there and then, on the back seat of his dirty taxi. Making sure no one was looking, he quickly dragged her into the the trunk and drove away. The meter was still running.

It is now NIGHT PHASE - you have until 24:00 GMT to send me your decisions.

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Barry was having a hard time adjusting to his new workplace. He had been with his twin brother Harry riding the same bus for years now, and being apart from him was almost too much to bear. To make it worse, he had been assigned to metropolitan train lines, on the rush hour shift.

It was a nightmare: no matter how many people got off the train at any stop, it looked like twice as many would jump in. Barry was not the tallest or strongest person, so he felt almost dwarflike trying to make his way through the sea of humanity. He was the ticket inspector, charged with making sure no one got a free ride.

“Excuse me sir, can I see your ticket?” he asked a middle-aged man who was sitting down reading the newspaper. The man seemed to take no notice of him though, and Barry had to slightly push the paper away for the man to realise he was there. “What do you want?”, Daylight spat out, “Can’t you see I’m reading?”

Barry took a deep breath and politely adressed him “Your ticket sir, I need to see it.” “Oh right, the ticket. Always with the bloody tickets. Do I look like a common criminal to you? Here’s the stupid ticket, get on with it.” Barry glanced at the man, checked the ticket and moved further up the carriage. He did not move to the next carriage, though, taking his time checking all passengers for their tickets.

A few stops later, Barry noticed Daylight getting up. The train was moving along the tracks at great speed, like it always did. Barry noticed Daylight was the only passenger walking down the aisle and seized his chance: crowding in with the passengers by the door, he pulled the emergency brake. Daylight went flying down the carriage, as the train screeched to a halt. No one could tell who had pulled on the lever, just like nothing could be done for Daylight, whose head was now planted where the carriage door’s window had been at the end of the corridor.

You_Fool had been happier than ever lately: new job, new flat, new girlfriend, it seemed life just kept getting better and better. He was handsomely paid, loved his line of work and could walk to his workplace every day, as it was only 10 minutes away from his brand new flat that he shared with his stunning new girlfriend.

He set out from home wearing his Boss suit and his Sennheiser headphones, whistling happily to Justin Bieber’s latest song. He strolled down the avenue like he owned the place, looking down on all the poor losers in his path: they’d never have it as good as he did, and they’d never even know it! Who else could afford to buy a Ferrari and a Mercedes only to keep them locked away in the garage?

Fool stopped at Starbucks to get coffee to go, and as he walked down the street whistling merrily, he made his mind up: he would buy a yacht next. He was still deciding whether to go for the 2 or 3 million one, but it didn’t really matter; he’d probably pick the most expensive one, just because he could.

Immersed in all this joy, he didn’t notice the green light for pedestrians had just switched to red while crossing the road the block just before his workplace. The bus driver was taken by surprise and tried to swerve, but too little too late, as he heard Fool’s bones breaking under the weight of the bus’ wheels.

“Damn”, Carlos Lopez, muttered, “This time I didn’t mean it”.

It is now DAY PHASE - you have until 13:00 GMT to cast your vote in IC Mafia Voting Channel!

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Ordos (9) - hydro, KT, mels, torqez, tishxo, player1, dukey, missy, blonde

Mrblonde (6) - nolio, zoz, kratom, ordos, nai, melvin
Torqez (1) - TU

Did not vote: justdoit

Mr. Wilkins (Ordos) was in his office at the Public Transportation Union contemplating his next move over a chocolate doughnut and caramel-mint tea. Those pesky City officials kept trying to thwart his efforts to educate commuters in Suburbanville, and he was enjoying it not at all.

To top it of, it looked like he had a couple of renegades on his hands, as unsanctioned “accidents” kept happening across town, and it was making it anxious. It was one thing to be in control of the forced reeducation of the city, but what if every bus driver, street sweeper and trash collector decided to dish out their own education? The thought made him shudder. Just as he took a bite out of his doughnut, someone barged in through the unlocked door of his office.

“Mr. Wilkins? I’m detective Smelly. You are under arrest. Please come with us.”. Mr Wilkins looked at the detective and the 3 police officers with him and took one last sip of his favorite tea. “What is the problem, sir? I can assure you I’m a model citizen.” “You’re suspected of inciting revolt among Public workers and causing mayhem and death across the city!”, replied Smelly.

Mr. Wilkins knew he was done. He had been betrayed, and he could not suffer the indignity of going to jail when the real criminals were out there, sticking chewing gum under seats! He dashed towards the door of his office, shoved the officers out of his way and ran downstairs “I’ll show you! You can never stop me, not until everyone in this City learns to be civilized!!”

With the police officers hot on his tail, Mr. Wilkins ran out of the Union building and knocked pedestrians down as he ran for it. He let out a maniacal laugh as he sprinted across the road, the last sound he’d ever make as the supreme irony unfolded: the bus that took him home every day hit him square in the back, sending him flying into the windshield of a car coming the other way, from where he was in turn sent flying into an incoming motorcycle.

“Stay in your own seat…” he muttered, as Detective Smelly yelled for an ambulance.

It is now NIGHT PHASE - you have until 24:00 GMT to send me your decisions.

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It was a lovely evening. Xin Lee loved evenings like this one: mild weather, clear sky, the world before him. His line of work required him to spend most of his days indoors, so he took every chance he got to go for some fresh air, preferaby by the river. The DA’s office was close to the river and the Ferry boats were within easy walking distance.

Xin was walking along the river bank, enjoying the view, the smells and sounds when he came across a disgruntled man, cursing and swearing in no particular direction: “I’ll get them! How could this happen? He was such a good man!” Xin averted the man’s eyes and tried to go around him, not wanting his perfect evening to be interrupted. Eric O’Grady was drunk, and none too pleased: “Oh sure, ignore me, like they all do. Better yet, call me names and tell me how annoying I am! Poor Mr. Wilkins, he was doing the right thing, he understood!”

The name was vaguely familiar to Xin, but he went on his way all the same, hoping to leave the deranged man behind him. "You wouldn’t know Mr. Wilkins, of course you wouldn’t! You probably wouldn’t even see him if he were standing right in front of ya, WOULD YA???"´Xin tried to pick up his pace and walk away, but Eric O’Grady lunged after him and tackled him by the waist.

“He was such a good man, and now he’s dead! And you don’t even care!” Eric sobbed as he hung onto Xin on the ground, trying to grab the DA by the throat. Xin Lee was a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, though, so he quickly immobilized Eric, who barely put up a fight. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Xin tried to get some answers from his foe, but Eric was so smashed he literally feel asleep on the sidewalk.

“Just my luck” Xin thought to himself as he looked over Eric O’grady, “a Ferry’s worker. I better take the car and stay away from those boats for a while.”

Inspector Kelly (KT) had had a great day! He and his partner, Detective Smelly, had uncovered a masterplan by the Public Transports Union to “reeducate” passengers and had captured the responsible for the chaos that had befallen every bus, train, cab and plane in Suburbanville.

Well, almost captured, anyway. Mr. Wilkins had made a run for it and had gotten hit by not 1, not 2, but 3 vehicles for his trouble. The poor man had been rushed to the hospital, but sadly Doctor Jane Pain had not returned from her cab ride yet, so no one had been able to save him. Inspector Kelly was pleased anyway; without the head of the pack, the “accidents” were bound to decrease in number. Or were they?

Kelly was driving home after a hard day’s work where he mostly sat behind his desk all day. He stopped at a red light by a crossing and looked around: the street was mostly deserted. It was late, and very few cars were in sight. He could hear a faint roaring sound, but ignored it when he couldn’t determine where it came from. When the green light came, he stepped on the gas slowly. As he was moving along the crossing, he could see headlights to his right and the roaring sound suddenly became clear as his car was hit on its’ right backhand side and was sent somersaulting into a building, where it caught on fire.

Harry stopped the bus and looked out the window at what he had done; “It’s your fault!!”, he yelled out, “I’m late to get home, can’t keep Barry waiting! Move out of the way next time!!”, he said, as he drove away in a hurry.

It is now DAY PHASE - you have until 13:00 GMT to cast your vote in IC Mafia Voting Channel!

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Greetje Lijnders (Nai) had just quit her job as air stewardess for Suburbanville Air. She had had quite enough of the demeaning comments made by rude passengers who saw her as nothing but a piece of meat. They did not care for her efforts in serving them their coffee and snacks with a smile on her face or the way she made sure her unirform was spotless; someone had even slapped her butt!

That was when the accidents started. 5 food poisonings, 3 incidents when someone got mistakenly hit on the head with a tray, 2 cases of passengers inexplicably sitting on thumbtacks and an unfortunate man who broke both legs when he tripped and fell down the airstairs.

Still, with Mr. Wilkins dead, Greetje decided she would quit her job. She had just turned in her resignation and was leaving the company office at the airport when the police came. “Miss Lijnders? I’m DA Xin Lee. You’re under arrest for suspicion of being involved in a conspiracy to forcibly reeducate passengers.”

Greetje stood still for a second, but giving up was not in her; she ran for the check-in area, leapfrogged security and made for the departures terminal. Police were running after her, but she knew every inch of this airport and she’d be damned if she was letting them catch her. She took an emergency exit and took a shortcut to the runway, hoping to lose the cops while hiding between the taxied planes.

She had gained some distance but when she looked back to taunt the police, she was struck by a luggage car which sent her flying into the middle of the runway. “Crap”, she said, “I should have seen that coming.”. She hadn’t though, and when she turned around, she realised she hadn’t seen the Boeing 737 taking off 20 feet before her either. The landing gear hit her square on the head, and that was all she wrote.

Rolled a 4 sided dice, 1-2-3 sides were DA, 4 side was Nai, rolled a 3.

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Carlos Lopez was having a tough time coping with the loss of his friends. He had met Amit Singh at a strip club many years ago, and they were instant best friends. That was where they had first met Greetje as well; she did a mean pole dance.They would go on vacation together and he had even dated Amit’s sister, after which he and Amit had grown apart for a while for reasons I will not mention here.

Mr. Wilkins had been like a father to him as well, and his demise had hit them hardest. He had been consistently late on bus route ever since he’d died, and passengers were none too pleased about this. “Late again, mister! And 7 minutes this time too! What the hell is the matter with you?!”, yelled an indignant Torqez as he stepped on the bus, “You’re gonna get me fired if you keep this up!”

Carlos almost got out of his seat to punch the man, but he thought better of it. As Torqez was walking down the aisle, Carlos stepped on the gas and Torqez went flying head-first into a rail and got knocked out cold. Carlos slammed on the brakes, ran to Torqez and shaked and slapped him repeatedly, apparently trying to revive him, until he heard something snap. “Please help!”, he called out to the other passengers, " I think he broke his neck!"

Rolled a 4 sided dice, 1-2-3 sides were Carlos Lopez, 4 side was Torqez, rolled a 2.

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Kratom (5) - HydroP, ZoZ, Player1, TU, Missy

MrBlonde (4) - Mels, Kratom, Tishxo, MrBlonde
Melvin (1) - Melvin

Voted Nai (pre-death) (2) - Nolio, Dukey

Did not vote - justdotit

Laquisha (Kratom) had been trying to slip some City files to Mr. Wilkins, but it appeared it made no difference in the end; the poor man was dead now, and she had lost all hope. She had been trying to tell him how much she loved him by helping him, and it seemed to be working: he had even invited her out for dinner! But with him gone now, who’d help provide for her 7 kids?

She walked out of City Hall with some more stolen files in her bag when justdoit bumped into her. She turned to him angrily and shouted at the man: “Watch where you going, fool! You don’t want none of this, believe me!”. justdoit tried to apologize for his clumsiness and walk away, but she was still shouting at him when he turned around “Ma’am, do you know the time?”, he asked. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”, she spat out. He smiled “Well, I do. It’s clobbering time!!!”

justdoit launched himself at Laquisha and started beating her up, but she was 220 pounds and was having none of that. She was able to sit on him and heabutted his mouth as a couple of teeth went flying away. He pinched her nipples and was able to wiggle free, and ran for the subway stairs as he realised his mistake.

Laquisha went after him and grabbed his arm as they both went tumbling down the escalator, finally landing at the bottom in a broken mass of flesh and bones.

It is now NIGHT PHASE - you have until 24:00 GMT to send me your decisions.

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Eric O’Grady was feeling despondent: he had joined Mr. Wilkins’ cause to make sure every Public Transportation worker got the respect he deserved. However, it seemed like he was the one doing all the work! Either the others weren’t taking it seriously, or he was just angrier than most.

He was ruminating on this as he walked briskly to his favorite burger joint; it was a cold night, and he was hungry. As he made his way through the crowd he seemed to catch a glimpse of a ferry passenger he loathed: Melsfreefallin. A thoroughly obnoxious person, Mels got on his nerves every day, being the prototype Suburbanville resident: rude, pretentious and ignorant. The thought made Eric grit his teeth and quicken his pace.

He wasn’t sure it was Mels under the hat and heavy raincoat, but he rarely got his passengers’ faces mixed up: he hated them all, and he had a very good memory. He had decided Mels would come across some unfortunate accident when they came within sight of the burger joint; Mels stepped inside, which both surprised and angered Eric. Still, he went in as well.

As he made his way through the crowded joint, he saw Mels going in the bathroom; Eric tried to follow, but the bathroom’s door was locked. Cursing his luck, he went to the bar and ordered a beer; his time would come. Eric got distracted watching the TV, and when he turned around he saw Chief Garcia standing before him.

“I know you!”, the Chief said, “You’re the guy who’s been throwing people off the boats! You’re coming with me!”. Eric jumped out of his seat and darted out of the burger joint, panting and cursing. Chief Garcia tried to go after him, but the ferry worker quickly disappeared into the night.

DA Xin Lee (HydroP) had had an eventful week: his legal team had played an integral part in thwarting the efforts of Mr. Wilkins’ renegade Public Transport workers, but at some cost. He had even had a worrysome encounter with a drunken ferry worker the other night, and he was trying to be more cautious now by using his car and avoiding public transportation if at all possible.

Unfortunately it could not be helped this evening. He had had a late request from a fellow DA asking him to meet him at a neighbouring town so they could better discuss a case. It was rush hour though, so he couldn’t take the car or he’d never get there. Ignoring the warning signs, he decided to take the train.

It was quite late as he finally made it to the train station; he had narrowly missed the previous train, so all he could do was stand and wait for the next one. As he looked around and overheard the conversations his fellow commuters were having, he couldn’t help but sympathize with the public transport workers: it’s amazing how anyone could put up with these poor excuses for human beings day after day.

Xin gave a sigh of relief as the train finally approached. He stepped up to the edge of the platform: trains were usually jampacked at this hour and he couldn’t afford to miss this train as well. Just as the train came up, Xin felt a strong push on his back and was forced to take a few steps forward; he tried to keep his balance, but couldn’t and fell down onto the tracks. The train did the rest.

“Help! Please! Someone help!”, Barry yelled out, “I think he jumped!”.

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MrBlonde (8) - ZoZ, Player1, Dukey, Mels, Tishxo, MrBlonde, Nolio, Missy

Dukey (1) - Melvin

Did not vote: TU

Harry (MrBlonde) was being chased by the police. He had been driving his bus like a maniac the past few hours, running over pedestrians and crashing into any vehicles unfortunate enough to be in his way. The few passengers left on his bus all huddled together at the back of the bus, fearing for their lives.

“Barry! I can’t do this anymore, Barry! All these people, they talk too much! Where are you Barryyyyyyyyyy!!”. Harry raved like a madman as he crashed his way out of another police roadblock, tossing the poor police cars aside like they were made out of paper. The syrens kept blaring behind him, but he ignored them: he was heading home. All he wanted to do was get in, close the door and all the shutters and sit in the dark until Barry got home from work.

Harry kept racing ahead as he suddenly felt the bus tires giving way: those damned cops had put a spiked strip on the road! He almost lost control of the bus, but was able to retain control somehow and come to a quick stop. For all his faults, Harry was nothing if not a smooth driver. He looked ahead at yet another police roadblock: this time, he was surrounded by dozens of police cars and 2 helicopters hovered over him, as well as over 50 officers with drawn guns.

“This is Chief Garcia!”, the Chief announced over the megaphone, “Surrender now and you may yet make it out of this alive!”. Harry grimaced; they didn’t understand, he cared nothing about living or dying. All he wanted was his brother Barry.

“Get… out… of… MY… WAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!” he yelled out as he stepped on the gas. The bus raced ahead, the wheel rims sparking against the asphalt. A hail of bullets followed, and the bus swerved and crashed against a tree. Harry was gone.

Barry was on his lunch break, sitting silently while he watched the high speed chase on TV. He couldn’t move when he saw the bus crash into the tree, and closed his eyes when they announced the driver was dead. After a while, he slowly got up, walked outside and let out a shivering shout: “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!”

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Before reading, I have to tell you that I got one of the SK’s targets mixed up with the mob’s target. It is irrelevant for actual gameplay and storytelling so I won’t bother rewriting the stories. I will make a note at the bottom of the post telling you the correct targets. It’s late, bite me.

Detective Smelly (ZoZ) had been enjoying a night out in the company of his wife, Missy. He had been ecstatic after finally being able to catch the mad bus driver who had been responsible for the death of his longtime partner, Inspector Kelly. It had been a resounding success as well, as all passengers on the bus had been alive and well, with only some minor cuts and wounds among them.

Smelly had taken Mrs. Smelly to their favorite restaurant, a fine-dining place close to the historic center of Suburbanville. No cars were allowed in the area, so they resorted to public transportation. They had taken the subway and were considering returning the same way, but the station had been crowded at that hour so they decided to take a taxi instead.

Barry had followed the detective to the restaurant. He recognized the man from TV, the one who faced all the cameras and told Suburbanvillains they were safe now. Like he had done many times before, he called a friend who drove a taxi and asked him if he could borrow his taxi for the night to make some extra money; that was how he had often made ends meet for himself and his twin brother, Harry.

Harry. Sweet, lovable brute that he was. They had shared their whole lives, from he womb to last morning. He was gone now, and Barry would not keep his brother waiting for long. But he had some unsettled business to deal with first.

“Taxi!”, yelled Smelly. Barry was quick to drive up to him. “Good evening.”, said Missy with a smile as she entered the cab. “Where to?”, asked Barry, trying to sound amiable. “Stinker Avenue, please.”, replied Smelly. Barry adjusted the rearview mirror and glanced at Smelly; it was him alright, the rotten bastard who had killed his brother. “Very well, sir”.

At first Smelly didn’t notice they were going the wrong way, as both him and his wife Missy were quite tipsy. After a while, though, he realised they were driving to the mountainous area on the outskirts of the city. “We’re going the wrong way.”, he said. When Barry didn’t answer, he slammed the drivershield and cursed at the man “Hey you! Stop this, let us out!”.

Realising something was wrong, Smelly tried to open the doors, but they were locked. In a panic, he tried to break the window with his feet, but stopped after a few kicks as he realised they were driving towards a ravine. Barry turned around and said in a calm voice “This is for Harry, you fuck.”

Barry opened the door and jumped out of the taxi, as the vehicle went flying over the edge of the ravine and hit the rocky ground many hundreds of feet below with a big thud, after which it proceeded to flip down the hillside for a while longer. Barry looked down as the taxi caught on fire, and smiled. He looked up at the starry sky and closed his eyes. “This one’s for you, Harry”.

Eric O’Grady couldn’t catch a break. His fellow Union members had tried to reassure him, telling him he was the one they trusted the most to bring their message of civility to the commuters of Suburbanville, but he had still been none too pleased about it. Still, he believed in their cause, and would not refuse his role in it.

He had been working the evening shift on the ferry catamarans once again, and the passenger boat was quite empty today. Passengers had taken to avoid public transportation lately, for some odd reason he couldn’t quite comprehend; there was room to breathe now, and passengers who remained were a lot more easy going and stress-free than usual. Maybe a little too easy going.

Dukey had taken the ferry tonight, journeying back home from a party at some friend’s house across the river. He had fallen asleep, and was lying down across a row of seats, snoring loudly and drooling all over himself. Eric shrugged and shook him but the shoulder, but he had to be quite violent about it to get Dukey to wake up.

“Wha… What’s going hic on, mate? hic?”. “You can’t be taking up more than one seat, sir.”, Eric snarled at him. “But there’s no one hic else around, man.”, Dukey replied. Eric stared at him in disbelief. “May I know your name, sir?” “Oh sure, it’s hic Dukey. Pleased to make your acquain hic tance.”. “Would you follow me, please?”, Eric asked in an impositive tone.

Dukey got up the best he could and followed Eric outside. Making sure no one was watching, Eric grabbed him by the jacket and tossed him overboard. “Help! I can’t swim!”, pleaded Dukey. “Oh I thought your name was Ducky.”, Eric shouted back, “My bad!”.

Dukey and Missy were mixed up. So SK went for ZoZ and Dukey, Mafia went for Missy.

It is now DAY PHASE - you have until 13:00 GMT to cast your vote in IC Mafia Voting Channel!

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Melvin (4) - Mels, Nolio, Player1, Melvin

Nolio (2) - TU, Tishxo

Eric O’Grady (Melvin) had been on the run the past few days. After his close encounter with Chief Garcia and having been considered a top suspect in the Dukey drowning, he realised his luck was at an end.

Of course, Eric’s notion of being on the run was not quite same as yours or mine. He had decided to hide in a lifeboat on the ferry, well away from prying eyes under the oil tarp. At least it made sense for him, and that’s all we could hope for.

The days went by as Eric made his out at night, grabbing whatever leftovers he could find in the bar. He used the river as his bathroom and seemed pretty pleased with himself. They’d never beat his wits, he thought. Whenever he went back to the lifeboat, Eric made sure the tarp was loose: he couldn’t afford for it to be cinched too tight or he’d never be able to make it back out.

One day, Eric was dozing off when he woke up startled by the shouting: “Watch out!” Turn! Turn!", he could hear as he heard people scrambling on deck. Then he felt a huge crash and heard the ship let out a piercing moan. The ferry had been hit by a runaway tanker, and was sinking quickly. The lifeboat was sent flying into the water, and landed upside down. Eric tried to swim to the surface, but became entangled with the tarp, and it took all he had to get away from it and swim up.

When he reached the surface, he let out a loud GASP and looked around, trying to get his bearings. Then he noticed a big shadow forming around him, and when he turned around, he saw the tanker’s keel moving towards him, its’ rusty spots so clear to him. “Why don’t they ever clean up the rust?”

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Lionel Smith may have been a lawyer, but he was not without street smarts. He had an extensive network of informers across the city, a perk given to him by his position as Head of Legal for the Public Transportation Union. That was how he had found about Abu el Banat, PI (Nolio).

At first he had dismissed the reports, but then he realised the PI had been inquiring after him as well. That could not be tolerated, and Lionel had Abu tailed and watched every day from then on. As time went on, Lionel decided he had no other way but to get rid of the nosy PI; normally he’d have tasked Eric O’Grady with it, but the ferry worker was still being scraped off an oil tanker’s keel. Lionel knew he had to do this himself.

He followed Abu el Banat around town, looking for the perfect opportunity to get rid of his foe. However, Abu was elusive and very, very careful. He would always be aware of his surroundings, and he was a suspicious person by nature; catching him off guard would not be an easy task.

Lionel wasn’t sure at what time Abu realised he was being followed; maybe he had gotten too close, or had stared at him for too long at some point. Regardless, he had been made, and Abu was now scampering along the sidewalk, trying to put some distance between them. Lionel followed as the PI walked into the train station and sprinted to catch the train. Lionel was barely able to do the same just as the train departed.

They had gotten on the last car, and Abu was now walking hurriedly to the door across the aisle; he left the car and walked into the next one. As he closed the door, he looked at Lionel through the glass window and darted ahead. Lionel gave chase and watched as Abu made his way into the next car, and then the next. As they moved up the composition, Lionel noticed there were fewer passengers in every car; it looked like they were getting close to the end of the train line.

Lionel was catching up to Abu; he had had to elbow and push his way through the first few cars, but now there were rarely any passengers left to obstruct his path. Abu knew he was in trouble, and ran for it. Lionel’s strides were longer though, and they were at the end of the composition anyway. Abu opened the door to the last car, but before he could enter, he was kicked off the platform and sent crashing into the tracks just as a train approached from the opposite direction. Lionel could only watch as the unfortunate PI met his grisly end.

Barry walked into the train car and grinned at Lionel. The lawyer picked up his phone and tried to call Carlos Lopez (Tishxo), but there was no answer. “If you’re looking for that idiot bus driver, he got off the train a while ago, like your friend just now. He didn’t have a ticket.”, Barry mused, “Do you?”

Lionel gazed at Barry, an angry look on his face. The standoff was only interrupted when the train came to a stop and passengers walked in. “I’ll be seeing you.”, Lionel threatened. “Oh, I’m sure you will.”, Barry answered as Lionel walked off the train.

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Barry (player1) ignored the rambling raving mad street preacher on a pedestal, and hurried down the street. He had a feeling he was being followed. In fact, he knew quite sure he was being followed.

He looked back. Yup. There was the pale emaciated face of that bloodsucking lawyer Lionel Smith, who quickly tried to hide himself behind a newspaper. What did he think this was, a 1975 detective movie? Did he… was that…? Was that idiot really wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat too?

The anger of having to run away from Lionel shortly replaced the grief he felt for his lost twin brother Harry. Harry…

He remembered all the good times with Harry.

Harry, blonde hair waving in the wind as he took a giant dump of a bridge on the oncoming traffic, howling with laughter.

Harry, grinning with open and full mouth as he was victorious in a hotdog eating contest.

Harry, throwing up into the letterbox of their landlord after they got evicted.

Harry, proudly serving his brother a genuine home cooked meal: microwaved lasagna. Barry blinked back a tear thinking on how Harry had spent hours on verifying the instructions, rechecking them every 30 seconds, and looking up youtube videos on it. Oh, Harry.

“…EEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!” A car screeched to a halt one inch of his left, the driver cursing and yelling at him.

Barry looked up, startled. He had been lost in memories again, and was nearly hit by a car while crossing the street without looking.

He needed to get his head back into the game. Right now. Come up with some sort of plan, live another day, don’t let the memory of sweet Harry wither away, like last autumns potatoes.

Potatoes… Harry really loved his mashed po…

“NO GODDAMNIT!” he shouted, startling some other people on the street. Barry started running. Lionel dropped his newspaper, and legged it after him.

Barry looked around frantically. He needed a vehicle. Any transportation would do, but no buses were to be seen, no taxis, and the subway would be guarded probably. Try for the airport? Maybe better seaport, less security. Motorcycle?

He was out of ideas, and skimmed around a truck that had just passed him and had to stop at a traffic light. If he could stay out of sight for long enough, he could perhaps …

He read the writing on the truck. “CIRCUS RINALDO.” Huh. Maybe he could hide in the back?

He went for it, unlatching the loading door slightly, and slipping in, closing the door behind him immediately. The truck however didn’t start driving again. Damn! Damn! Damn!

He heard Lionel banging on the truck then.

“Come on out Barry! You’re being served! In the name of the Transportation Union!”

Barry grinded his teeth.

He heard a second voice.

“This is Chief Garcia! Come on out, Barry! You’re under arrest!”

A way out! He needed a way out. he was stuck here in this dark stuffy truck, smelling of animals.

He took out his phone, and switched on the light to have a better look around the truck.

It was… an elephant! Staring at him curiously, wondering what this was all about. Barry immediately knew what to do, silently thanking his brother, who he knew was watching over him.

Two minutes later, the circus truck’s loading door banged open, and an enraged elephant burst out. On its back was Barry, relentlessly prodding the animal onwards with a pointy stick.

The gathered police force scattered immediately, not knowing how to handle this.

Barry laughed triumphantly. He would get out of this predicament after all! He knew it wasn’t over, but if you handle one problem at a time, you could deal with anything.

He was still laughing when he saw the massive police roadblock appear in front of him, three blocks further. No way to even remotely steer this berserked elephant. No way to get off safely. No way to jump to another transportation method like they did in an action movie. No way out. No way out. Oh Harry. No way out.

The road block police officers shouldered and cocked their guns. The target was assessed as armed and dangerous, and driving an elephant. Extreme prejudice and all that. Mincemeat that mountain of an animal or it would trample them.


“FIRE!” yelled the police captain.

It is now NIGHT PHASE - you have until 24:00 GMT to send Genesis your decisions.

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Lionel Smith wondered if it had all been worth it. He had done his very best to be worthy of Mr. Wilkins’ dream: that of a world where one day commuters and public transportation workers could live together in harmony. They were getting there, ever so slowly, but Lionel doubted it would last. This was Suburbanville after all, and the only thing you could be sure of around here was just how nasty everyone else really was.

Despite the minimal progress, Lionel was not done yet. He had his sights set on some big fish tonight, a move that could shift the balance of power in the city forever. He was feeling pretty pleased with himself when he started hearing the syrens in the distance. He opened to get a better look, and just a few instants later the entire Union building was surrounded by police cars.

Chief Garcia stepped out of a patrol car, megaphone in hand, and announced: “Lionel Smith! You are under arrest! Surrender yourself peacefully and nothing will happen to you!”. “Damn it!”, thought Lionel, “How did they find out?!”. Lionel considered his options; he was surrounded and with no way out. He stiffened himself up and shouted back “You want me?? Come get me, you bastards!!”.

The police stormed the building and 5 minutes later Lionel was being escorted out, whining about his handcuffs being too tight. “This is police brutality! I’m taking all of your money when this is over!!”. "“What happened?”, Chief Garcia asked his officers. “He was hiding in a storage room, sir. We asked his cooworkers and they were happy to point it out to us.”

Lionel whined some more, but as he walked across from Chief Garcia, he grinned at the man and said “This is far from over, Chief! I own your ass now! I’ll see you in court!”. “We’ll see about that.”, the Chief replied, “Only place you’re seeing tonight is the inside of a cell. Take him to jail, guys.”

It is now the FINAL DAY PHASE - you may cast your vote starting at 24:00 GMT