How much does population grow per tick?

also, how much does the pop grow per tick?

Think it doubles every 24hrs

Double every 7 ticks (no bonus)

I think it’s closer to 16 ticks. Quantum is like 11.2 ticks or something

5% every tick which means without a pop growth bonus it doubles in indeed in 16 ticks.

why was I told 7 ticks then? hmm

fake news

For doubling time just solve for (Growthrate)^ticks = 2

For base growth (+5% each tick) that’s: ln(2)/ln(1.05)=14.02 ticks

For +30% pop growthrate that’s: ln(2)/ln(1.065)= 11.01 ticks

For -10% pop growth rate that’s: ln (2)/ln(1.045)= 15.75 ticks

Sry this math hurts my brain a bit. What is the pop doubling time for -30% race bonus?

base growth of 5%.

0.5% growth for every 10% in race bonus.

So for -30% bonus means 5% - 3 x 0.5% = 3.5%

So a growth of 3.5% per tick instead of 5%