I am... somewhat... back


I haven’t played Imperial Conflict for about 5/6 years and even then it was a fleeting visit. So, now we are in lockdown fully in the UK; I am working from home but there’s only so much Netflix and Football Manager to go around.

So I decided to try and brush off some rustiness and give IC another go. I have absolutely no idea how many (if any at all) players are around from my early days (if you can see my history, I initially registered and played in 2004 and enjoyed my best years through '05 - '09 back in high school!).

So there we have it. I am parked in my own family alone in MW for now, I guess I will just play the rest of the round out to see how much I can remember. From there; I was quite a big banker back in the Pinwheel days… played with all sorts of players - Pickle, Cloud, Humidity to name a few of who I can remember.

So yeah - hey everyone :slight_smile:


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Welcome, @Lord_Pickle is still around. Good to have you

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Oh sick! Hey @Lord_Pickle

Welcome back

Welcome back


Never thought i’d see the day tbh… but here we are haha. Now, where on earth did the market go hahaha

I’ve just seen a guy called @thisyearsmostopen / TYMO. I’m sure you were around at the same time as me because I recall a conversation…

My empire name Funeral is based on Funeral for a Friend and I thought yours was too - This years most open heartbreak by Funeral for a Friend.

I might be misremembering but if so, hey!

Hey funeral i remember you from pinwheel. Flipmode here

Ahh yeah Flipmode of course! Some names are slowly coming back to me haha! Hope all is well :slight_smile:

yeah thats right - back in the early to mid 2000s I joined - around the time i saw FFAF live so i used them as my name and just stuck with it. those were the days !

I remember you, good to see you back

Is that around July '00 or around '03-'04-'05?

2000’s so years in the decade - think it was 2003

And you still rage quit over a silly game like this?

That’s awesome! I don’t suppose you got to see them in their reuinion charity gigs last year at all? I had never seen them; fate seemed always to scupper my chances and then they disbanded. Fate was not on my side again when they released their charity gig tickets; so I felt destined never to go to their gigs.

Then, out of nowhere they released one final date and I somehow got a ticket. Was ecstatic and the gig was absolutely brilliant down in Cardiff - was mine and my childhood best friend’s favorite band together. He is no longer with us so was really special for me to go. God early 00’s really were a simpler time eh!

Good to see old players and meet new ones :slight_smile:

Guys, why is the market not open for me?

Market is disabled this round

I see. I appear to be pretty screwed at the moment - no market, no family, almost no unexplored planets and 0 chance of taking planets off anyone ><

Roll on the next round :smiley:

This one ends April 18th.
So plenty of time to investigate how much you can OB your HP.

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Already on it :wink: