I think less down time less chat more players

Can we start a game 4 weeks 1 week newbie protection no chat allowed period this is how we lost the players I think I remember this discussion that player were colluding with chat making gameplay unfair so everyone left more or less I say we try a game with discord banned family IRC chat only and messages in game that would encourage fairplay and attract new players that don’t want to chat with you .

We could ban chat altogether have a game message only

Or have two teams chat and no chat no chat should be the better team so how people like it I’ll play message only no chat.


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You have a real hatred for discord huh? The game has been slowly integrating more with discord to make it easier to use, more information on this in the general scope can be found here

I think a round without discord would not sit well with players as there is so much that you can do within discord like viewing images without needing to download them first, setting roles up for the family, making distinct chat sections for things like plists, system checks, explorations, family bank/aid needed, and so on that have become second nature to setup each round. It would feel like a step backwards for the majority of players.

If pie was to put all of that native into the game and not explore the web hook/bot option that I mentioned in the previously linked thread, it would put a lot of added development time into pie’s hands just to try and re-invent the wheel. Unfortunately a full team of developers spending 100% of their time on developing a system surrounding chat is just too stronk for a game development team/one man army to compete with.

Whats so wrong with discord?

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It’s IC 2020…

Discord or Die…

Less down time is most important and also during downtime or in between extra activities like trainings testings and so on is mandatory in my opinion.
So we need extra galaxy where people could train and gain more exp

I agree its 2020 and discord is a must. If we shut it down the people will find other chats. You cant avoid that

99% of players have been here for 20+ years and they are still awful, you could send them to a 5* luxury IC training camp and they would return just as awful. If you can tell your left from right, up from down and have full functionality of your fingers, then you will go far

Damn it’s my left from my right bit that’s making me so crap…

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