How much do you celebrate Christmas?

I’ve always felt like a bit of a party pooper, because I don’t really get into Christmas that much. While I do enjoy a reason to be with my family and friends, the commercialization of it has long been a turn-off for me.

I purposefully don’t give anybody presents, not even my girlfriend. I also strongly dislike Christmas music. I’m a scrooge!

What about you guys?

I may be Christmas Scrooge but I do celebrate Christmas but I feel like we are being pressured into buying gifts for others and ended up getting broke every year, which I call it “Christmas tax”

Although the concept of giving gifts is pretty cool, but it should not be stressful for many people who feel that they HAVE to buy gifts for everyone.

I am an atheist and I’m not afraid to say it, but I respect people’s opinions and beliefs as I have no interest in debating about it. I just wanna live my life and be good to other people as long as they respect me. :slight_smile:

I’m suppose to go see my family in Louisiana but I ended up not going due to plane ticket being too expensive plus airport there is not very convenience because it is not major city. I may have to go to Dallas for cheap ticket then have to travel to LA by bus or train to near that. It is silly. Maybe I’ll go next year when my wife find better job with better salary. She is graduating this May with MA degree. W00t!

I’m glad I can’t hear because I would be sick of Christmas music, like you, Pie. Lol

Anyway, Happy Holidays! And Merry Christmas to you all too. (There is no such thing as war on Christmas, it’s ridiculous!) :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the silliness of christmas, our house is already decorated and a Christmas spotify list has been played a couple of times. My wife handles the Christmas shopping and the cooking, so its not really stressful for me… except for all the eating :grin:

My doggo on the other hand…

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I love Christmas, I love buying the gifts, spending time with family etc., I love the commercialization actually, the ridiculousness of the ‘feel-good’ tv commercials… Yea, I’m into Christmas :stuck_out_tongue:


It was always a non-religious event for my family while I was growing up. We did it the mainstream way, but we didn’t break the bank over it.

Nowadays, it gets called Yule in this house. My girlfriend and I usually get each other one gift, but this year we agreed to forego that because we are saving up to move. We have a big, fake tree, which is pretty because it’s white with white LEDs, and we hang up some decorations. We had a nice Yule party last year and we might do it again this year.

Basically, it’s an excuse to socialize. I ignore the whole commercialism BS.