IC Mafia 60: Welcome to the Wild West

How would you like to hear a cool story kids? Well, let me start by telling you that this is not like any story you have ever heard. This one is chilling, full of murder and betrayal. Does that sort of thing interest you? Good, let me begin.

It was 1850 in the tiny town of Pecos Texas. It’s population of 182 was nothing to brag about mind you! But what was special about this town was the impact it would have on the future of the country. For from this town would come the leading men and women of this nation. But how does murder and betrayal create the nation’s leaders in one small town? Well, it was the manner in which the winners of the fight to come would win that would set them up with all the power needed to take down any opposition in the future.

John Barclay Armstrong opened the door of the of the Mayors house and squinted out into the daylight. It was only 10am and it was already hotter than a stolen tamale. A tumbleweed blew by with a quick gust of wind and he sheltered his weather worn face from the dust. He grumbled to himself as he began walking towards the saloon. It was going to be a very long week and he knew that there was bloodshed on the horizon. The Black Hills Bandits had been sneaking members of their gang into the city for months now. They were looking to take over the town and the valuable gold mine it controlled. He knew he needed to root out the gang members. If he failed, he would end up watching everyone in the town, including himself, die. The Black Hills Bandits were renowned for murdering everyone in a town. Their goal was to gain control of the resources that they wanted. They had already accomplished this in 5 other towns and now they wanted his.

He pushed through the swinging doors of Big Nose Kate’s Saloon and strolled to the bar.

“Whiskey please Kate” he said to Kate, the namesake and owner of the saloon.

Kate smiled “Sure thing John, any word on when those lawmen are gonna show up?”

Armstrong had called Austin for help. He was informed they would be sending down some lawmen to help out with the gang. 2 officers of the law, 1 gunman and a jailer to help him control what was headed their direction. He had no idea what they looked like and hoped they would arrive before the fighting started.

“No Kate, I was told to expect them within the week. I sure do hope they get here soon” replied Armstrong.

He took the shot of whiskey that she placed in front of him and shot it down with no reaction to the burning of the nasty stuff. Turning, he glanced around the saloon. It was mostly empty at this time of the day but there were 3 men sitting at a table playing cards. With so many new faces coming and going in the town due to the gold mine, it was going to be hell trying to figure out who the Black Hills Gang members were. That wouldn’t stop him.

Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson rode along quietly. They had been traveling for days in this devil-spawn of heat. All of the different talking points had long been exhausted in the previous 3 days of riding. Now it was just a lot of sweating, mumbling and butt-sore riding to do until they reached Pecos, Texas. They had not been given a lot of information to this point, but they knew to head into town and meet up with the Mayor, John Barclay Armstrong. He would be using them against the Black Hills Gang that had setup in the town attempting to drive all of the townsfolk out and take over the gold mine.

Wyatt looked at the bleak horizon and knew that the heat was playing tricks on him. Everywhere he looked he swore he seen the town. But he also knew that he was still at least 2 days away from arriving. He had been conducting investigations for 4 years in Austin now and had helped put away some of the worst criminals they had seen in years. For the past year he had been teamed up with Bat Masterson and the two of them had worked like a well-oiled machine. Every killer they had been sent to track down they had come back with, dead or alive. This would be no different.

Bat was just happy to have some quiet for a chance. Wyatt was such a talker and there were times it would start to drive him mad. He preferred the silence. To be able to sit on his horse and just listen to nature and dive into his own thoughts. He was a serious man and he had done his fair share of killing. Every night those he had killed would come back and visit him in his dreams. It took all his strength to keep from going insane or shooting himself in the head. And the past 3 days he had never wanted to shoot himself more, with Wyatt going on about all of the women he had tricked into his bed. It was enough to drive a man to murder. Almost.

Jesse James had finally arrived in town yesterday. He had sent his 4 most trusted lieutenants ahead of him spread out over a few months. Everything was finally in place for the eradication and removal of the townsfolk. He wanted that gold mine desperately. With it, and the other 5 towns he already controlled, he would be able to fund his political campaign and push his way towards the Presidency. Sure, everyone knew the name Jesse James but nobody knew what he looked like. And with this kind of money, he would be able to change his name and take his rightful place at the head of the nation.

He sat in the saloon playing a hand of cards with a couple of miners. They were easy to take money from but he did not want to set off alarms so he slowly allowed the miners to win some money from him. He just wanted to make everyone in the town think he was a simple gunsmith and melt into the crowd. His plans would be set into motion within a day or two and the game would begin. He was about to fold his hand when a man walked in wearing a suit. He had not seen this man before but he definitely had a commanding look about him. The man walked up to the bar and ordered a whiskey and chatted with the saloon owner for a minute. Then he turned and Jesse caught himself staring into the eyes of a very hard looking man. Sure, he was wearing a suit but those eyes never lied. This man had killed before. He was one to look out for.

After the man left the room, Jesse folded the next hand and left the saloon. He headed to the shop he had purchased, Premium Guns and Gunsmith, and locked the door behind him. Belle was working the front desk and quickly jumped up and headed to the back room when she saw Jesse come in. Once he got into the back room, he noticed that Bill the Kid, John Wesley Hardin, and Butch Cassidy were already back there a well.

“Ok good” he said, “I am glad you all were able to make it here. We are going to start tomorrow night and we have to be smart about this.”

Butch frowned. “Jesse, what is this I heard about extra lawmen being sent here? Are we gonna have to fight an army to take over this mine?”

“We will fight whoever we have to Butch, and you will keep your mouth shut and do what you are told” growled Billy, “Or I will shove the butt of my gun down your throat.”

“Knock it off boys” said Jesse, “You will all have your hands full over the next week fighting off these damn townsfolk so we need to be on the same page here. You all know your roles in this and we will adjust our plans accordingly with the actions that any of these lawmen make once they arrive.”

Belle laughed. She was a cold one and it sent shivers down everyone’s spines whenever she laughed. There wasn’t a more cold-hearted killer in this room than her. Oh sure, she was a gorgeous woman and she knew how to use those looks to get what she wanted. But make no mistake, she would cut your manhood off and feed it to you while you screamed with a smile on her face the entire time.

“Boys, boys…when will you all grow up?” she said laughing the whole time, “These dumb townsfolks will fall over themselves killing one another when we begin. Those lawmen? Please, you just leave them to me and I will make sure they have the night of their lives.”

Jesse smiled coldly and said “Get to it guys. We have a job to do. Make sure you are where you need to be.”

Pat Garrett had arrived in town two days ago but had no desire to meet the mayor until his scheduled due time. Instead, he was spending copious amounts of time drinking and visiting the local whore house. He was a sullen and angry man. Having been married twice now and on both occasions, they had cheated on him with other men, he had a negative view on women and life as a whole. He had turned to alcohol and cheap, well not so cheap, whores. It was his entertainment while he worked as a professional jailer in numerous cities around Texas. So here he was, in this shit town of Pecos still drowning in dust. He was fine with it though; the alcohol would get him through just fine.

Bill Longley had come to town to sit on some court cases that had been put on his docket. As always, he would make decisions on whether or not people were guilty and then push through the sentencing. The problem is, he never could stop himself from killing them in the process. Every time he would go to rob them, a red haze would fill his vision and he would just end up killing them. And the part that really bothered him, is that it wasn’t just shooting them. He had left Dallas after brutally murdering a woman. She happened to be carrying a lot of money and he tore her ribs out of her chest so that he could rip her heart of while it was still beating. That one would give him nightmares for years to come. In the end though, the beast inside of him would be satisfied. He had to feed it. If he didn’t, terrible things happened and it ruined any sleep he might get.

So here he was in Pecos. The small, dusty, gold mining town that had little law enforcement to speak of. And those that were here were goat herders at one time. No…this was the perfect place to conduct the law.

“Wild” Bill Hickok. Yeah, that was what he was called. The funny thing is, it wasn’t what you might think it was. He was called wild because he had actually grown up in Alaska and was raised by the native Eskimos. So, when he finally came to society everyone just seen him as wild. But it had been years since that and he was damn good with a gun. He was on his way to Pecos, Texas after the governor had called him. They had offered to pay him a large amount of money to head down that way. He was to kill off some gang that had been moving around different towns murdering their populations.

He sat in the saloon playing a hand of poker with a miner and a gunsmith. It was weird though. That gunsmith sure had a bit of a hard look about him. He was watching him and looking for tells and it was damn near impossible to find them. He would fold his hands at times that it seemed like he had the cards, and then bet on hands where it was obvious, he didn’t. That was alright though, if the gunsmith wanted to throw away his money, he would be happy to take it.

Some guy in a suit walked into the bar and ordered a whiskey; it annoyed Bill how casually the man spoke with the owner of the saloon. She was a good lookin gal that Kate and he had hoped to crawl into her bed tonight and stay warm. Yet here this suit was talking to her and she was smiling. Whatever, he wouldn’t let that deter him.

Years of surviving on his own and over 30 gunfights had made him a hard man. He had never been shot even one time. He was just simply that good at killing people and now he was hired to come into a town and rid it of some half-ass gang of thugs. Yeah, he was looking forward to getting a fat paycheck for this one. Nobody was faster than he was…


Pro-Town Roles:

Town Mayor – John Barclay Armstrong
Mayor of the Town of Pecos. He only wants to rid the town of the Black Hills Gang and make it peaceful once again. He has no real abilities to speak of but years spent working his way up the lawman ladder taught him quite a lot about gunplay.

Can callout 1 player in a gunfight during any DAY phase. Has a 50% chance of winning the gunfight. The loser dies. Only allowed 1 callout.

Town Cop 1 – Wyatt Earp
A lawman that has roamed around the country hunting criminals. He does not care if he brings you in alive or dead as long as he brings you in. And he also loves women, preferably married.

Each night phase, the cops (together) can choose 1 target to investigate. If that person has a role and is not investigation immune, both cops will learn of their abilities. IS IMMUNE TO INVESTIGATIONS

Town Cop 2 – Bat Masterson
A quiet man; his life could have just as easily turned to a criminal one if it had not been for the lawman that happened to enter his life when he was 18. When his mentor was killed by a horse thief, he chose the path of lawman and has been hunting murderers ever since.

Each night phase, the cops (together) can choose 1 target to investigate. If that person has a role and is not investigation immune, both cops will learn of their abilities.

Town Doctor – Doc Holliday
A dentist that has picked up the art of medical skills over the years while roaming the Wild West. He will give you a free cleaning while patching up your bullet wounds.

Each night phase, he can choose 1 target to heal. He cannot heal the same person twice in a row. He CAN heal himself.

Town Gunfighter – “Wild” Bill Hickok
Often considered the fasted gun in the West. He has never been shot in a gunfight and has the confidence to go with it. This is a man on a mission and not one to be taken lightly.

He can choose to callout 1 person during any DAY phase of his choosing. He will have a 75% chance of winning that fight. Should he win, the opponent will die. Should he lose, he dies. Only allowed 1 callout.

Town Roleblock 1 – Mary Katherine “Kate” Horony-Cummings
Owner of Big Nose Kate’s Saloon. She is a homely looking woman that doesn’t take shit from any man. She will break a bottle or put a shotgun in your face at a moment’s notice if you try to start a fight in her saloon.

Each night phase, she can choose 1 target to knockout and will keep them from completing any role abilities they may possess. Cannot choose same target twice in a row.

Town Jailer – Pat Garrett
A professional jailer, alcoholic, and whoremonger. If he is not working at the jail, you can bet he is drinking and paying a whore for her services. That being said, he does a good job at arresting people.

During each night phase, he can choose 1 target to arrest and will keep them from voting during the next lynch phase. Cannot choose same target twice in a row.

Pro-Gang Roles:

Gang Leader – Jesse James
Leader of the Black Hills Gang. A cold-hearted killer that is looking to gain the riches he needs to get himself a shot at becoming President of the United States.

Cannot be killed at night, investigation immune, ability to select night kill will pass to remaining mob member upon death until there is one remaining mob alive. Must be the one to give the night kill order to game moderators.

Gang Investigator – Belle Starr
A beautiful member of the Black Hills Gang. She uses her looks to gain access to men and determine what they do for a living.

Using her abilities of persuasion, she will determine what roles a person has, should they have one.

Gang Gunfighter – Billy the Kid
Fastest gunfighting outlaw in the west. He has confirmed kills of over 50 men and doesn’t appear to be interested in slowing down.

He can choose to fight 1 person (2 total times) during any DAY phase of his choosing. He will have a 75% chance of winning that fight. Should he win, the opponent will die. Should he lose, he dies.

Gang Roleblock – John Wesley Hardin
A large man and member of the Black Hills Gang. He loves to fight with his hands and only resorts to guns when the need arises. He wanted to be a professional boxer until he murdered a man in a street fight and the law went to chasing him ever since.

Due to his size, he can knock out a person with one blow. Should he choose to do so, he can prevent any person with a role from conducting their business in any given night. May not block the same person two times in a row.

Gang Member – Butch Cassidy
A member of the Black Hills Gang. He has no special abilities but loves a good gunfight.

Will become the gang Roleblock should John Wesley Hardin die.

Neutral Roles:

Circuit Judge/Serial Killer – Bill Longley
He has not been diagnosed with bi-polar personality disorder…yet. But if he ever visits a therapist, he will be! Until that time, he roams the towns in Texas as a Circuit Court Judge and murders people every night to satiate the beast inside of him. Don’t meet him at night.

Night kill immune, investigation immune. Each night phase, he can choose 1 target and kill that player. Can only win if last remaining player alive. May not be roleblocked until night 3. On night 4, he will receive 2 extra kills to be used during any night phase of his choosing (cannot be used same night and cannot be roleblocked).

*During Day phase, Bill Longley will be allowed to pardon the player with the most votes to be lynched (1 total time during the game). The player with the 2nd most votes will die. The pardon will be done in secret and can be done anytime during day phase. He can pardon himself.

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The Rules

  • Your objective is to eliminate your opposing faction and save the town or rule the town

  • Townies will win if they kill all Black Hills Gang members and the Serial Killer

  • Black Hills Gang are allowed 1 kill each night; they win if they kill all townies and the Serial Killer.

  • Serial Killer is allowed 1 kill each night; they win if they kill everyone else and are the sole survivor

  • Gunfights will be determined by a dice roll. The mayor will have a coin toss and the Town Gunfighter and Mob gunfighter will have a 4-sided dice. If the number comes up as a 2, they will lose. Any other number means they will win.

  • Each day phase, every town member must vote for whoever they think should be lynched; this person will die and no longer be a part of the game. A vote only counts if you state “vote PLAYERNAME” or “voting PLAYERNAME” in your post. Saying somebodies name without the specification that you are voting them will NOT count as a valid vote.

  • In the event of a tie in the number of votes at the end of day phase, there will be no added time. All players in with a tied vote will be lynched.

  • You cannot miss two votes in a row; should this happen, you will be immediately removed from the game, and lynch will still commence based on voting.

  • The voting deadline is just that, a deadline. Day phase will finish at 2400 GMT, this means that if you vote at 24:00:01 GMT your vote will be excluded. This is irrelevant of whether the game moderators have posted that voting is closed. Night Phase Will end at 1200 GMT.

  • You are NOT allowed to make public the message sent you by the game moderators to tell you your role, either entirely or in part; should this happen you will be removed from the present game and possibly future editions as well. You can share what your information means, but you cannot share exact text. No copying text from admins

  • Once you’re dead, you’re dead. Do not talk about the game to still active players, or post in the forum thread. This will be considered an act of influence upon the remaining players, and will get you banned from future games. We all like to have fun, and play by the rules, so please keep that in mind.

  • There should be no reason that a dead player is having any conversation with live players in regards to the ongoing Mafia game. If it is found out that you are, you will be banned from the next game that you sign up for.

  • When the game has 4 or less players alive, all players MUST participate in the lynch phase by voting. If a player fails to vote, that player will be the one lynched. You must be willing to make your decision and live/die with it.

  • DO NOT POST SCREEN SHOTS! If you post any screenshot (no matter what channel you took it from) you will immediately be mod killed. There are no exceptions and no “writer’s discretion”. Be warned now, if you post one…you are dead.

Night Phase Order of Events:

Town Role Block 1 – “Big Nose” Kate

Gang Role Block – John Wesley Hardin

Doctor – Doc Holliday

Town Cop 1 – Wyatt Earp

Town Cop 2 – Bat Masterson

Mob Cop – Belle Starr

Serial Killer – Bill Longley

Gang Leader – Jesse James

Town Jailer – Pat Garrett


2400 GMT- 1200 GMT Night Phase

1200 GMT-2400 GMT Day Phase

# Name Status Status Role
1 Nai :skull: :man: :no_entry_sign:
2 Melsfreefallin :skull: :woman: :woman_office_worker:
3 TheBigOne :skull: :male_detective: :man_artist:
4 Ordos234 :skull: :man: :no_entry_sign:
5 thirdrock :heart: :question: :question:
6 Daylight :skull: :man: :policeman:
7 Jets :skull: :man: :no_entry_sign:
8 PLaYeR1 :skull: :man: :no_entry_sign:
9 You_Fool :skull: :man: :gun:
10 Melvin :skull: :man: :no_entry_sign:
11 Zoz :heart: :question: :question:
12 Torqez :skull: :man_supervillain: :man_supervillain:
13 Mrblonde :skull: :man_superhero: :man_superhero:
14 Admetus :skull: :man: :no_entry_sign:
15 Tishxo :skull: :man: :policeman:
16 Kratom :heart: :question: :question:
17 Luker :skull: :man: :no_entry_sign:
18 The_Unknown :skull: :man: :no_entry_sign:
19 Nolio :skull: :female_detective: :female_detective:
20 justdoit222 :heart: :question: :question:
21 Dukey :skull: :man: :no_entry_sign:
22 Zeraph :heart: :question: :question:
23 Genesis :skull: :man: :no_entry_sign:
24 Rivan :skull: :male_detective: :no_entry_sign:
25 Missy :heart: :question: :question:
# Role Symbol Status
1 Jesse James :man_superhero: :skull:
1 Belle Star :female_detective: :skull:
1 Billy the Kid :man_artist: :skull:
1 John Wesley Hardin :male_detective: :heart:
1 Butch Cassidy :male_detective: :skull:
1 Wyatt Earp :policeman: :skull:
1 Bat Masterson :policeman: :skull:
1 Doc Holiday :ambulance: :heart:
1 Mayor Armstrong :man_in_tuxedo: :heart:
1 “Wild” Bill Hickok :gun: :skull:
1 Big Nose Kate :woman_office_worker: :skull:
1 Pat Garrett :guardsman: :heart:
1 Bill Longley :man_supervillain: :skull:
12 Townies :man: :heart::heart::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull:

Night 1

He was camping in the woods near the town. He would get up early and spend the day fishing. He put another log on the fire and then crawled inside of his tent to get a little sleep before dawn would arrive. He pulled his boots off, slipped underneath his bedroll and was snoring not long after. The fire continued to burn with the constant crackling and snapping of the wood.

Bill Longley slipped into the camp, he was wearing moccasins and had been planning this all day since he overheard Luker talking about fishing at the General Store, while buying equipment. He applied chloroform to the man’s face and then proceeded to bind his arms to opposite trees, stretching him out. He waited for the man to wake up.

When the man finally woke, he proceeded to scalp the man and then stuff his entire scalp into his mouth. He had to break a few teeth and his jaw in order to make it fit. Then he tied the man upside down and began hacking him in half with an axe. Once he was done, the two parts of the body fell apart with blood and guts everywhere. Bill was satisfied.

Luker has been brutally murdered by Bill Longley (SK)

John Welsey Hardin had been planning this for a while. Since receiving orders three hours ago, he had begun the preparations for the kill. He grabbed all of the tools and weapons he would need and headed out to the location. It would take an hour to setup everything he needed and then the fun would begin.

He was finally done with the preparations. He had selected an abandoned mine, well away from earshot of any potential people that might be passing by. He set a few lanterns around the opening and then headed into town. It was time to get his guest. He slipped inside of the hotel and went upstairs to the bedroom. Melvin was fast asleep in his bed. He punched him in the jaw, making sure he would not wake. He tied his hands and feet and then snuck him out of the hotel, back to the mine.

Melvin woke up to a hard slap to the face. Startled, he looked around and found himself tied up inside of a mine. He struggled to escape but was suddenly slapped again and found himself looking up at an angry individual. He was asked all kinds of questions about who lived in the town and who the lawmen were. He didn’t have an answer for the man and every time he said that he did not know, he was punched again.

John Welsey Hardin was tired of beating on the man. He had gotten no answers and it did not appear that he would get any either. He pulled his gun out, pointed it at the man’s head and gave his one last chance to answer the questions. Not receiving any information, he pulled the trigger.

Melvin has been beaten and then shot by John Wesley Hardin (Black Hills Gang)


Day 1

She ran down the alley as quickly as her legs would carry her. She knew that she had been shot but it was in her shoulder and it was not something that was life threatening as long as she was able to escape and stop the bleeding. A crowd of miners had been protesting the poor working conditions and of course, being drunk, she had decided to mouth off at them. “Damn her mouth” she thought, it always got her into trouble. Why couldn’t she just have kept it shut this time?

Belle Starr turned a corner and made headlong for the gunsmith where she knew the others in the Gang would protect her. Halfway across the street another five or six gunshots rang out and something struck her in the leg. She toppled forward onto the ground as the pain shot up her leg. “Fuck” she groaned, as she struggled to stand up. Suddenly her arms were being grabbed and she was hauled backwards and drug through the mud in the street towards the center of town. The miners were livid, they had been putting up with shit work conditions and many of them had become sick and even died.

Her vision became blurry and she seen stars as a boot struck her in the face and then she felt the coarseness of a rope being looped around her neck. She screamed and struggled but the arms holding her were too strong. The rope tightened around her neck and suddenly she was being pulled into the air by her neck. Choking, she clawed at the rope with both legs kicking out in the air but she could not release the pressure even the slightest amount. She began to see red from the corners of her eyes that slowly turned to blackness and crept across her vision. Her arms fell and suddenly she was still.

Nolio, AKA Belle Starr, (Mob Cop) has been lynched for pissing off miners

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Night 2:

He was sitting in the church office preparing his next sermon. He had really been working on this one hard, drinking whiskey at the same time, and he really felt that this would be a sermon for the ages. He kept pouring over his different books looking for the right words that would really give the sermon gravitas.

The_Unknown never heard Bill Longley enter the room until it was too late. He was grabbed from behind and choked until he passed out. Bill Longley stood over The_Unknowns unconscious body and smiled. He pulled out his gun, aimed it at the preacher and pulled the trigger.

The_Unknown was shot in the face by Bill Longley (SK)

He broke into the tiny home on the edge of town. With nothing but a knife in hand, he proceeded to sneak into the first room he came to. He had been told that the Jailer was hiding out here with a whore and he was sent to kill him. Butch Cassidy slowly pushed open the door and snuck over to the bed. There were two people asleep on the bed, but he could not make out either of them. He quickly stabbed down into the first body on the bed, waking up the other.

It was a lady and she screamed to high heaven. A man in the other room jumped up yelling and Butch Cassidy turned and ran as fast as he could. It was not worth getting shot, he hoped he had gotten the jailer. If not, he would get him another time.

The lady screamed and cried until the man came in. When they pulled the blankets back on the body of the person that was stabbed to death, they found their eight-year-old daughter, Player1, lying there lifeless.

Player1 has been stabbed to death by Butch Cassidy (Black Hills Gang)

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Day Phase 2

He was sitting at his desk when Bill the Kid came charging in, yelling at him. He wasn’t sure why he was being yelled at, but clearly, he had done something to anger the man. He lazily looked up from the stack of paperwork on his desk to acknowledge the man. Billy just kept screaming as if he didn’t care whether or not he was being listened to.

The screaming went on for a few minutes and still he was not sure why he was being yelled at. Something about a card shark, whores and whiskey. Whatever it was, he was getting angry now that the man wouldn’t just shut up and go away. He had more important issues to deal with than some loser whining about shit that happened in the saloon. Standing up he looked at the man and told him to get the fuck out of his office. Billy turned even more red in the face and clamped his jaws shut, clicking his teeth together audibly.

“Why don’t you step outside officer, and let’s handle this like men.” Billy replied.

Sighing, Bat Masterson grunted at the man and motioned to the door. Billy walked out the door and Bat followed him into the street. Suddenly, Billy spun around, pulling his pistol and shot Bat in the stomach. Bat reeled from the surprise draw and the impact to his stomach. He quickly pulled his gun and got a shot off but it missed and then a second shot from the man ended the fight just as quickly as it had begun.

Daylight, AKA Bat Masterson (Cop) has been killed for having poor communication skills by Billy the Kid (Gang Gunfighter)

He came to slowly, mouth parched and eyes dry and burning. He tried to reach up and rub the sting from his eyes but he couldn’t move a muscle. Eyes widening in alarm, he looked around frantically and fear shot through him as he realized what was going on.

The desert stretched out around him, the sun just starting to reach its zenith. He could hear something crawling on the ground behind him but was unable to turn his head to look. To the front and side there was nothing but baked desert glaring at him. Panic began to set in as Jets realized he was buried up to his neck in the desert.

All of a sudden something bit onto his left ear. He shook his head vigorously trying to dislodge it. It held on and bit harder. Then more spots of pain began to pop up on his neck and ears and as they worked their way around to the front and up onto his face Jets began to scream. He was being eaten alive by giant fire ants. His screams rang out through the desert for hours. Then, just as suddenly as they had started, they stopped.

Jets (plain townie) died due to fire ant attack. (lynched)

He had been sick for a week now and he could not seem to stop shitting. Admetus had been to the doctor and gotten medicine, but it was not helping. Now, here he was on the shitter again and crying as his body removed itself of refuse for the eighth time today. He wiped himself off and stood up. There was blood all over the tissue he had used.

He quickly hurried home, wanting to take more of the medicine. Upon arrival he took two spoons of the antibacterial medication Doc Holliday had given him and went to lie down in bed. He hurt so much, everywhere but especially his backend. He laid there for hours until he started to slowly fade away.

Admetus (plain townie) died from dysentery. (lynched) Received 2 game ban

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Night 3:

He was just a mile away from town when he spotted another horseman riding towards him. He didn’t feel any need to be worried at first until he noticed that the man was pointing his rifle at him. Every sense inside of him starting to scream and he quickly goaded his horse into a full run. One mile from town, one mile from safety. He just needed to get there and he would be alright. He pulled his pistol from its holster and fired blindly back at the man in an attempt to scare him off.

Gunshots started to ring out as the man was firing back at him with the rifle. Dukey laid as flat as he could on his horses’ neck and get begging it to run faster. He could now see the town and he started to feel as if he were going to make it to safety. Five-hundred yards away now and the firing had stopped. He sat up on his horse. He was safe, the man had clearly seen the town and decided it was not worth it.

Bill Longley had pulled his horse to a stop and jumped off. Using the saddle as a mount for the rifle, he carefully and slowly aimed at the fleeing man. Suddenly the man sat straight up in his saddle giving Bill the shot he was hoping for. He squeezed the trigger and as the rifle jumped in his hands, he could see the man slump forward in the saddle and fall over dead.

Dukey (plain townie) has been sniped by Bill Longley (SK)

He saw the man come stumbling from the saloon, drunk off his ass. He had been told to make this a silent kill, so he grabbed a broken spoke from the pile outside of the wainwright’s building and began following the unsuspecting man down a dark alley. They walked for about five minutes, passing from alley to ally. The man stopped and took a piss once and then continued on his way. Finally, far enough from any active civilization, Billy the Kid called out to the man, asking for a smoke.

The man turned around, swaying heavily.

“Sssuuureee mister.” He said, slurring his words. “Here yyyyaaa goo.”

Genesis offered out a smoke from his breast pocket and Billy stepped forward as if to take it. When he was in striking distance, he swung the spoke upwards, jamming the broken end up into the man’s neck and jaw. The man fell over, gurgling blood and foam as he tried to get a breath to call for help. It was too late. Billy held his hand over the man’s mouth until he bled out.

Genesis (plain townie) has bled to death thanks to Billy the Kid (Gang Gunfighter)

Mrblonde has been detained by Pat Garrett and will be unable to participate in the lynch vote for Day 3 Day Phase.

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Day Phase 3

He was saddling his horse as fast as he could. He had been found out and they were looking for him now. Damn, he shouldn’t have made that kill last night, he had been sloppy, in a hurry, and someone had seen him. Now he would have to hightail it out of the state just to start over again. He would never stop killing, he couldn’t. He had tried to stop before and when he finally broke down and gave in to the hunger, he had killed twenty people in one night. So no, he would just run again and pick a new town to start over in.

His horse saddled, he tied his pack on and then climbed up on it. Torqez quickly urged his horse forward and bolted for the door. He could hardly see as the sunlight hit him in the eyes, but he did see just well enough to realize that there was a crowd of people standing just outside of the stable. Apparently, they had realized he was making a break for it and were now waiting on him to come out. “Shit” he thought, and spurred his horse as hard as he could. He wanted as much speed as possible to just charge right through them and hopefully they wouldn’t manage to shoot him.

Just as he leaned forward a rock came out of nowhere and struck him on the side of the head. He toppled sideways out of the saddle and hit the ground hard, knocking the air from his lungs. Gasping for breath, he tried to stand back up but was suddenly knocked back down to the ground by a hard kick to the face. His vision blurred, but he continued to try and stand back up only to be met with another hard kick to the stomach. Dropping back down in pain and gasping for breath all over again, he curled into a ball trying to withstand the blows that began to rain down upon him.

He managed to peak out from between his arms just in time for a rifle butt to strike him in the face and stars flew all around him. He was quickly hauled off to jail. The following day, he stood in front of the town Sheriff when someone produced a document signed by the Governor, pardoning him for any crimes committed.

He was released immediately. The town Mayor warned him that the document would not save him should another crime be committed.

Torqez has been pardoned by the Circuit Court Judge

The miners were in an uproar again. He didn’t know why, nor did he care if he were being honest. The lazy pricks always seemed to be moaning and groaning about something. Once the Black Hills Gang controlled this town, they would put a stop to all of that once and for all.

He walked down the boardwalk glancing over at the small crowd of miners who were shouting and yelling at the Mayor’s Office. Feeling like he might just get some entertainment he sat down on a nearby bench and proceeded to sip on his bottle of whiskey and roll a cigarette up. The crowd was getting pretty nasty and he thought he might see some fights start out soon as he lit up his smoke and took a puff on it.

A few miners in the crowd had guns it appeared and they start to fire them in the air, sending poor townsfolk running in every direction at the shots. Skittish bunch of people in this town, but it made sense due to all the killing that had been taking place lately. The firing continued for a few minutes and Butch Cassidy noticed someone pushing his way out of the crowd. A miner had blood running down his face, an angry scowl and was dragging a teenage boy behind him with one hand. In the other hand he held a shotgun and he was waving it wildly about for balance as he yanked on the boy.

Suddenly his foot caught a rock and he tripped, falling forward. As he fell to the ground, the shotgun bounced up and then fired. Brains and bone splattered everywhere behind the bench as Butch Cassidy’s body slumped sideways on the bench.

Rivan, AKA Butch Cassidy (Black Hills Gang Member) has been accidentally killed due to shotgun blast to the face (lynch)

He was just standing outside of the General Store, talking with some miners. Sure, he was talking a lot and he could tell that they were starting to become a little agitated, but he liked to push things just a little far with his stories. It wasn’t the sound of his voice, like so many people thought, that made him want to keep talking. It was just that his stories were more interesting than most others. Seriously, who cared about what rock you had hit with what hammer? Just thinking about it made him want to fall asleep from boredom.

He laughed at something that he was saying and stepped back from laughing so hard. When he did, he bumped into some man that was walking behind him, sending him sideways just a little. The man was instantly angry.

“How about you watch where you are stepping sir, before things get bad for you.” He said in an angry tone.

Wyatt Earp looked at the boardwalk and all the space that was on it. There was plenty if he had kept wide of the men to avoid having been bumped into. Now he was just getting annoyed at the man.

“Is there something about me you like? I can think of no other reason you would be walking so close to me with all the space on this boardwalk.” He said sarcastically with a grin on his face.

That just pissed the man off further. No man was going to accuse him of preferring men over women and this upstart was not going to get away with his rude behavior on top of bumping into him. He quickly reached out and punched Wyatt in the face, knocking him off the boardwalk into the dirt. Wyatt recovered quick, bouncing back to his feet and immediately went for his gun. The miners scrambled clear as fast as they could. They knew where this was headed.

Bill the Kid drew his gun much faster than Wyatt ever had hope to. He shot Wyatt in the eye dropping him to the ground. But Wyatt wasn’t dead yet from the shot. It had missed his brain and he rolled on the ground in pain as he tried to turn and take a shot at the gunfighter. Billy shot him two more times in the head just to make sure he was actually dead this time.

Tishxo, AKA Wyatt Earp (Cop) has been shot to death for talking too much by Billy the Kid (Gang Gunfighter)

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Night Phase 4:

He had just made it back into the town of Pecos two hours ago and he was worn out from the long drive. His stagecoach started in Dallas, made a stop in Abilene, then Midland and Odessa, made another stop in Pecos and then would continue on to Van Horn and El Paso before turning back around and heading in the opposite direction again. It was a long trip, six-hundred and thirty-five miles one way, that took its toll on him constantly. But it also kept him busy making money and that was something he never could turn down.

So here he was, getting a room for the night before he headed over to the saloon for a quick drink. All his passengers had long since gone to bed, worn out from the trip themselves. He put his bags in his room and then headed down to the saloon. Zoz liked this saloon, a lively place with pretty women in it. He had just walked out into the street when he heard a man shout. Turning his head, he seen his carriage being driven by some unknown man and being chased by one of the stable hands. In alarm he yelled at the driver to stop the carriage.

Bill Longley did not intend on stopping the carriage. He flicked the reigns and urged the horses faster with the intent to plow the carriage driver down with his own horses.

“Big Nose” Kate was getting ready to close up her saloon when she heard a shout from outside. She saw someone racing down the street in a carriage and a man standing there getting ready to be run over. Quick as a flash she ran out and grabbed the poor soul, snatching him back just in time to keep him from being trampled.

"Big Nose" Kate (Town Roleblock) saved Zoz from being run over with his own carriage by Bill Longley (SK)

The Saloon never closed, but she was still about to head up to her room and let Yankee take over the bar for the night. She grabbed the cash out of the till and headed into the back office to store it in the safe. Opening the safe, she inserted the cash with the rest of it and then closed it back up. She was tired, her back hurt from standing all day pouring drinks and cleaning the glasses after each use. She stretched her back out trying to ease the pain but knew that it was probably going to be something she would have to get used to from now on, it came with getting old.

She decided to take a walk next door to the little diner and grab whatever was hot for a quick meal before heading to bed so she put on her coat and went out the back door. Quickly, she made it over to the diner and headed on in. All they had ready to grab at that moment was some lamb stew, so she got herself a bowl of it and a half a loaf of bread and headed out the door back to the Saloon.

Just as Big Nose Kate was reaching her office door, a figure stepped out of the shadows. Startled, she dropped the bowl of soup in the mud and stepped backward. She glanced down at the bowl of soup tipped over in the mud and that was the worst mistake she could have made. The time it took her to glance down and then back up was all that Bill Longley needed to close the distance to her and with a quick swipe of his knife he had opened a new smile on Kate’s throat.

Blood poured down her dress and she grasped at her throat, trying to stop the bleeding. She was so frantic at trying to hold her throat open that she didn’t see the knife point coming straight at her face. It entered her left eye just above the eyeball and split it in two as the blade entered her head. She was dead the moment the hilt connected with her skull and Bill let go of the blade to watch her drop to the mud a bloody mess, half an eyeball hanging from her head.

Melsfreefallin, AKA Big Nose Kate has been killed for caring more about soup than her own life by Bill Longley (SK)

John Wesley Hardin rounded the corner of the saloon and headed inside. He had been sent to dispatch Melsfreefallin and he was gonna do just that. However, when he entered her office where she kept late hours he found her dead already. He would have to go and report back to Jesse James that the job had been taken care of for them. He shrugged. While he would have enjoyed the kill himself it was no big deal to him.

Day Phase 4:

He stood there, sullen and dismayed. He had pleaded with the townsfolk as best he could. They would not hear it. He had promised them he would change his ways and help them rid the town of the Black Hills Gang and still they would not hear it. Now, he stood there in a cell awaiting his execution. How had it come to this? He was a Circuit Court Judge. He had been given real power, position and money and yet he had still ended up in a cell. He just could not seem to control the monster that raged inside of him.

He needed to find another way out. They had pulled everyone out of the jail so that he could no longer try to persuade anyone to free him, so that wouldn’t work. He looked around for the keys and spotted them on a hook ten feet away. Damn, that was far. Suddenly, an idea popped into his head. He quickly began stripped the support boards off of his bunk in the cell and tied them together using strips of the blanket and his shirt. He fashioned a nice long pole using the boards and then started to stretch it out across the room, for the keys.

He couldn’t believe it. He had actually gotten the keys off the hook and now was slowly dragging them back towards his cell. He was almost free of this mess and he could disappear off to another state and another town. Just as he got the keys to the bars, he heard noises outside of the jail door. Two men had just arrived there and were discussing something that he couldn’t make out. He quickly unlocked the door to the jail cell and grabbed a club from the wall by the desk. Then he hid behind where the door would open.

The door opened and the two men walked inside the jail. Immediately they noticed that the cell was open and that Bill Longley was missing. They turned to shout but Bill was already on them, swinging the club. He knocked the first man out with a single blow and swung at the second man. The man caught the club mid-swing and a struggle ensued. They both grappled for the club, swinging occasional punches and elbows at each other. Within minutes they were both bloody, but refused to give up. Bill suddenly headbutted the other man as hard as he could in the nose. The man faltered, stumbling back and it gave Bill the moment he needed as he quickly grabbed the gun out of the man’s holster.

He pointed the pistol at the man when suddenly another noise near the door caught his attention. He turned in time to see three men crowd through the door and into the jail. All three of them held shotguns and they were all pointed at him. He froze.

“Put the gun down Bill. Don’t make us cut you down.” said one of the men.

Bill stood there for what seemed like ages, pointing his gun at the man he had struggled with. Realizing the situation he was in, he slowly lowered the gun towards the ground. The men holding the shotguns seemed to relax. He smiled at them, raised the gun and pulled the trigger.

Pat Garrett relaxed as Bill Longley lowered the pistol. He was not going to have to shoot this man after all. He really did not want to. He wanted to just get him out there and hang him so that it was done and over with and the blood wouldn’t be on him. He began to lower his shotgun barrel when Bill suddenly raised the pistol up to his own head and pulled the trigger, splattering brains and blood all over Pat. Choking back a scream, Pat fell backwards against the wall and stood there, stunned.

Torqez, AKA Bill Longley (Judge/Serial Killer) has committed suicide. (lynched)

He quickly walked around the corner, bowling over John Barclay Armstrong into the dirt. Growling he yelled at him to stay out of his way. And pushed forward, headed for the saloon. He had just made it to the doors of the saloon when he heard a shout behind him. He turned to see John standing in the middle of the street with one of the angriest stares he had ever seen.

He laughed, “Didn’t your momma ever teach you to take a shower?”

“Get your ass down here and fight me like a man.” Said John. “You don’t go bulling people over and just walk away from it you piece of shit.”

Angry now, Jesse James turned towards the man and charged him. He had no interest in getting into a quick draw fight today. So, he ran at the man as fast as he could, thinking he would be able to turn it into a fist fight. He was about 5 feet from the man when he realized he wasn’t going to make it in time. The man had drawn his gun so fast and smooth and already had it aimed at Jesse. He pulled the trigger and it struck Jesse in the chest.

Jesse kept pushing forward even after the impact from the shot and reached for the man. He grabbed him by the throat but felt like he was punched in the gut one….two more times. His strength started to fail him as he slid down to the ground in front of John. Slowly the last of his life ebbed away.

MrBlonde, AKA Jesse James (Black Hills Gang Leader) has been killed for stupidly running at John Barclay Armstrong (Mayor)

Night Phase 5

John Wesley Hardin peeled another fingernail off with the pliers. The man screamed in pain. He had lost three fingernails so far and he had still not offered up the information that John wanted. Oh well, he would just continue until he ran out of fingernails and then move on to the toes. He asked him where the doc was hiding out at and again, the man refused to answer him. Another fingernail was ripped off. More screaming.

Suddenly, Ordos ripped himself from the ropes holding him down and launched himself at John . He yelled in surprise and swung the pliers at the man’s head, splitting him open above the eye. Ordos crashed forward into John Wesley Hardin , dragging him to the ground and posturing up on top of him. He wrapped his fingers around his neck and began choking the life out of him. Blood pouring down his face.

John choked and fought at the man’s fingers as blood dripped down into his eyes and mouth. He was now fighting for his life when just moments before he was torturing the man. He rocked with his hips and posted with one leg, sweeping the man onto his back. A few hard punches and the hands around his neck loosened their grip. Once the hands loosened, John knocked them off of his neck and stepped backwards to his feet. He grabbed the shovel he had placed nearby and swung it into the man’s head. It went halfway into the man’s skull and stuck there.

Ordos (Plain Townie) has been killed by shovel to the head thanks to John Welsey Hardin (Gang Roleblocker)

Zoz has been jailed by Pat Garrett and will not be partaking in the Lynching for Day Phase.

Day Phase 5

He groaned in his sleep, rolling over. Sleep was not easy to come by anymore after the number of men he had put down both in gunfights and also war. The faces had a tendency to haunt him over time. He shuddered and then woke up from the dream he was having. Sweating, he sighed and slid his boots on then headed outside his room for a smoke. Since coming to this town, he had a lot more trouble sleeping. There was just something in the air that unsettled him and he could not seem to get comfortable.

Stepping outside, he lit up a smoke, took a drag and began rolling it around in his fingers. It was a habit of his to keep his hands busy and he had found cigarettes as a great way to do it without standing out too much in public. It had been years since making his way from Alaska to the mainland and he still had his moments where he was not at all comfortable being around people. Probably why he had killed so many. He took another drag on the cigarette.

The sun was bright, and of course it was as hot as the underside of a lizard’s belly, so Bill Hickok turned back indoors where the breeze coming through the windows would at least keep him a little cooler. He sat on the edge of the bed and his mind went right back to all of the killing he had taken part in. That is what he was, a killer. He had never thought of himself as depressed before but now that these thoughts were running through his head, he was starting to realize that his life would never amount to anything more than being a killer. He would probably never have a family and he definitely would never make something great of himself. Sure, he was popular but that meant little when all he was known for was being able to take someone else’s life before they took his.

He pulled the pistol out of its holster on the bedpost, put into his mouth and pulled the trigger. Turns out, the only person capable of shooting Wild Bill Hickok was himself.

You_Fool, AKA Wild Bill Hickok (Town Gunfighter) has died to a self-inflicted gunshot due to being too weak mentally to live with killing others (lynched)

Pounding at the door startled him. He was with some miner’s wife, again. “Shit” he thought, and he quickly ran for his clothes. He dressed as quickly as he could but the pounding on the door and the yelling on the other side of it became more furious. He had better hurry before he ended up having to shoot some poor miner. Jesse would be pissed if that happened.

He ran over to the window after pulling on his boots and quickly shimmied outside onto the ledge. Glancing around he didn’t see anyone and climbed down the side of the building to the ground below. It wasn’t easy in boots but he made good time getting down.


He stopped in his tracks. Frozen, he slowly turned to face the noise. A man stood there scowling at him with a shotgun pointed at his chest. From 8 feet away, he wouldn’t miss with that thing and even though Billy was fast, he knew he wasn’t that fast.

“Listen” Billy the Kid said, “I didn’t know that she was married. Take it easy, we can come to some sort of deal here mister.”

“I watched you go into her room the moment you seen me leave” yelled the miner, “Don’t you fuckin lie to me! You yellow-belly, wife stealin piece of shit!”

Billy went cold inside. He was not sure how he was going to talk his way out of this one. He slowly moved his hands towards his pistols. The man kept yelling at him and he tried reasoning with him but everything he said only seemed to piss him off even more. As soon as he felt that he the time was right, Billy went for his guns. He had them cleared and nearly on the miner when a loud noise and a strong punch hit him in the chest. He found himself flying backwards through the air and could not seem to figure out why.

Lying on his back in the dirt, he tried to look around but found he just couldn’t seem to move. He coughed and blood came up into his mouth. Now he couldn’t breathe from all of the blood. He began to try and clear the blood from his mouth but every time he spluttered; more blood came up.

TheBigOne, AKA Billy the Kid (Mob Gunfighter) has died from asphyxiating on his own blood after taking a shotgun blast to the chest.

Night Phase 6

John Wesley Hardin laid on the ground, in the middle of the road, yelling for help. He had blood all over himself. He waited for five minutes and screamed again, hoping someone would hear him. Out of the darkness a man came running. Nai took a look at the man lying on the ground, whimpering and knew that he was in serious trouble. He bent over to try and pick up John Hardin to carry him to the doctor’s office.

As soon as his arms were under the him, John suddenly picked up a sawed-off shotgun from under his leg and placed it against Nai’s head. He smiled at the man.

“Gotcha” he said and then pulled the trigger.

John Wesley Hardin stood up and walked away, blood from the man he had just killed mixing with the sheep blood all over him.

Nai (plain townie) had his head blown off by John Wesley Hardin (Gang Roleblock/Leader)

Justdoit has been thrown in jail by Pat Garrett and will not be allowed to participate in the Lynching for Day Phase.

Day Phase 6

He had been arrested by the town sheriff, some lonely old prick, for being too drunk and getting into a fist fight. Fist fights were his thing, so why did the damn law always have to come and harass him anytime he beat some stupid miner senseless? He finally settled into the cell on the cot. It was not very comfortable at all, but in his drunken state he really did not care. At least he would get some peace and quiet.

Outside of the jail, the miners had started to erupt in anger for lack of consideration on one of their daily protests. The crowd had grown to about forty men and the sheriff was near ready to just make a run for it. He had not signed up to die for the damn mayor and this gold mining town. Bottles started to fly at the sheriff and he turned and ran for the saloon. He was just going to go have a drink and let this party play out without him. The miners became angrier at his turning tail and running and proceeded to stuff bottles of alcohol with pieces of cloth and light them on fire. They would burn down the damn jail then if he refused to handle their complaints.

John Wesley Hardin woke up to smoke inside of the jailhouse. Choking and coughing he dropped to the floor and looked around for the source of it. There was so much smoke everywhere it was hard to see any one source. Suddenly a blast of heat hit him in the face and he jerked backwards into the bars of his cell. Flames began to lick everywhere around him as the fire grew larger and larger. He began to scream for help, he just needed someone to know he was in here and toss him the keys.

The cheering of the miners was so loud that nobody could hear John inside the jail screaming for his life. The flames grew larger and the heat began to sear his skin. Now he was screaming in pain as the fire began to turn his cell into an oven and he could feel the hair on his body begin to melt. He grabbed at the blanket on the cot, hoping that it would help protect him a little, but it suddenly burst into flames from the heat and he toss it towards the bars trying to get it away from him.

Looking down he began to notice the skin on his arms beginning to sag and melt. His entire body was screaming out in pain and he was doing all he could to maintain any kind of sense to try and escape this hell he was in. He felt something drop against his pant legs and looked down to see melted skin, on his pants. He instinctively reached for his face and as he pulled back there was nothing but blood and molten tissue all over his hands where his face had once been. He slumped over, passing out from the pain never to wake again.

John Wesley Hardin (Black Hills Gang Roleblock) has died in a fire due to drinking on the wrong night (lynched).

Town has won. Congratulations!