IC Mafia 59 signups

You all know how it works by now. Sign ups below.

  1. Melvin
  2. Jetsica
  3. Daylight
  4. Ordos is my chew toy
  5. ZoZ
  6. MrBlonde
  7. Zeraph
  8. You Fool
  9. Thirdrock
  10. Nai
  11. TBO
  12. HydroP
  13. Genesis
  14. Goddess of the Dead
  15. TU
  16. Player1
  17. Kratom
  18. Melsfreefallin
  19. Dukey
  20. Torqez
  21. Lethal
  22. KT
  23. Tishxo
  24. PickleRick
  25. Luker
  26. Rizzy
  27. Nolio
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1 is like the come true !!melvon

Jetsica is in

Yes Please


I’m in, if there is room for a former Bosnian child soldier

I’m in, if there’s room for a former Bosnian chicken

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make me townie again

Gwyn is writing? Ok 1 more… but just 1 more… I can stop any time…

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Yep I’m hooked

count me in!

Sign me up buttercup

I am in

So the soldier who couldn’t shoot straight, a chicken and 2 junkies… this starts well.

Count me in

I’ll play again since I’ll be taking next round off to help Hydro

I’m in!

Sign me up

Yes please

I am finally here!

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In sexy people