IC always online

I am beginning to wonder if I am testing a new version of Imperial Conflict secretly, like between just me and pie. It is an always online version where the tick changes almost seamless-ly and I never log out, but it’s a mobile only version.

All jokes aside. I have not Logged out of IC for the past week on my phone. And it is also not showing me online. It also has not automatically logged me out? Now, I can’t complain it’s beneficial but I’m sure it’s not normal.


If by a week you mean 3 days, then yes you are correct, pie has altered the settings now to keep you logged in for longer. You will get logged out if left long enough, but its not likely to happen for most of us nerds :stuck_out_tongue: embrace it :smiley:


Been more than 3 days then again i get on this every hour. :thinking: well problem solved.

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also got a app on the google play store ^^

:thinking::thinking::thinking: You have an app? Whts The name?


Imperial Conflict