I hate when people kill off players

Soooooo let me start a discussion real quick…I’m normally a quiet person but since @TheBigOne wanna be an ass I thought this warrants discussions… You kill me off because I didn’t take planets, which I was hovering, but couldn’t actually take because of the family situation that came up…seems like you were frustrated for other things as well can’t say I’m blameless but that was a trash move and a trash act especially coming from someone like you…like you could have atleast reached out to see if guy was alright…but TBO being TBO he just has no patience.

So IC community, family emergency comes up so you step away from something for a day or two and you get kicked out of your fam for it…is this fair?

I would understand if I said something like I won’t be coming back or I’m not sure when I’ll be free again…but I didn’t say anything like that…

Whatever y’all could ignore my rant session it’s fine.


I’m getting really tired of this so called “community” like what is the point of playing this game if the people are gonna be this tasteless? It’s ridiculous.


From what I understand you were in a pretty high powered family, that may have been playing (let’s say) against your natural style. Sure you are a wild new guy, but you are likely more interested in being one of “the good guys” and if my information was correct - you randomed into a family of “tougher” types.

Being forced by families to do things antithetical to your nature is hard for anyone.
Keep in mind, if players like that were in a family opposite to their beliefs, they would likely get bounced too. Hell thoes guys might aid in 100% and asked to be bounced so they could take another swing at playing with their freinds.

Perhaps this could lead to a wider discussion about players being forced to play in less then enviable environments.

Tho, most likely these people would have happily removed you on T-48 if you would have let them know you are not into their play style.

Let’s talk about it tomorrow when I wake up.
You can rip my ear off, np.


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Lol Jesus. Go rogue and attack their allies,

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Not exactly my train of thought, @Darrk…I don’t think I’d describe my self as a wild new guy. Been around before Pie took over I played with much tougher fams than this, where I outright didn’t agree with thier play style and still never got the boot…and even if it wasn’t my fam who actually did it, being stuck at 1p for most of the round sucks…

@Kratom being rouge is so boring

I marked and killed off a player this round, he managed to insult 2 players and refuse to work with the family over not moving the d.s on day one of the round. So needles to say it was easier to just remove someone like that so hopefully they learn from there issues then to fight all round with them.
Players should have the freedom to play any role and race they want but if there going to criticize everything done and argue with ideas non stop then that’s not a team player and won’t be allowed to play in a family i lead.

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Word. I understand that, fortunately I was not in that situation, and I only criticized one thing, other than that I actually tried my best.

Im amazed how much time u have now to type in forums :slight_smile:

TBO gave u list of planets like 72 hours ago, he asked u like 24h later if u sent. U came to fam chat and tell whats up, u didnt even respond if u sent for those planets or not, nothing.
TBO asked the next day again, u just didnt respond if u even send for those planets? before u got killed off, about 12 ealier, TBO spammed u again, u come to chat and u told:

Sorry guys , im busy RL, remember? It is a tick based game and if u cant do any movement in 72 hours, then we are sorry but u should skip that round and play another when u have time, thanks.

Remember when i asked if u can send your eships out? You said yea of course, 24 hours later i asked can u please send them out now? U still didnt…we already had a discussion that u are playing against us in our family. Why would u keep saying u do it, if u dont?

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Respect your points bud…I wasn’t necessarily “playing against you” if I was I would have caused wayyyyy more trouble… I’ve enever been one to play like that.

Heard that! I sent fleet, just never triggered because of family matters… respectfully anyone else could have too those planets for me. I’ve played in many fams where people take more than 24 hours to take a few planets becuase if RL issues and I had no problem taking for them and keep trucking till they returned, but to each it’s own, you are within your rights and I never said you were not. That don’t mean I won’t be happy about it.

Now??? I’m one of the most active people on this forum…i like, post, and talk more than most. That’s why I am on the “team” I have high activity…since when has this changed? I didn’t say anything during any of that drama don’t mean i never had time…loll
I don’t know what led to that conclusion but…sure ok, whatever rocks your boat guy!

Except it was 72 hrs… And you had time to post in fourms, but do nothing ingame.

Deal with it, you’re dead… should have happened day 2.

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Why was he in your plans if u knew he was afk for abit?

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A bit?

Nobody could “really” get ahold of him all round :joy:

That’s thing thing @Kratom for most of the round I was not in thier plans…atleast they didn’t make me feel like it…maybe cause i messed up a few con jumps BOR the timing wasn’t so great…so that’s understandable.

I decided not to talk as much as I normally do, becuase of your Amazing communication skills during all the drama…

I can assure you one thing, had you communicate better with me from the jump instead of doing your secret ally rally, it would have been different…either way, I wasn’t in your plans at all and thier was no good comm since day 2 of the round when you joined that whole ally fiasco.

I ain’t crying, I’m totally fine. Maybe I should have left Day 2 cause it was obvious you guys were doimg what you want without comm…for more than 24 hours I was stuck on 1 planets with nothing to do. If your not giving me anything to do and just have me sitting around I will only talk when needed…I didn’t seem needed.

Working TWO jobs is quite tiresome…and this is the first time I’ve had this problem…I have always been reachable…sorry that me tryna make a living isn’t convenient for the Great TBO :slight_smile:

All love bro!

TBO we got no beef but…

I was talking to kingray all round on discord, if you couldn’t get a hold of him, you weren’t trying hard enough.

Kingray is a bro, shit happens, I am sure there is fault on both sides.

That was part of why the family started ignoring him to begin with.


I will show you the conversations, I asked him stuff about your fam, he refused. He was loyal, you lost a good man.

Started ignoring me because I was talking to other IC players? That’s some funny stuff…I have always talked to other fams and memebers in good will. Not for info and definitely not to betray my fam but just to say what’s up and build a good relationship…so if we ever play together, or have to work together it wouldn’t be so rough around the edges…I’m always for my fam, not ally, not anyone else, fam only!

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I will always be happy to have you on my team, you have proven you can be trusted.

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Kingray random with me your welcome to :slight_smile: