IAs and Blocks

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions (and comments, insults, etc) about the situation so I’ll consolidate it all here. For those unaware, there were rumors of an Illegal Alliance going around, reports were made, many players were investigated, and several of them were blocked.

There are a few things I saw in chat that I want to address here:

he didnt cheat, kinda stupid you get blocked while being investigated. guilty until proven innocent

just seems a stupid rule. if you investigate and find something then yes block, but blokcing while investigating seems stupid

This isn’t accurate. The game’s “being investigated” message means that there was sufficient and concrete evidence that a rule was violated and the player is blocked. However, in order to get here there was already an initial investigation that turned something up. At this point they are being further investigated to see the extent of the violation, whether or not other people were involved, etc.

the action is illegal yes, but u kinda need to go through with the action first no?

but talking about robbing a bank isnt breaking the law :stuck_out_tongue: robbing it is

This is also not accurate. There are 2 potential rule violations here: actually attacking and aiding with other families, and planning to do so. BOTH of these are rule violations. It’s called conspiring, and it is illegal, regardless of whether or not you proceed to follow through. So don’t do it.

I also find it funny that someone gets blocked while being investigated. if someone is investigated and they are found guilty then yes block them. but you shouldnt be blocked because you were accused of cheating

Nobody was blocked because they were accused. They were blocked because they were investigated and evidence was found. A large amount of people were accused, and they were not all blocked.

Don’t get why some of my fam were blocked. We said we had a perm nap with LGs fam so won’t get involved. Guilty until proven innocent it seems.

Players aren’t entitled to the private details of the investigations, so inherently they will not understand why the block happened. Just because you don’t know what the proof is, doesn’t mean that there is none.

well you have to respect the fact we need to know and outcome and time frame if possible…hes our leader,hc attacker and had most fam bank ffs
Hurry ur slow poke investigation up we need to know

When people break the rules they put their families at risk. It is not the Staff’s responsibility to ensure that the guilty party has enough time to get their affairs in order and pass the bank to make sure their family is taken care of.

The cheating party is entitled to no special courtesy or convenience. Neither is their family. If you guys don’t want to be in this situation, DO NOT CHEAT and even better, make sure your family members don’t either.

we need to know and outcome and time frame if possible

The details of the block are between the party involved and the staff. No other player, family member or otherwise, is entitled to any information. This is out of respect for the privacy of the player involved.

IF the party involved consents to it, we may release details. It is possible, but not something anybody should expect by default.


I will not be discussing specifics for the most part, but if you guys have questions or need any clarification please let me know here.


I’m confused. People are accusing you of blocking someone without a reason? You’ve been very reluctant to block people in comparison to the old mod team. I think the only thing I’d take issue with in this situation is if the length of the block isn’t being divulged.

It’s mostly fam members of those who got blocked that complain, which is expected.

But yeah, you’re right; if you’ve been around for the last year you likely know how high my threshold is for evidence, which means whatever happened here was glaringly obvious once the evidence was found.

As far as the length of the blocks, I’m considering ways to open up part of this process. Certain aspects of it can/should be public info, but it should ideally be something that is tied directly into the game. As in, part of the user’s history perhaps.

and then

So you cheat and f*(& up the round of your fam members, but they don’t get to know what exactly happened out of privacy of the cheater? Seems like special courtesy to me.

Fam members fault for electing a serial cheater.

You’re suggesting this [keeping details for privacy reasons] would be different if the person would not have been leader, or would not have been drafted.
What is the player that gets blocked is a random? Would that change things? You’d still want to know what your fammember has done exactly.

Still not sure why you are owed an explanation. Will you knowing change anything? If the blockee is unwilling to tell you why should the staff waste their time dealing with a bunch of inquiries on someones block?

That is quite a different argument than your previous one :wink:

I think involved parties should be aware why something that impacts their game so much happened. If Pie (the court) makes a ruling, then you don’t just share the decision, but also the details of what has, and what has not, been proven in the eyes of the judge (Pie). Then you share the decision.
For three, basically innocent, players, their round has been completely ruined, and they may not even know what exactly happened, only that Pie feels something (not sure what exactly) was proven, and that a player with all their resources, was blocked.

Couldn’t you get all this info from the player involved who ruined your round? They aren’t blocked from discord. If you are referring to AW, I can tell you he tried to market aid me (The Office) for our war against The Warriors …so his fam could win #1 in size…

I refused, and sent the info to Pie. Cheaters are what ruin this game, second to Nap breakers and farmers.

This is quite simple Hala - especially since you want to consider this in a legal aspect.

From the IC Rules page, article 1.1.3 Any information on specific enforcement decisions is private and will be not be disclosed by the Imperial Conflict team to any outside parties.

It seems cut and dry enough.

Indeed it is, doesn’t mean I agree though…

Oh don’t get me wrong Pickle, I really don’t care about the info. Just saying this as an observer, not fully agreeing on how things went down.
I agree there is absolutely no need to make a complete narrative of what happened for everyone to read. But a decent amount of details for the people heavily directly impacted seems sensible.

Anyways, no need to get all grumpy, just my thoughts.

Every single player is entitled to the same respect for their privacy. The blocked player is not experiencing anything special or unique that every other player doesn’t also experiences.

As for the reasoning, most of the time the evidence involves private in-game messages, which means that in order to share the details I’d have to divulge private conversations. Doing so without the consent of the player is a violation of their privacy.

A blocked player would be rightfully upset if they found out I was leaking their personal conversations to somebody who asked, even if it was a family member.

It’s understandably upsetting to affected family members, but they aren’t entitled to any of the information. It wouldn’t change any of the circumstances anyway, as @Picklearmy mentioned.

I’m not talking about any personal conversation, personal details or sensitive information. I’m talking about what the specifics of the reason for the ban. That’s all.

if you play the game, be ready to take the penalty if u go gray zone :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok, that escalated out of control. Not at all my intention of re-opening this discussion…

This is exactly what I mean, guess we’re actually aligned on this, just took some back-and-forth talking to figure that out :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty much like that yes :stuck_out_tongue: