IC Mafia 61: The Testament of the Watchers

Testament of the Watchers

It is the year 1961. For the past 4 years since the end of the digs in Qumran, Jordan, researchers have been combing over the 981 segments of the incredibly fragile remains of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Due to it also being the height of the cold war, the rush to present finds of this nature, are generally well state funded and posh. Great sums of money, fame and fortune lie in the ruins of Eastern Africa from Zaire to Alexandria, and even as far north along the Black Sea into Georgia and the Soviet Union.

Doctors of Anthropology Harvey Nai and Sylvia Tish, of Toronto, have stumbled upon one of the only complete record of a previously undiscovered apocryphal book entitled, Testament of the Watchers. Remarkable in that it was from outside the Dead Sea Scrolls, found in their University of Michigan funded dig in Ethiopia. It was intriguing as to its claims of authenticity even in its time of authorship around 350 BCE. 50 years before the earliest fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls. A remarkable find; a very remarkable story.

You’ve joined others traveling in from all parts of the world. Over the past 45 minutes, you have enjoyed the food and drinks at the meet and greet. You have settled into your chair. There is excitement in the room. You and the rest wait for the presentation to begin.

Doctor Sylvia Tish, first takes the stage, welcoming the sizable crowd, “we’ve got some more seats in the center,”waving her hands together to usher everyone to the center.

“If we can get folks to shift over to the center, there now, those of you standing in the back or sides, please… take a seat.”, and mumbling to herself, “This will a lot to take in, and best you all be seated to take notes.”

The lights dim, the crowd quiets, the spotlights shine down. Sylvia begins, “As you know, the recent publications of the Book of Enoch included multiple sections, one of which was the Book of the Watchers. Our recent find, has added another book to the index of the Watchers. We are calling it the Testament of the Watchers. The text is written in the Ge’ze language. This has added to its authenticity, as you know the early writings of the Book of Enoch are in Hebrew, Aramaic and Ge’ze.”

Looking up behind her a a slide showing Enoch and Angels, “what is most amazing about this book. Is it is not written from the point of view of Enoch, but the writer professes its source comes from one of of the watchers themselves. They identify, as we have been able to translate, as Abbra’el.”
angel Slide of Abbra’el (Town Cop)

"The first chapter of the Testament of the Watchers explains how the watchers were told by one who the Ge’ze to Hebrew translates as ha-kadosh barukh hu, “the Holy One Blessed Be He.” , an old pre-beta Hebrew phrase for God, Also known as the Adonai, Yehweh, the Great “I am”…” Various people about the room start to silence themselves.

Sylvia continues, “ as we choose not to debate who this entity was, we continued on our translation, Abbra’el has a vision of a man called Noah and his three sons, aboard an ark in a vast ocean, filled with the floating corpses of mankind… But also an alternate vision, one of a vast, technologically advanced world, guided by Watchers and their kin, where humanity was enslaved and a thrall to their whims”.

After some pause, a few hands go up, one man from the back, “Doctor are you saying the book has an alternate course of history?”, and a number of the attendees voice support for the question.

“Well, not an eventuality, but more or less, the possibility.” The crowd settles, and after a pause she continues. “and the potential that if they find the family in the vision, they could prevent the calamities in the vision. It becomes their quest, and for years they watched for such a man, and family. The book goes on to tell how the watchers went about seeking the man. Where they encountered men, they saw them shivering, so they taught them how to use fire, where they saw them hungry, taught them to farm, and raise beasts, they saw them sick, medicine
Oh how it goes on. For many of the emergence of bronze age technologies each time, at the teachings of the watchers. There are even remarkable segments about flying, space travel, all sorts of amazing technologies. That will be in tomorrow’s presentation, so you will all just have to wait for that,” causing much of the crowd to chuckle.
As the watchers continued their search, mankind soon started to covet what one group had over another, and through the centuries, man entered periods of war, all over the Earth, until very few kings controlled the realms of man. Many of the watchers by then had fallen back from their quest, their hopes of finding such a man from their vision no longer a thought. Some fell victim to mankinds war, from whence there had been thirty, only XX remained. A group of the watchers continued on, earnest in their search, including Abbra’el. This is where the second chapter in the Book of the Testament becomes something else.

The second chapter is about the division. Some of the watchers, now disrespectful of mankind, due to the deaths of their brethren, sought to enslave and fight mankind. They did so with deadly effect. The stories of armies being so large as to take 2 days to walk from one side of the camp to another, being wiped out within hours of battle. Cities being razed to their foundations from the sky in areas we seem to have been able to match up to India. It also tells how while some sought to enslave mankind, many still traveled, watching and seeking for Noah and his family.

The end of the second chapter saw the town finally located Noah and his family, and they split themselves up to help protect Noah and his sons. Four Watchers were selected to guide and protect Noah.

At this point, I would like to show you a list of these Watchers , as identified thus far, before I turn things over to Dr. Nai.

Abbra’el – (Town Cop) Received the initial visions from On High about Noah, Still receives visions about the mind and thought of watchers throughout the world. Once per night, can investigate any Watcher. Everything will be revealed as to role and disposition.

Agali’el – (Town Cop) Second to Abbra’el in status and power among the watchers. No watcher has dared to oppose him. It is said that he was an assistant to Micheal the Archangel in the War of Heaven. His love for mankind is well documented. Every other night may Investigate a watcher. Always Immune to SK, but any sk action will strip him of his cop status due to the emergence of a powerful combatant.

Azli’el – (Role Block) – Ability to send powerful spiritual attacks will render any watcher powerless for one night. Cannot be Role Blocked.

Apalai-el (Town Doc) – Powerful spiritual healer. Can use their powerful healing abilities to heal 1 watcher per night. These powerful abilities cannot be used on themselves or on the same person twice in a row.
The four Protectors

They ar the protectors of Noah’s family. It is imperative they keep their family member safe. They do this by keeping themselves safe and around to protect them. Without their protector, these people do not survive. Without their survival, it will be the end of days.

Ado’el – Protector of Moses

Aiwel’el – Protector of Shem

Acal’el - Protector of Ham

Atur’el - Protector of Japheth

The third chapter speaks of the watchers that began to find the humans they enslaved soft and enticing. They bred with them, birthing humanlike creatures that soon grew into giants. The boom of Enoch calls them Nephilim. One among them is distinguished for his lethality, even among the watchers themselves.


SK : Anak – He stands 32 feet tall, and each night, attacks and kills a watcher, and is immune to night kills. If no Watchers (fallen or other) live, wins. Immune to all forms of death, except the flood.

The fourth chapter speaks of the divided, the watchers who sought to enslave mankind, lust for its women, and parents of the Nephilim. Its pretty gruesome, so will not go into that now.

Azaz-el – (Mob Boss) Hates humanity, wishes it enslaved and seeks to undermind mankind. Will each night seek to kill Noah and sons, by killing their protector. Immune to Night Kills until the 4th night when the rain begins. His bloodlust will transfer randomly to any one remaining Divided watcher. If Kokabel is only remaining, then a second kill is added nightly to Kakabel. Each night, Azaz-el can investigate one Watcher

Kokabel – (Mob Assassin) – Second to Azaz-el but equally deadly. Each Night will seek out and kill a watcher and any of Noah’s family. If Azaz-el is killed, and no other fallen watcher exists, will have 2 kills each night.


The Rules

  • Your objective as the Watchers is to ensure at least one of Noah’s family survives until the Deluge, which will end the game, on Day 7. The opposing faction, The Divided seek to kill all 4 members of Noah’s Family prior to the beginning of the Flood. They believe if no one is alive worth saving, God will not send the flood.
  • Townies (The Watchers) will win if they protect any of Noahs’ family members to the flood. The back story will show progress on the Ark as it is built.
  • The Divided win if all 4 members of Noah’s family are killed.
  • Serial Killer wins if he kills off all watchers and divided. He will be the sole power left on the face of the earth.
  • Each day phase, every town member must vote for whoever they think should be lynched; this person will die and no longer be a part of the game. A vote only counts if you state “vote PLAYERNAME” or “voting PLAYERNAME” in your post. Saying somebodies name without the specification that you are voting them will NOT count as a valid vote.
  • In the event of a tie in the number of votes at the end of day phase, there will be no added time. All players in with a tied vote will be lynched.
  • You cannot miss two votes in a row; should this happen, you will be immediately removed from the game, and lynch will still commence based on voting.
  • The voting deadline is just that, a deadline. Day phase will finish at 0100 GMT, this means that if you vote at 01:00:01 GMT your vote will be excluded. This is irrelevant of whether the game moderators have posted that voting is closed. Night Phase Will end at 1300 GMT.
  • You are NOT allowed to make public the message sent you by the game moderators to tell you your role, either entirely or in part; should this happen you will be removed from the present game and possibly future editions as well. You can share what your information means, but you cannot share exact text. No copying text from admins
  • Once you’re dead, you’re dead. Do not talk about the game to still active players, or post in the forum thread. This will be considered an act of influence upon the remaining players, and will get you banned from future games. We all like to have fun, and play by the rules, so please keep that in mind.
  • There should be no reason that a dead player is having any conversation with live players in regards to the ongoing Mafia game. If it is found out that you are, you will be banned from the next game that you sign up for.
  • When the game has 4 or less players alive, all players MUST participate in the lynch phase by voting. If a player fails to vote, that player will be the one lynched. You must be willing to make your decision and live/die with it.
  • DO NOT POST SCREEN SHOTS! If you post any screenshot (no matter what channel you took it from) you will immediately be mod killed. There are no exceptions and no “writer’s discretion”. Be warned now, if you post one…you are dead.

Hierachy of Night Actions.

  1. Roleblock (town roleblock cannot be blocked)
  2. Heals - That player survives the round, no matter what.
  3. Kills - Sucks to be the target.
  4. Investigations (peek a boo! I see you!)

Night One:

It is in place called Ur, that Duke’el had found himself recently searching for Noah and his family. Having received word that the family had been located. He had gather himself with other wise men into the towns central temple and was teaching the humans there mysticism about the human soul. Deep and profound they were soaking in the knowledge that the great and wise Duke’el shared, they did not hear the first alarms from the city gates.

100 yard high walls surrounded this walled city, gates of bronze cast solid 50 feet high, weighing 100’s of tones. Even if the alarms had sounded, the would not have normally raised much concern. Besides, they were in the company of a Watcher. Also, little of that mattered when the right door of the town gate came flying through the roof of the building like a machette. Stone was blasted everywhere, the roar of wild men, screams of women of children could be heard. It was like a roar.

Dukey’el flew quickly to the sky, weapons of wrought drawn, his shield and armor adorned. He could see the source of this bringer of death. He raced down, and called out, “Cease this carnage you beast! You are an abomination and will die here, and die now!” Swinging his sword above as to strike down this beast as he had done before, was a feat he had performed many times before…

But this time was different. The creature saw the charge, and reached up and with very little effort seized the wrist with the sword, and with his other of 6 arms bashed away the shield, took Dukey’el by the neck and thrashed him about. The arm the sword was holding, was quickly snapped and ripped off. Then the wings, the legs, the arms…

As the wild ones that followed around, worshiped him as a god continued to sack the town,Anak roasted the parts of Dukey’el he found appetizing over the house fires of the town, and enjoyed himself a lunch.

Shortly after this time, another one of the Watchers, this one with ilk and malice towards human kind descended from the sky, Kokabel saw the destruction, and took joy from it. She knew of the one she sought and came descended into the maelstrom of destruction to seek out her prey. Killing all the humans, regardless if they were defender or attacker until she stood a hundred yards from who she sought. She was shocked at what was before her. There stood Anak, roasting a wing over a burning building. She knew that wing, and had known it since before time began. A sense of grief briefly took Kokabel, This beast, a child of one of the own, was capable of killing one of them, it must be reported back to Azel’el… So she shot off, back to report what she saw…

And so, Ur, the great city of over 500,000 souls was thusly destroyed. Its great walls, standing for the rest of time.

In such time, Agali’el, was out keeping an eye on a certain watcher, when the tremblence of life such as like a battle was underway, or natural event was occurring. He was just about set to go when a voice called out to him “Agali”, this was unusual, as the voice did not speak his name as that of a superior choir, but that of an equal. “What is it you want”… a At first he thought it was just a trickster, but then became a challenge, a game. One he must play! And for the rest of the night, he played cat and mouse with this unseen entity. At daybreak, the voice was gone, tired, Agali’el went to take shelter in a cave in what is now Arizona.

Completed Actions:
DUKEY the Watcher (town) has died
Attack on the SK was thwarted due to immunity
Successful role block by Town


Ordos, the watcher, held his head high as he marched through the rubble that surrounded him. Everything gone, destroyed. What was once beautiful now nonexistent. The feared Divided outdone themselves this time. He had been wounded badly in the destruction that unfolded in front of him.

A small whimper caught his attention under the crumbled buildings in front of him. Weak, determined, and concerned Ordos made his way over to the weak persistent cry. In the rubble he made out a hand, he began moving the pieces. Already weak from his battle, he used everything left in him to save the being trapped inside. A life, a life he could save from the horrors that played behind his eyes. As he lifted the last bit of debris, he felt a hard blow to his head. Instantly falling to the ground, his last words a whisper, “run”. He felt the debris shift and the soft pounding of feet making their way into the distance. Azaz-el struck Ordos one last time.

Completed actions:

Ordos the watcher (town) has died


Dr. Tish continued with the story, carrying on about the slides showing the destroyed walls and city of what was considered the ruins of Ur.

Taking a break from the story itself. She said, folks, we will take a few questions from the crowd. After a breif Q and A, one in particlar stood out. The question was how many divided of the Watchers were there. Her reply, “So far we have recovered the names of two and a reference of 2 more. We have yet to decipher the names.” The last question though was perfect. “Was this the largest battle, in the Testament of the Watchers.”

She smiled… “Oh, heavens no… that leads me to the next chapter…”

The battle of the Euphrates

So it was in these days, that watchers would often come together in gathers, sometimes 4 or 5, other times 20 or more. They would set aside differences for a short while, so they could share and discuss what they have seen, or taught to the various denziens of the world. Previous such encounters didnt always end well, the whole incident at Babel for instant was a prime example. The efforts they made to unite Humanity, thwarted in an instant by Adonai himself. But, the draw to come together was strong, nuturing to all. And ussually a brief time of peace for humanity, as they themselves would show up with their leaders, warriors and generals to discuss treaties, defenses, where the various Giants were, which ones were compliant, killed or just their general whereabouts.

Abbra’el, Kokabel and others were seated in a circle. Azel’el shared the story of his sons birth and that even as a mere infant, how he slew and devoured his mother. The death of Ur and Dukey’el was very much a concern for all. Also the End to Ordos’el to an unknown assailant was discussed. Though with less angst as that of Dukey’el. And with their most powerful resting on the other side of the world, very much concerned of Anuk’s whereabouts. Some 16 of the watchers were gathered, and the discussions held of all such matters.

As was the tradition, near high evening, a meal was prepared and finished and those present began to make for their camps with plans for departure in the morning. Thousands upon thousands of Humankind, were present. The 5 Kings each with an army, among other banners. The camps were festive, music poured forth into the air.

Then the ground trembled. Bursting from seams in the ground hot sulfur, steaming water burst and rushed forth over many of the Western camps. Thousand were burned or disintegrated instantly. Anak, stood high on the western ridge overlooking the encampment, and began to hurl again another mountain! I landed on the north of the camp, shattering into fragments the size of city blocks, rolling for miles throughout the camp. Crushing everything. The wild ones began to flood over down from the overlook into the camp and battle ensued.

Late into the night the battle raged. Watchers defending their human companions, and when they fell, falling back into the central meeting circle. Anak kept pace, pursuing them, easily deflecting every attack, sending bone crushing blows, wrecking even the weapons of the Watchers.

At the Circle Anak, stopped, and yelled “Father! Even you conspire to kill me! You and your kind have severed your own sentence! You shall all die at my Hand!!” And with that launched himself into the air. Abbra’el, Kokab’el, even Azel’el all rallied to fight this unstoppable force. With every thrust, a parry, with every lunge, a block. He was unstoppable, and without their greatest warrior, the watchers fell back, first one or two, with broken shield, or hammer, rendered defenseless by the attack and sheer power of Anak. Soon, only Anak stood in that circle. The watchers retreating to the sky, hill or vale.


The human kings about the circle dropped and began to worship Anak. Promising to deliver sheep, cattle, slaves and even their children to him. For the rest of the night, orders for livestock to feed Anak went forth throughout the world. The Kings of men… those that lived… kings no more, but slaves unto the service of Anak!

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Night two:

The screams could be heard all around the city. Chaos has broken loose and was enjoying every second it got to play.

Anak stomped through the streets, a smirk planted on his face. Towering over any being around him, they all fled at his sight.

Protoss ran towards the screaming, against the fleeing mortals. There he stood in the shadow of Anak. Without a second thought, he yelled at the monster in front of him, " You will not be ending anymore lives here! Your downfall will be your lack of redemption!"

Anak laughed, grabbing protoss’, sword with his bare hand. The blood streaming down, smile still on his face. He snapped the sword and tossed it aside. Grabbing Protoss by the throat, squeezing until the life left his eyes.

" Redemption is for the weak", he said tossing Protoss aside.

Hydro watched in horror as Protoss was tossed to the side. “We need help” he said turning to run, to find a way to stop Anak. His friend, of so long gone by the hands of this monster. Once he reached the edge of the city he was stopped. The city was barricaded, the inhabitants all trapped with him. Had Anak done this?

“Finally, we meet again” Azaz-el stepped out from the terrified crowd towards hydro. “Let them go!” Hydro stood his ground.

“You know that’s not going to happen, your righteousness has no power here or over me” Azaz-el spat. Having no weapons on hand, Hydro stayed put, he wouldn’t let the Divided win this one.

Azaz-el called out and in an instant Hydrop was completely surrounded. The people, under Azaz-el’s command. Azaz-el stepped backwards into the crowd, calling out one last command. The people inched forward. Surrounding Hydro, the people he tried to protect, now his end.

KT laughed as the children around her played and danced. Closing her eyes she whispered up to the heavens, “How innocent and beautiful these little beings are”.

Her journey of searching for Noah’s family, her journey to save humanity and redemption, had brought her to this quaint village. She could feel as though she was close, certainly on the right path, it had been so long but she would not give up.

In her moment of peace KT realized she wasn’t hearing the children any longer, the silence crept up her spine. Opening her eyes to see the children gone, the entire village silent. The wisp of air from a sword swooshed down towards her. KT jumped, narrowly missing her demise.

“Kokabel” she snarled, “be gone, you have nothing her worth while”.

“Oh, but I do.” The mob assassin lunged at KT, their swords clashing together at a defeaning volume.

KT fought hard but she was no match for the experienced assassin who wished her dead.

Completed actions:

Protoss the town doc is dead

Hydro the watcher (town) is dead

KT the watcher (town) is dead


The sun shone hot down on the farmers, sweating as they herded the live stock towards the pen they had made as an offering specially for Anak. They were awaiting his return, gathering what they could for him.

The soilders, once friendly and protective, groped and herded the young women they could for the powerful Anak. Everyone working and doing as they should and what they could for their new overseer; their new God in Anak’s eyes.

Straight back from a massacre Anak approached the small village that had held up so dutifully for him. He would continue to rid the world of these pathetic creatures, to enslave, and dominate. He surveyed the area around him. The humans slow, pathetic, small, dirty, and all tending to him and for him.

The smell of blood still fresh wafting over him. Anak growled as he felt the power wash over and through him. He fed on it and bathed in it; he was a God. No one would tell him different. He would crush anyone that got in his way.

Completed actions:

Town tried to kill Anak but that ain’t happening.

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The Third Night (part 1)

Azaz’el watched as the watchers all kept a silent vigil surrounding Anak. It pained him that his son was the subject of the Watchers, but it could not be helped. Even though Anak paused in battle the day before to allow him repreive enough to withdraw, there was still vengence in his eyes. He knew that Anak was merely playing with him… It was just hard to suffer through. Anak was his son. This greif he had not felt since the War, when so many of those he knew were banished to the depths and lake of fire. Even those he helped to cast into, he had felt sadness, but even then, not to the same extent. This emotion was growing, and restless he took flight. Time to work it off.

Missy’el too, was feeling restless. Watching Anak was boring. He was just sitting there, gorging himself on the livestock brought before him. Welcoming the young women as they were brought before him. Those he found appealling were taken to his tent, those, not so much, even as lovely as they seemed, were given to the Wild Ones. Much to their delight. On occasion, the farmer who did not bring what ha d been asked. Became the menu. Gruesome, but the line kept moving, and the gifts more lavish.

It was too much for Missy’el to bear, her light heart cringing at the many sights, with many others were on their vigil watching Anak and his camp, she took flight. Seeing Azaz’el in flight, she took up a pattern beside him. Just the solace of another watcher was comforting. He took notice of her, and kept his flight path… out towards the sea. It was the last history notes of ever recording Missy’el.

Result (from part 1)
Missy’el Townie - is deceased.

The third Night, Part 2

Kokab’el as was the way of things, still under the blood lust of battle. Having fought nearly an hour with Anak this day, though a more powerful foe that ever considered, it was an exhilarating feeling to have a part of. She had retreated with Melsf’el both of whom were unhurt from the conflict, but both easily recognized they were outmatched, and that a higher choir of Watcher, one such as
Agali’el would have to take up the sword upon.

They feasted on the meals they had, both enjoying the food and song of the humans that they protected in their retreat. The humans were over joyed in having lived through such a battle, and they too shared in the revelry of the days combat. Having been both swooning in wine, many of the men about them fell on the floor, drunk in stupor or just tired from battle. Til just the two of them remained. Both still feeling the bloodlust, the wine, took to one uping each other. First it was with Song, then with stories from the War of Heaven. Both having shared the glory of victory having fought on the side of Adonai against Satan. But, Kokab’el had drunk too much. She continued, speaking of her conquests, going on about how she had destroyed this human town, and baited a young girl for Katee’el, and how she had bashed in her skull and had later drank from the skull, the blood pooling within the site of the blow.

Looking over, cherishing the memory, she saw Melsf’el staring at her, with the look of shock and dismay! “Oh, what, why are you so surprised? This mission of Abbra’el to save humanity? Why? Your so foolish, if we kill them all, we save ourselves… and we could rule this world. Teach them to go to the stars, all of creation could be ours…”

Melsf’el cried out, “No, no no no! How could this be? You, so powerful, and yet you want more? That you do this to one of us? All the while you slay one of our own”. The anger, rising, tears in her eyes, the light of battle beginning to rise within her! She slowly drew her sword, ready for the combat to come.

Despite the the preparedness, Kokab’el was just too much. Melsf’el was never going to match the higher choir of power that Kokab’el had. But she was not to lessoned from this. The harder she fought Kokab’el, the less she felt the burden of her curse. She felt the unshackling of the chains of Andonai! Blow after blow, she was hammering down with her sword on Kokab’el. Those humans who could wake, ran in fear, others stumbling to clear of the fierce battle… And with an instant, it was over.

Kokab’el, stood up, slowing releasing her old friends hands, and Melsf’el fell to the ground. Her breath all but gone, the divine light was unceasing. This caused Kokab’el to pause. She reached down and wrenched the sword from Melsf’el body, and an brilliant light flashed forth from the fallen body. The light reaching for the heavens, in a brilliant pillar of light…

Melsfreefallin has died, role was Aiwel’el - The Protector of Shem

Part 3 coming soon!!

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The Third Night, (part 3)

Anak, sat there. In-satiated with wine, women and food. It was a good night. He wondered how it was going to get better. Tossing the corpse of one of his “brides” aside, he got up and went to the the well filled with wine, and took a head first deep drink and then stood up quickly, head back, splash of wine chandeliering from his hair, and saw a puzzling sight.

A pillar of bright light, rotating between the colors of the spectrum burst forth up into the heavens. A curiosity, he’d no seen it and there was no projection of that power he had experienced before from that human he’d crossed paths with. Thus, picking up his maul and his pick and set out towards the light.

It was a short and pleasant journey, aside from the one tent he stepped on and smeared the occupants all over the ground. He’d nearly lost his footing, but had made it look smooth. He was laughing as he came quickly onto the scene. Before him Kokab’el… He’d known of her and seen her a time or two talking to his father in the distant past. She had a bloody sword in her hands, shimmering in blood, that also shone of the pillar of light. She was stooped beside the pool of blood coming out of the body before her. Her reach into the pool caused the blood to fade to blackness, and she was in a drunken state there trying to drink the blood.

He was surprisingly repulsed by the sight. And yet also, somewhat intrigued. Not by Kokab’el, but also by the blood and body. It seemed far more important that this delusional hag in front of him. He closed on her quickly, grabbing her by the back of her head and smashed in down into the pool of the blood. As her blood and the glowing blood mixed, the glow faded. He held her there for a while, til the life of Kokab’el was no more. And even then, after that, for a little while longer. Lifting her up quickly, asking “you ok?”… there was no reply… so he released her head and it blooped back into the conjoined pool of blood.

Investigating the glowing body, he flipped her over, only to realize the glow was not from the watcher, one he recognized, but the misshapen and wrecked body of a human covered by Melsf’el body. Picking up the body, it continued to shine. He smashed the human body to the ground, jumped on it, smeared the remains all over, but it continued to shine. It was the most amazing thing he’d ever seen. So, like a 2 year old with a new toy, Anak played with the body of Shem, for a few minutes… propping him up like doll, on more than one occasion.

It was then, he felt an utter terror overtake him. He could not move. A vivid light behind him cast shadows on the rocks and trees, as it descended. The human body, still held in his hand, burst to life… the deep breath the heat, all returned instantly. He felt his hand burn with a cold fire that was estatic.

“Shem, come with me”… as the voice , still in the night, the little human body pried apart Anak’s hand and walked towards the light…”Anuk, I will send one to deal with you. Be repentent with him or join the rest in fire.”

And with that, the light was gone, the body was gone… All that was left was drowned watcher about his feet. Ripping off the wings… his favor parts, he wondered off back to his camp. He turned around just before leaving the site, saying “I thought there was two here”… Shrugging, he continued on.

Abbra’el had arrived shortly after the second flash of light. He knew for certain that something was going on. He had most definitely seen the light of Adonai… and his love for his creator spurned him forward in the hopes of again being in his presence… Alas, it was not the case. He arrived to find the body of Kokab’el, being looked over by a dripping wet “Azaz’el. “What happened here?” he asked Azel’el… who quietly looked around, then back at Abbra’el as if he was really asking the question.

Abbra’el took the slight as it was intended, and just skipped over it. “There are two sets of weapons here… where is the other one? Are the alright? “ At which, Azaz’el honestly replied, there was only Kokab’el here when I arrived. Anak must have taken the other one?” with a deep sadness in his voice.

Abbra’el went as if to pursue Anak, but Azaz’el added “there is much more blood here than just from two. There is human blood here too… and no bodies.”… Abbra’el froze in his tracks… running over to the sword on the ground… instantly recognizing whose it was… tears bursting forth from his eyes…” How could his have happened…” Upon inspection, he could see the nicks in the sword where round and solid, as if having been in combat with a hammer.

After a minute of silence…while still grieving and holding the sword close to him, Abbra’el asked. “What brought you to here?”, Azaz’el froze.

Results of this evening:

Goddess (Divided/Mob) Killed by Anak (ZoZ)
A prophesy of a Prophet given to Anak.

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In that night, while sleeping high upon Mt. Ararat, an old man got the sense that someone was watching you. Within moments, that of a great comfort surrounded you and the feeling of being watched faded. There is a light about the cave, as if a glowing mist permeated the interior… plants, where nothing but rocky ground before, bloomed. Adorned in light, a seed, about half the side as an acorn sat on a rock bathed in light. The old man, feeling compelled to take it, and placed it in his satchel. Safe. Shortly later, he felt drousey and unable to remain awake, as it is late. He returned to bed, and sleep soundly.

Upon waking and leaving the cave, the old man saw large footprints in the ground a depression as if they were stalking him and his cave. The tracks lead away as if the creature was in a panic, and end abruptly, with the track of wings on either side, like that of a giant bird having taken flight.

The Fall of Azaz’el

Azal’el tenderly laid out the body of Kokab’el. “I came to see what the light was all about. This is what I found.”. Said in a cold and calculating way. Abbra’'el was keen to it. Though the answer was perhaps true, the underlying answer was deceptive.

“Is that so?” was the reply. Abbra’el standing up, taking up the sword of Melsf’el, and slowly unsheathing his own with his other hand. “What were they fighting about? I see the tracks on the ground?”

“Truly I say to you, I don’t know”.

“Truly? Why are you wet, yet here in this dry place? Where is Missy’el? Where are the others?” Abbra’el could see through all the thoughts and actions of Azal’el.

Azaz’el stopped even trying. He could see that this was it.

“Why did you abandon your love for the Humans?” Abbra’el said in a louder commanding voice. “Why did this contempt for mankind come from?” In an even louder voice.

“Azaz’el”, Abbra’el said in a quiet voice, "you think that you could rule over them, this is in the realm of Adonai’s Sovereignty, it is his creation. Have you fallen from his grace so far as well”

“You and your righteousness, Abbra’el” Azaz’el replied. “it is a lie. Adonai cursed us to be here. We turned from him, he chained us to this world, for their sake. But you see how easy they die. You see how they fight each other like animals. We were wrong to have loved them the way we did, we should have loved them as a parent would, we have spent thousands of years teaching them, and they cannot even yet realize their potential. Ruling them would bring peace, order, we could take the best of them, the strongest of them, mold them into what they do not yet know they are.”

Abbra’el stood, listening to Azaz’el. The truth weaved into the lies. The delusion. “Azaz’el, you speak as as did Lucifier… and Adonai cast him into the lake of fire.” It was more than enough of to hear what Azaz’el said, to know his course of action.

He called out loudly “Come to me”… it echo’d off the mountains. The watchers, one by one, began to show up. All falling in around Azal’el… Recognizing the weapons drawn by both Azaz’el and Abbra’el, they too, drew their weapons.

Azaz’el summoned his strength to fight those about him…


The fight was over quickly. He was no match for them, let alone when Agali’el fell out of the sky to land a blow upon the helm of Azaz’el…The crunch of the Skull was heard by all.

The watchers, standing in the circle, looking down on the felled body of Azal’el, did not see the human, an old aged man, slowly walk up to them. Looking around them, and at the body of Azal’el, said , yes this would do nicely… reaching into the satchel, he pulled out a seed. . placed it upon the ground. He was giggling. From the ground around it, water sprung forth, from where there was none. The seed, quickly began to grow, and in short order, trees began to root and grow.

The watchers, watched in silence, and shock. It had been along while since they had seen an seed of Eden. They could see the divine glow about him. He looked over to them, and said, “Ah, yes, you there, I am Methuselah. And I have a message for you…”

Player1 (Azaz’l) is dead
Methuselah the prophet is announced

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Anak gulped the last of his wine, an excellent feast of food, women, and wine finished lay in all around him. His soldiers rowdy, jovial after their battle fought and won.

As the celebrations continued, two guards dragged someone up to Anak. He is fighting back, clearly not a willing participant in the party. " what do we have here?" Anak laughed gesturing towards the men.
" we’ve brought you a watcher who was sneaking around" Nolio lashed at the men holding him, attempting to break free. “We recognize him, he kept a group of women from us when we were bringing them to you”.

“I see that” Anak lifted the watcher’s chin up.

“I know you, Nolio” anak smirked.

“Sit.” He commanded, pointing to the chair beside him.

The two soldiers forced Nolio to sit at the table with a harsh thud.

“Eat” Anak commanded again, gesturing to the variety of food on the table in front of them. The food spread from one end of the long table to the other.

Nolio didn’t respond. His eyes looking at nothing intense with hate.

“Eat!” Anak growled. He wouldnt take no for an answer.

Nolio again, didnt respond. He wouldn’t give this monster the satisfaction.

Anak grabbed a soldier’s sword and drew it to Nolio’s neck. “Eat”, the sword poking hard into skin.

Nolio picked up the closest thing to him, a banana and began peeling it. Anak laughed, a loud heavy chuckle.

As Nolio went to take a bite, Anak swung the sword towards him. Nolio nearly missed being hit by jumping up, dropping the banana at his feet. With no weapon, his only chance to get out and save the rest of the women would be to run.

Nolio side stepped, turning to take off as fast as he could.

His foot caught the banana peel and he slipped, hitting his head on the table with a loud crack.

Anak still laughing swung the sword down to finish the job

Actions completed:

Nolio the watcher (town) is dead

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The clearing among the trees was roughly some 2500 cubits wide, and twice as long. About the clearing, Watchers were seen working with a small handful of humans. Down the center of the clearing laid a great keel, Noah and his remaining sons Ham and Jepheth were working hard to build an ark, the size and dimensions he had been instructed to build. The night was lit well by the nearly full moon, so work was progressing well. The Ribs of the great Ark were being lined up, thanks in part to the great strength of Ageli’el. Large flocks of all sorts of birds were filling the trees, and hosts of locusts were all about, filling their bellies full. Activity was everywhere. Methuselah was seated at the center of of children and wives of Noahs family, telling stories. They called him Grandfather, as he was both truly their grandfather, but also of a very advanced age. He was telling them about the celebration his village had given him the previous year for his 968th birthday. He told them of his great great grandfather Adam, and of Cain and Abel. They sat if wonder to hear of the garden, and the lore about it.


“The garden was grand, it was very much lush, just like the forest around you now. Did you know, it was a seed from the trees of Eden that this forest grows now.” They awed and oohed as expected, until a late hour, when the women ushered the children to sleep. Methuselah was there, alone, with the fire. Two unseen Watchers soon stepped into the light. Sleepily, Methuselah looked upon the two… “Cease your foolishness now!” The shock and power from his words stopped them, confused them and instantly they felt a presence of immense power. They both knew the fear. Looking at each other, knew that their desires were coming to a head. Their time short, and knew that their task this night was impossible.

“Go see Abbra’el, he has instructions for you this evening”. And pulling up his blanket about him, he snuggled into his pillow next to the fire and was quickly fast asleep…

They stood there, quietly, looking at him. The first of the two, turned to seek out Abbra’el… The second did not. He stood there, sword in hand, contemplating his course. Not entirely gripped by fear any longer.

There was a crack of Lightning that struck the tree next to him, and lit the entirety of the clearing. There, standing across from him, previously unlit by the fire was Abbra’el. Starring right at him, weapon drawn.


Methuselah continued to snuggle with the pillow, by the fire, with an open tent above him.

And then it began to drizzle

Actions this night :

Mob Kill thwarted by Methuselah’s immunity.

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Abbra’el spotted someone sneaking thought he newly sprouted trees. “You there!” He called out, everything in him telling him that this particular watcher meant harm.

Judi’el stopped, placing himself square in front of Abbra’el. His teeth clenched and his look was menacing and unforgiving.

“What are you doing?” Abbra’el commanded an answer.

“I was here for the show, and to kill you” Judi’el lunged at Abbra’el, sword drawn.

Abbra’el jumped using a tree to shield himself and drew his own sword.

One swift move around the tree and the confused Judi’el was kicked to the ground.

“I’m sorry about your friends, you will be meeting them again shortly” Abbra’el finished what Judi’el started.

Completed actions:

Justdoit (divided) was killed

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So began the 5th day.

The work continued on the Ark continued. The watchers assisting noah’s family. Methuselah by day went to the top of Mt. Ararat and later decended with Shem. He was welcome and greeted with exhuberation. The stories he shared filled the children with promise over a satisfying lunch.

Near mid day, the rains picked up, it was just a steady, saturating rain. Thankfully, the Ark was being constructed on a slight rize, so the work areas were well maintained, and the low lands in the forest, became saturated, and this allowed for the trees to be slid easily by fastening rope to one end and the watcher on the other, to drag tree after tree to the working area.

Vines were collected to help stead and fasten the planks while other watchers filled in the nooks and crannies with pitch.

Come mid afternoon, Methuselah and Azli’el came to report to Abbra’el. Both with reports that Anak had been encountered on the outskirts of the camp in the night, and Methuselah spoke to great length with Anak about a path to his redemption. He had given him the age old story of Adam as it related to Anak. He had held out a fruit, one that didn’t grow near here normally, so it had intriged Anak. It was called a peach. Methuselah had held out the peach before Anak, and Anak reached to grab the peach, at which Methuselah smacked his outstretching hand… each time, this went on for hours… it wasnt until the nd of the night, just as dawn was peaking, that Anak held out two of his hands to cup below the peach, that Methuselah released the peach. Quickly devouring the peach, Anak had begged for more, he had never tasted such a treasure in all of his life. Methuselah told Anak that the parallel to his own life is that he had always taken the gifts in creation for himself, and never received the ones that were constantly given him if he’d only had been aware and placed himself into trusting Gods will for him.

Methuselah comments that Anak didn’t entirely seem to grasp the concept in its entirely when he had walked with him back to Anak’s camp, as he just kepting cuping his hands as the human farmers brought the livestock and women to him. Disappointed in that, Methuselah told Anak to come back tomorrow night for another lesson.

Abbra’el stood in shock as he said at the end “You went to his camp? What were you thinking!”

Much to the amusement of Methuselah, who only chuckled at Abbra’el, and went into the camp to have breakfast with the wives and children.


Azli’el had a different sort of report. He confirmed that his target was intent on killing and was confronted in such a manner that his awareness of time allowed the passage of night. And that they were among the camp, working as if no ill intent was ever on their mind.

“Who was it Azli’el? Abbra’el asked…

Pointing, “Azli’el identified one, dragging in some of the trees from the forest.

Great creatures of all kinds and species filled the clearing, and Abbra’el and Azli’el started to walk towards the one… walking past another of the watchers… “go summon Agali’el…”



Methuselah blocked Anak
Azli’el blocked Mob