IC Bookclub

Another thing to plug in here is the IC Bookclub discord channel

Whoever would like to join is welcome. It is not the most active at the moment, but that doesn’t stop us trying.

So feel to stop in and discuss books and get some recommendations for you next read.

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This. Has been around for a bit is nai in the server if. Not I’m not interested, I miss nais mafia games and just nai in general

Yeah, is Nai’s server… he turned admin over to Pie when he left, and Pie turned it over to me… So I am gonna pretend I am active and try and make something of it for a bit…

I’m intrigued, I’ve been meaning to get back into reading lately.

What was the last thing you guys read? Last one for me was:

I’m a huge GnR fan, so I really enjoyed it. I think it’d be good even for non-fans though, it’s a pretty dramatic account of some interesting years.

I haven’t read it, but I have heard only good things about it…