HSM news

Today we raised HSM flag over the training yards
The flag is rarely flown except in times of rare exceptions when WP wages war. (These highly Intelligent creatures have a large number of uberling working for them. ) Now is the time when the Supreme Star WP get to show our stuff general AdolphObongo will lead the WP armies to glorious victory under our banner his Nannana fighter totes a powerful punch and he is over 13’ an ensemble of muscle ripple like rebar or coil
He is determined to show his stuff.
Soon HSM will be at low tide and we can start up the atmosphere pressure shields our oceans will be almost impenetrable to uberling fleets .
President George says ‘Do not trouble yourself with affairs of the planet dwellers we rule the ocean moon’s!’ Stirring up WP sentiment.
The motto is WPWW White Primates Will Win!’
On the military side WP in charge of army propaganda said this ’ We don’t want trouble with the galaxy we are a small ocean moon nation we are a peaceful race I know when an Ocean moon in the universe is threatened it can seem like we are superior to the uberling masses but there must be a balance .’
Either way victory or death is certain WPWW!


Not too sure about this one, chief.