How to roughly calculate fleet size after attack?

I understand thefre is a way to see how much fleet the attacked has after attacking.
For example i send 100k figs.
4k i lose and the attacked loses 9k.
Is there a way to see how much he actually has?

I am pretty sure the max loss for fighters is 30% and for ground its 15% (excluding shot down transports).

So if you managed to kill max figs he would have 9000 / 30 * 100 - 9000 = 21000 figs after the attack.

Now the question is did you kill max fleet or not, I am not sure if you can find this out unless you attack again and you will see 21000 / 3 = 7000 lost fighters in the attack.

Same idea can be applied to ground losses.

I hope this helps.

“For example i send 100k figs.
4k i lose and the attacked loses 9k.”

You lost 4% of your fighs, this very low. You are probably doing max damage on him. He had 9 /0.3 = around 30k fighs, 21k fighs left

30k i lose and the attacked loses 5k."

30% damage on you, which is max. Opponent had at least dou le your fleet (200k)

20k i lose and the attacked loses 10k."

There is no max damage done. You lost 20% of your fleet. Sent 20k/10k =2x more fighs to win next time.

this doesnt take into consideration attack bonus though right?

It does because someone can only lose1/3 of their fleet so if the above sums work for you it means with attack bonusses calculated you killed 1/3 of his figs.

So if you dont kill 1/3 of his units in 2 attacks in a row there is no realiable way to tell how many figs the oppenent has.

Sorry I am late, just offering help to really old questions because I have nothing to do for 3 hours.

If you want to calculate battle fleet losses accurately, look to the formula.